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  1. Water tanks (again)

    Wait for next summer. In the mean time look for a bitumen coating with WRAS approval for potable water tanks. This is the only guide to suitability. Expect the product to be more expensive as producers have to pay for the approval process. (the product may be identical with unapproved products, but you don't know) Vactan used to claim it was suitable for water tanks, not so sure about fertan, I used vactan as a bare metal treatment on rusty bits
  2. brown sludge in fresh water

    If you are draining the tank anyway, then open it up and see what is going on inside. Did you allow the bitumen to fully cure in fresh air before sealing it up. (depending on weather conditions and ventilation it may take a long time)
  3. sorry was 15 x 6 mm
  4. I used single sided foam tape from http://www.lynvale.co.uk/foam-tape/single-sided-foam-tape/ Seals under compression like weed hatch. Our tank cover is in the side of the tank so always has water against it. It hasn't leaked in 2 years so far. I used 155 mm x 6 mm. Their tech people are helpful, and will cut roll to any with you require.
  5. Water tank blacking

    I queried the 'Black Jack' technical dept when the WRAS approval statement disappeared from their product and the technical data sheet. They claimed the product was no longer tested to achieve the certification. They told me the product had not changed. They also told me that therefore they could not recommend it for potable water tanks. If you find any of this that carries the certification statement it will be old stock. The culprit seems to be the cost involved in getting the certification compared to the volume of product being sold for tanks as compared to the general market, and the company looking at the bottom line.
  6. Water tank sealer

    vactan rust treatment followed by 2 coats bitumen based (trade name Blackjack) approved for potable water systems. Blow air in to ventilate if you have to climb in tank to paint it, otherwise you get a bit light headed. Leave plenty of drying time (week or more) before sealing up.
  7. Alde comfort Boiler

    To test you can bypass the thermostat with a short length of wire across the two wires that go to the thermostat if you can find a convenient connector block (usually near the pump). The pump will then run all the time, whatever the temperature in the boat. Remember to disconnect it after the test.
  8. Pump keeps cycling in

    Can you isolate tank from pump (inlet side of pump) and see if this stops the cycling. A (recently) previous thread poster found that this identified that the pump valves were allowing some back flow to the tank.
  9. New Paint Job....What & What Not Colours!?

    I was told that Craftmaster Alfa Red didn't fade as much as their other reds. If you had to use a red at least choose on that doesn't fade so much. I'm sure their customer services would advise
  10. Engine Servicing after Purchase

    For the engine, you could just change oil and filters, then join RCR for a year and see how it goes. If the engine doesn't run smoothly or smokes a lot then get in an engineer. A cursory check of rubber hoses , belts and other rubber parts for signs of cracking will show up any parts likely to fail.
  11. Blasting

    If you are Leicestershire area.......Debdale Wharf quoted me over the phone based on £/sq m. They have purpose built shed and equipment.
  12. Mushroom sleeving

    As mentioned above use plastic tube slit along the axis. If you have tube of slightly larger diameter than the hole in the ceiling, then it neatly expands to fit snugly, after compressing it and sliding it in.
  13. Thin walled cabling

    Thin walled is probably also more susceptible to mechanical damage as in general boat wiring (in my experience) is not run in conduit.
  14. As the hull sides get most of the knocks and rubs in normal use then consider the option of painting up to gunwhale on the sides with black bitumen. Then its a simple job to touch it up once a year. We were advised this option by a professional boat painter. It works for us.
  15. If it is windy then go in forwards. Then when it is calm take it out and turn it round, and get your practice initially in good conditions. Even in light winds I roll up the cratch cover to take off some of the effect of the wind on the bow.