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  1. Lost my keys

    We are in the UK about four months a year, two months in summer, the remaining time spread out in two to three weeks trips over the other seasons. I already had 120 minutes per month to use in the UK, but now the rules have changed, as you correctly stated, and I can use a limitless nummer of minutes in the EU and pay no extra money at all. We do have an UK SIM card for the iPAD. Thanks for clarifying, I wondered how real emergency numbers can be reached. Thank you all for the friendly words and good wishes in response to me finding the keys. Peter, (bargemast): dank je wel en jullie ook een goede vaart. Helen
  2. Lost my keys

    Good news: I've found the keys!!! They were in the pocket of my dressing gown. Yesterday I checked the pockets twice and was convinced they were empty. This morning the keys were in one of them. As I never put my keys there, it must have been the cat who has done it, she did have a funny look on her face. So It all ends well, and we now know how to contact the police. Thank you kind people of this Forum for all your advice. It is nice to know that in times of distress there are people around who will help at short notice. Many thanks! Helen
  3. Lost my keys

    Yes,mr mross, that is what we thought and are still hoping. But we will report the loss, as after tracking down what we did yesterday and doing a thorough search in the boat we have not found them. They are not in my handbag, and the cat says that of course she hasn't hidden them. Thanks again for your help Helen
  4. Lost my keys

  5. Lost my keys

    Thank you so much, I will give that a try. And we will save the numbers and the link to the website for the future. I'm so glad I joined this Forum, you are amazing! Helen
  6. Lost my keys

    Help, I tried phoning the police but could not reach them. Does anyone know how to get contact with 101 from a phone with a Dutch provider? I tried 101 - wrong number and 00 44 101 - no response at all. Thanks for any help. Helen
  7. Lost my keys

    Sorry, did not read zenataomm's and philjw's post before posting myself. We do have a spare set of keys, so now my husband and I both carry a set, so we are able to secure the boat and we have moved on. We'll take care not to leave the boat deserted for the time being. We will report the loss to the police, insurance matters did come to mind. Thanks all for your suggestions. If we find the keys or get them back, I will post here. Helen
  8. Lost my keys

    Thank for these suggestions, think we'll phone, as we have moved on and have no other means of transport than the boat. The only identification is the key ring which has the name of our boat owners club on it. No boat name or index nummer. We'll keep or fingers crossed and hope for the best. Helen
  9. Lost my keys

    How do I report the löss to the police? We are Dutch and living in the Netherlands. We have no idea at all how these things work in England. Helen
  10. Lost my keys

    Last night we were moored on the visitor moorings near Easenhall Lane Bridge No. 34 om the Oxford Canal. We were close to the signpost that tells how long one can stay there. We had dinner on the towpath, after that we went inside. I had to use my keys to open the front door as we had closet it to keep the cat in. This morning the keys were nowhere to be seen. We searched the boat and had a good look on the towpath, but got no result. The salvage magnet couldn't find any thing either. So, if anyone finds a set of boat keys in that arena, could you please be so kind to PM me? Thank you in advance. Helen
  11. Notice AlertLeeds & Liverpool Canal Starts At: Lock 87 Ends At: Lock 89 Wednesday 16 November 2016 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Vandalism Original message:Following an act of vandalism, all water between locks 87 and 89 on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Wigan has been drained, resulting in a navigation closure. Our teams are working hard to feed water to the area. Stoppages are currently taking place on the Wigan Flight which may limit how much water can be fed to the site. We anticipate that the area may take a few days to replenish to a navigable level. An update will be issued on Friday 18 November 2016. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/9715/locks-87-to-89-in-wigan-on-the-leeds-and-liverpool-canal You can find all notices at the url below: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices
  12. Contacting Historic Boat Pavo

    Yes that's how I understood is as well. I PM-ed my number to Liam, who will give it to Ian. It was never the intention that I would get Ian's number from Liam, as he made clear: 'send me your number and ​I'll pass it on' Liam is, as I expected him to be, very discrete about this. Helen
  13. Contacting Historic Boat Pavo

    I have sent you a PM Helen
  14. Contacting Historic Boat Pavo

    Thanks for making that clear, Alan. Perhaps this helps, it is Pavo as we met her. Helen
  15. This summer we went down the Caen Hill flight, together with Pavo. Sue and Ian were nice people, very proud of their lovely boat. Going down the locks with them was a pleasure. We took some photo's during the day and would like to share those with them. I have no contact information for them. Google gives Ian's surname as Wilson (he won the Boat Handling Competition at the IWA Canalway Cavalcade 2016), but that is all information I've got. Is there someone out there who knows how to contact Ian and Sue? If so, please PM me, I'll be happy to give more information about ourselves before getting their details. Thanks. Helen