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adam kent

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  1. volunteering in and around leeds

    hi all i have just finished the skippers course and would like to know if there is any volunteer boats around the leeds area as i used to help out around swinton south yorkshire.i enjoy going out on the boats and helping others to enjoy it too is excellent. thanks for reading
  2. Is It Me!

    i dont know about being deleted but i wanted to know whats wrong with it up at tinsley thats all
  3. Is It Me!

    i dont know i have posted a couple of things on here which one about sorry
  4. Is It Me!

    sorry but im new to these forums but you said to be wary of mooring at tinsley well were doing an overnight cruise at the end of july i think can you tell me what we should be wary of we operate on the south yorkshire and we are based at swinton lock thanks adam
  5. Is It Me!

  6. offer of help

    hi there i am currently doing my training for the skippers course and would like to get as much experience as possible i will be going from sheffield/doncaster to leeds on friday afternoon and if anyone needs some more crew or if i could just tag along and keep you company thats great not sure if you do that on here thank you adam
  7. cafe boat

    i got in touch with the man in charge of trade for british waterways and the local council and they seem to be behind me. next to the moorings is the college and its close to the town center and there isnt one like it around so i would think the tourist board would back it too thanks for all the suggestions and tips im most grateful and please keep them coming. i did get in touch with mr delves and he sent me some info to look through.as i said i am in the planning stage so i am doing as much research as i can so it all goes as smoothly as possible thanks again to everyone adam
  8. cafe boat

    right at the moment i have been in touch with doncaster council and waterways it would be on the moorings outside doncaster college but they are visitor moorings so i have been told that i would have to leave but thats fine because there is lots of other companies up the waterside but as i say im still in the planning stage at the moment. thanks for the reply
  9. Looking for more experience

    hi there i had little or no experience with narrow boats and also live in yorkshire so i went to swinton lock activity centre and did a couple pf courses and i am now a volunteer and i am currently doing my skippers course they are a charity but they have great facilities and the trainers are brilliant look them up on internet
  10. cafe boat

    hi all i am thinking of setting up a cafe boat near doncaster and would welcome any information or knowledge and experience in this matter as i am only at the planning stage at the moment.if anyone knows of any obsticles and if they have tried to do something along these lines all information would be greatly appreciated many thanks adam kent adamkent.6@hotmail.co.uk