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  1. Old sayings.

    Let the Beechams go cold, add an Alka-Seltzer and drop in a spoon of Ice cream and you have a therapeutic ice-cream float.
  2. Old sayings.

    Mmmm..! Sounds Yummy!!
  3. Which Computer anti Virus programme?

    I've been using the free version of Avast for a few years now. I cannot comment on it's worth to me because I don't seem to have had a virus since I started using it. I suppose by my reckoning it has been protecting my computer effectively so is worth a great deal but by your reckoning I have just been lucky and it is worthless.
  4. Plastic boats

    The Taylors is pressurised, not drip fed. It is effectively a Primus stove sat under a big ceramic element...though it is a lot quieter than my Primus. We had a Dickinson diesel heater and a cooker in the lifeboat and they were wonderful bits of kit. We didn't really need the heater because the cooker fed rads but it was shiny and the plumbing was already in place where a defunct Refleks had sat.
  5. Old sayings.

    "In deep thought" is not exactly what the saying implies. Lewis's flagship store was indeed in Liverpool but they had stores all over the North, Sheffield's being the one I remember though I think it became "Owen Owen".
  6. Old sayings.

    My Gran had a variation on an old saying: "Those that ask don't get...Those that don't ask don't want." My Grandad expressed his grandparently affections in a typically Yorkshire manner: "Go and play on the motorway".
  7. Poyle wooden narrowboat

    If CRT "salvaged" it then I would ask them where they put it although the most likely response is "Landfill". If it was a TCO tar boat then yes, it was the same boat. Was your grandfather's boat also a Nurser built tar boat?
  8. Isambard kingdom Brunel???

    Nearly 30,000 posts and some folk still haven't got used to mine. But doesn't having a boat on a canal pretty much put it's location in the public domain and therefore there is no harm in saying "I saw that old Bantock 'IKB' up the Grand Union last night." Of course if the boat is tarped up behind a hedge on private property that would be a different matter.
  9. Plastic boats

    2 winters on a Dawncraft 27 heated by a Taylor's paraffin heater. Toasty warm and no condensation. The boat is long gone but I still have the heater
  10. Old sayings.

    No, Lewis's was a department store chain in the North of England which I think is now gone.
  11. Old sayings.

    Doing nothing, being lazy. Lewis's was (is?) a big department store where the sales folk were accused of standing around idly chit chatting rather than dealing with customers.
  12. Old sayings.

    As much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest. He couldn't hit a cow's bum with a banjo. Standing round like one of Lewis's Always keep your hand on your ha'penny. That'll come in handy when your rissoles wear out. More (insert anything appropriate) than Soft Mick. Money can't buy you happiness but I'd rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable.
  13. To be honest all this will mean to me is that I will go "private" and have an annual check done anyway as, whilst being a competent enough mechanic to maintain my classics I am not confident that I could spot all safety defects. That said neither of my "classics" have hit 40 yet but the one I've got my eye on is the same age as me (but far more roadworthy).
  14. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    Back on topic (though not entirely seriously). I believe Trump was educated at an extremely strict Military Academy....Proof enough for me that a disciplinarian regime can do some harm.
  15. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    Well I think he's beyond a good spanking but he is no worse than Trump (and a lot less dangerous).