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  1. London overcrowding

    That is the whole point, the London moorings are for occasional use and not up for "Land Grab",they are for Everyone on the Waterways and not just for Cheap London Housing.
  2. EA moorings BS

    Don't get Lured into his Lair,you could end up (more) Lairy.
  3. What features drives boat prices

    Beta,but he will not fork out for a Working Alternator,so only 3.5 Watts(bit under 1 Candle Power)
  4. What features drives boat prices

    Should you become Fed up with the "Scrap Engine",it could always be sold to Mike the Boilerman(he collects them)
  5. Tesco's Reading

    It originally was a 2 Hour limit around 20 Years ago,then the "New Age" Boats moved in,Groceries,Free Parking(now Controlled)and a Filling Station for Generator Petrol.also Handy for Controlled Substance Trading. So sad to see a once useful Facility ruined.
  6. Project 31, gear selection problems

    The Release pin is Steel ,usually smothered in Grease it is Pulled toward the Bow of the Boat,best achieved with 2 Pairs of hands A common problem with Outdrives is Gear Cable getting Furred up at the Leg end,the Inner and Outer sleeves can jam ,removal and Descaling can often free them up,maybe use a Small tub with Descaler Solution and disconnect the Control Cable from the Leg and Dip the end in the Tub for a while.
  7. Project 31, gear selection problems

    Your wind up handle for the leg is shown in the picture,it resembles an old fashioned Vehicle Starting Handle,it sits in a Cup which is attached to the Ringear Assembly.the Cranked end of the Handle will likely be under a Seat or locker top,as mentioned previously there is a Spring loaded Pin which needs to be pulled out (usually attached to a Wire or pull Cable)and held out while the Wind up handle is Cranked. the Leg will only Wind up in one direction.REMOVE The Gear cable from the Leg before raising.
  8. Project 31, gear selection problems

    That Picture is of a Perkins Engine,4.107/8
  9. Engine Room Temperature and Batteries

    I use one 100 MM fan Blowing cold Air down through a Mushroom Vent terminating one Metre from Floor level and another 100 MM pushing out to another Mushroom at Cabin Roof height,both can be Switched manually or they will Power up at 30 Degrees C by means of a Temperature sensor. 6 Foot 6" full Height Engine Room.
  10. Engine Room Temperature and Batteries

    Odd how that one is described as "in line",the Cylindrical type is "in line"Shirley?
  11. Whatever happened to ...........

    Yes ,the Tribe with the Waxed Egyptian Cotton Jackets?
  12. A Thames Invasion for 2018

    Godstow Bridge,upstream of Godstow lock,has more Headroom but catches more Boaters out as is Skewed across the River,at least one fatality has occurred there. Osney Bridge has 7'6" clearance at normal Summer Levels.
  13. Commercial Passenger Boat skippers - how good are they?

    The Training has Emphasis on safety Procedures only,Helmsmanship is no part of it,Hobbs of Henley run immaculate Boats with sensible Skippers. All the other Non Tidal Thames Passenger Boat Companies pay their Staff poorly and do not seem to impress courtesy,consideration and General Boating skills when training them,hope this answers your Question.
  14. Composting Lavatoirs

    And Top (Skid)marks to you.
  15. Composting Lavatoirs

    What did you choose Rusty,a Colostomy bag?