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  1. LED Headlight too bright

    I have a small spotlight on a short pole at the rear of the boat, controlled by the steerer. Here's a shot looking back from the front of the boat, in Blisworth tunnel. We point it a the side wall when passing other boats. I have a more useful photo somewhere.
  2. Essential tools and equipment

    You may find this list on facebook helpful ? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1650795475149368?view=permalink&id=2065533053675606
  3. Planning next cruise - Thames/Basingstoke/K&A

    You may find this site, written by narrowboaters, useful for the tideway transit http://www.thamescruising.co.uk/wordpress/
  4. Google Earth Canal & River Map.

    I think this thread is getting confused between two concepts 1) narrow (7') and wide (14') locks 2) single and double locks - ie whether there was one lock at a given location or two, side by side. Surely all the Grand Junction was built with wide locks, with the exception of the Northampton and Aylesbury arms which are narrow. And there were some locations eg Stoke Hammond, other places where dual arch bridges were built, where there may have been double locks?
  5. LED Headlight too bright

    I suppose you could put the led bar on the roof pointing vertically upwards? Maybe with something behind it & in front so that steerers are not blinded.
  6. LED Headlight too bright

    Use the moon. That's what I did for my evening cruise yesterday, in the proper dark. I could even see the stars. Plus proper nav lights of course.
  7. Most Navigation Authorities in one day?

    A very long day, from Bottisham to Boston, and if tides are right. Six: Cam conservators EA Kings Lynn harbour board ABP Boston CRT 4th Witham IDB. And the same if you started at Whittlesea on Middle Level.
  8. Single Alternator

    Yes, that's much clearer. Thanks..
  9. Single Alternator

    I've managed for 40 yrs with one alternator. Hardly any energy is taken out of the engine battery. As others have noted, worth checking that the charging system is focussed on domestic battery. So any sensor goes to domestic (e.g. if adverc is installed) and any relay connects engine battery to domestic & alternator, not other way round
  10. What do you wish I already knew?

    I think all the substantive points I would make are covered above, so in addition: 1) you might want to try early morning cruising - 0500 is my favourite - and then stop for breakfast. Just go very slowly past any boats that are still asleep. That means you can stop early and explore local attractions eg the not so secret bunker. 2) do not wear a white peaked cap with scrambled egg on. They are for the gin palace crowd. 3) I think it's nice to attach a flag to the filler. Bring a couple of cable ties.
  11. Toilets

    Thanks. By the way have you been to the diesel engine museum near Ely. Sounds as though you might enjoy one of their running days... http://www.prickwillowmuseum.com/mirrlees-5-cylinder-blast-injection.html
  12. Toilets

    Thank you - I certainly will. I wasn't too far away today seeing what happens when the PLA leave the weir up at Richmond ... https://nbsg.wordpress.com/2017/11/18/what-happens-if-you-leave-the-paddles-open/
  13. I went for a walk today. Someone had left the paddles open at Richmond lock ..... https://nbsg.wordpress.com/2017/11/18/what-happens-if-you-leave-the-paddles-open/
  14. Toilets

    Wikipedia says it's the largest one still running in the world. I was surprised to learn that it dates from 1926.