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  1. London Boat prices and sellers expectations

    But I like Routemasters. (Especially green ones) ETA Oops, sorry chaps. I'm a bit late to the party.
  2. The Boating Season

    Wow, it's been busy today. I've seen three boats moving, and that includes me!
  3. The Boating Season

    Oh, and I didn't see any fat arse boats either (but then one wouldn't on the South Stratford would one)
  4. The Boating Season

    I've been out for a jaunt on the boat today. I didn't queue at any locks. No one shouted 'SLOW DOWN' in my direction. No one asked if my boat was licenced. No trouble finding a mooring. Good innit!
  5. Moored in the wrong place.

    But you can always bow haul the boat to a more suitable place to leave it.
  6. Moored in the wrong place.

    Well at least the boat was displaying a licence!
  7. Mill Scale and False Rivets

    An excellent example of form following function. While welded on washers oops, sorry false rivets, are a good example of the trimuph of disposable income over common sense. (As are personalised number plates on cars IHMO)
  8. Leave space for anglers!

    Does it state specifically that the Ts & Cs apply to the permit holder or are they implicit to the mooring site.? I reckon they could be read either way. (And shouldn't it be 'Diving, bathing and fishing at the Winter Mooring Permit Site are not permitted'?)
  9. Leave space for anglers!

    "Hello, left hand here. Right hand, what are you doing?"
  10. Boating holidays in the school holidays : price-wise

    Oh Gawd. Not him. Sadly, a fellow IoW resident. My response when others complain about what an easy job teaching is/all those holidays etc is: "OK. If it's such an easy job why aren't doing it?" But then I might have responed to their question along the lines of "What do you like about teaching" by saying 'August!"
  11. The true license evaders

    OK But remember when you get to the swing bridge at Thorne (you know, the one that doesn't work, under the road bridge) when you phone CaRT to call out the cavalry it isn't on their database so they know nothing about it. It's owned by Thorne Town Council so you have to phone them.............and they don't answer! (You might wonder how we know this) And, when you get to Sykehouse Lock, the advice is to work the bridge across the lock first and last.
  12. The true license evaders

    Are you sure about that Tim?
  13. Can't handle this marina livin'

    ................................. Your head?
  14. BCN Challenge 2018

    So who's going to be on the pull? Who says size doesn't matter?