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  1. Waterways tattoo

    No worries :-)
  2. Little gems in Birmingham.

    While checking the forums new software out I stumbled upon this old thread. That was really handy since I'm booked for a new boat/cat sitting in May-June. It will be nice to see the town in summertime :-)
  3. Waterways tattoo

    I've never understood the need to say "I don't like tattoos" when someone shares their new ink. If we went about expressing everything we don't like about each other, life would get pretty grim.
  4. Wet rooms in a narrow boat

    Interesting, over here anything but a wet room in a house or flat is illegal. Without one you wouldn't get any insurance and would probably have to pay for any water damage done to the neighbouring flats as well as your own. Edit: the floors are slanted and any water left is just scraped to the drain with a squeegee. And if you got a "Stockholm shower" you just wipe the loo off with a towel. Easy.
  5. Hot Bulb Quiz - £20 prize

    14, which surprised me. :-)
  6. So, I'm boat sitting in London again.

    Ah I see. Well I find mine in the sweets isle at Poundland. Give me a Crunchie bar and I'm happy :-D
  7. So, I'm boat sitting in London again.

    Aah, I'll make it a daytime stroll then. Thanks!
  8. So, I'm boat sitting in London again.

    Peter X, as long as everyone's happy it's a good way to learn :-) Always something to do on board and no boat is the same. mark99, oh I'll have to walk past those gas works now. You made me curious... Wanted, aaw thank you. Never thought you guy's would get off the canal :-) Sinbad is such a cool cat! Love him to bits!
  9. So, I'm boat sitting in London again.

    Thank's Peter! Good to be back :-)
  10. So, I'm boat sitting in London again.

    Hi Richard and Nessa. What lovely note! Thank you! :-) Gaaah I have severe boat envy! That massive grey beast of a boat with all it's rivets is just gorgeous! So you got the boiler eh? May it keep you warm and toasty for many year's to come! I think it's on here somewhere, but I grew up in Heston. And my mum and I used to visit and go shopping in Southall. I went into lurk mode on the forum for a while. Life stuff you know.... I still knit, but not as much as before. I had a little stroke and haven't been able to pick up speed after that. I'm fully recovered otherwise. :-) If you go on Ravelry you might discover knitting isn't such a minority interest anymore ;-) Internet sure has opened up a world of sharing the craft. And there's quite a boom. Me, I've been doing it since I was 6. Being on a boat is always a pleasure. Even in the rain, with engine failure and weed hatch diving ;-) Still saving for my own and collecting knowledge via my boat sitting. Since my first sitting 2011 I've been over some 13-15 times now. I've been on marinas, online resi moorings and have a month's of single handing for CC'ers in the Midlands under my belt now. And I deffo still have the boat bug! All boats have their own quirks, bogs, stoves etc and I've mostly been over in wintertime. So I've learned a LOT since I first became a member and eventually dared to post my offer to boat sit. Felt a little cheeky and I wasn't betting on much response. But hey was I wrong! To bad I'm so far away though... I'd like to change that some day. And until then I'll do my best to add (repay my gratitude) to the community from across the Nordic Sea and by popping over to lend a hand if I can. Don't know where they're off to actually. We instantly went on to discuss dates and tickets. :-) Honk your horn if you're passing that way and I'll put the kettle on. All the best! And stay safe!
  11. So, I'm boat sitting in London again.

    Oh I will! And lots of it! Thank you! :-)
  12. fish tank pump

    12v solar panel pump on eBay.
  13. So, I'm boat sitting in London again.

    Yes I'm cat and chicken sitting as well. :-) Had some magical moments on Promises! Not nowing if she has a new owner or not yet, I'll give her a discreet pat on her roof :-) Thank's Rob! Fun or not, it's always a pleasure! Specially Southall since it's close to where I grew up and cuz of all the Asian shops and restaurants.
  14. I'll be in Southall 25/1-3/2 if anyone wants a mini banter, go for a pint, a cuppa or just hang out. Is there any boaty stuff going on then? Or anything ells I shouldn't miss? I can't wait to get on the cut and meet some old and new boaty friends again! 😊
  15. Quantity of Coal?

    I'm happy in between 14-19C and use an average of a bag a week when boat sitting.