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  1. Muddlewhich

    I think there are at least three water points (Junction of Trent and Mersey and Wardle Canal, between Anderson Boats and main road bridge to the north, and the Big Lock.). I guess both Anderson Boats and Middlewich Boats would also provide water if asked.
  2. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    The equivalent of a Gold Licence between the Bridgewater and CRT seems a good idea. I know a lot of Bridgewater boats have a CRT license, but the CRT waters are so much more extensive than vice versa when all that is required is a two/three day transit license to get from Leigh to Preston Brook (or one day in the case of the Rochdale).
  3. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    Agreed about not wanting to visit every weekend. But it is the main transit route from the Leeds Liverpool to the Trent and Mersey.
  4. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    Yes, but if your mooring is on CRT waters next to the Bridgewater and want to cruise for the weekend (and another weekend within a month) or indeed for two or three week cruise and returning to your mooring, then this is problematical.
  5. Standedge Tunnel

    Agreed . We also had damage on front hand rail. We took everything off the roof and the low pipe bridge east of the tunnel took off our electronic aerial!
  6. Hire boat stuck at Castlefield

    They were there a couple of days ago. A bloody nuisance when you attempt to wind. No surprised they are at an angle. Am surprised they have lasted so long (at least two months!).
  7. Volockies

    I know it is slightly off topic, but how many times have you assisted a boat through a lock and the helmsman simply refuses to make eye contact, nod or in any way gives a sign to raise the paddles no matter how much waving and windlass pointing goes on?
  8. Kyme Eau

    We have attempted it twice. Each time the weed defeated us.
  9. Bridgwwater/Leigh Branch Moorings

    Agree with all of that, but full services also available at Boothstown
  10. Bridgewater

    Yes. Today a marine service provider told me that a boat had been charged at Lymm. Apparently the enforcement officer takes a photo of the CaRT registration number which is both gps and date stamped as proof the the boat had been on the Bridgewater less than 28 days before. As an aside the same marine service provider said his business has nose-drived ever since the enforcement of the 28 day rule. How indicative that is of reduced traffic, I am not sure.
  11. Changing fuel filter Isuzu 35

    Thanks guys. Excellent information.
  12. My engine has 5,000 hrs. When it was new and I changed the fuel filter, it started first time, spluttered a little, then continued as normal. For the last of years it started first time, spluttered a little then died. On starting it again, back to normal. However yesterday after the fuel filter change, it started OK then died. It did this for several restarts to the stage that I got a bit worried. Eventually the fuel got through and all is well. Should Isuzu 35s be bled in any way after a fuel interruption, and if so how? Thanks.
  13. Selby-Naburn-Selby

    Many times. Why?
  14. Castlefield Basin moorings

    Plenty of room at lunch time today (Friday). Believe it is 72 hours although signs are not clear. Talking of which, the signs are not clear on exactly where the private moorings are. Also two new wooden posts have been placed in the water at the turning/winding end of Catlefield advising that there is shallow water. Makes turning a bit tight (not the shallow water, the blooming posts!)
  15. Leeds & Liverpool canal closure

    I believe the Bridgewater re-opened yesterday.