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  1. Happy Birthday Bizzard

    Happy birthday bizzard, hope you had a good one, thanks for another year of chuckles!
  2. Hi, if this is a vented system, you can seal the header tank lid with clingfilm or similar, put a jug or tray under the joint to repair, then open it up slowly, you'll get a bit out but it will create a suction and hold the water back. once you've repaired the joint, just pour the antifreeze back in to the header tank (obviously you'd want the system cold and turned off first, it,s a good idea to shut the valve at the other end of the rad first. if it's the gland on the radiator spindle, try just tightening the gland nut a bit first, you can also repack these with twisted ptfe to reseal. hth paul
  3. gas installer up north

    I think you'd be a bit far from me, but would be happy to give advice, you can find someone local on the gas safe register website (check they have lpg and boats and the appliance you'd like worked on on their cardthough- the listing online shows this).
  4. Gas Cooker

    agree with the others, especially mtb, also i'd suggest using a stability bracket as well as a chain (about £1.50 from screwfix, ebay etc), also a micropoint bayonet and (red striped) lpg cooker hose for best practice to allow for cleaning. the micropoint bayonet and hose doesn't take up as much room as a standard one behind the cooker. ETA all the freestanding cookers i've seen have fixing points for a chain (and a bracket slot) one more point, check there's enough room to lift the lid right up, as it will have a cutoff valve built in for the gas.
  5. Happy burfday gorjuss Mikey Bee!

    Happy birthday mike, i've sent you some nice weather, hope it comes paul
  6. Happy birthday Dan!

    Have a good one - thanks for all your hard work!
  7. Learning to weld

    Hi Mike, funny you should mention this, i've had hobby welders for about 30 years (mig and stick) , was self taught on car repairs etc, but never had any proper training, and always had various degrees of success. In a casual conversation recently heard our local college was running welding taster courses for £5, so i signed self and mrs ridders up for the course- 4x 3 hour monday evenings. We've just done one week so far due to the bank holiday, but hands on with an expert is a really quick way to fill the gaps (in my knowledge not the welds lol ). They even gave us free overalls and safety boots- so local college is probably way to go, and they'll be able to point the way to more advanced stuff afterwards as well. cheers pau edited to add i've just had a look at the links posted by ray and gazza, they're both worth a click (didn't know the site existed, but not all colleges list their short courses like that.l
  8. hi folks, just noticed this thread, i'd like to add my observation. I normally find that if a system needs rebalancing without having extra/ new rads added, there's usually a load of crud either in the pump impeller, or a blocked filter in the boiler return filter . hth paul eta the leaky rad valve should fix by tightening the gland nut on the stem (or if not, unscrew the nut, thread tape the shaft and retighten) also anyone who hasn't been to an intermittent fault several times is a liar:)
  9. Narrowboats on TV this pm

    thanks for that- was looking for something to do this afternoon
  10. Domestic Combi Boiler Problem

    edited for mistake - different boiler
  11. Escape From Loughborough

    Hi matty, thamnks for the vid it looks great! I tried to show the better half it on the tv through my kindle, it says the content has not been made available on mobiles - is there anything you can do to change it please? thanks paul
  12. What's this connector?

    don't know what it is (any clues) but i would have thought if maplin can't match it up, rs components probably could
  13. HAPPY BURTHFDAY TO COASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep, have a nice one
  14. Upside down radiators.

    Oh dear, that's right, if the brackets were upside down the rads would fall off I must remember to try to be helpful, as cheeky isn't working out! ETA most modern rads have 1/2 " bsp ports in all four corners, so everything is interchageable. You could go in top/ out opposite bottom, i think there are pics of blackrose's install somewhere on here.
  15. Upside down radiators.

    All this science chat is fine, but if you mount radiators upside down they'll fall off the brackets