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  1. Fun in Gosty Hill tunnel

    Sounds like, ahem, 'fun'! Hope you are now taking refreshment in the form of Bathams at the Bull & Bladder.
  2. K&A Trip planned

  3. Canal art...beware

    Old Turn, Brum. Looking towards the top of Farmer's Bridge?
  4. The Long Game

    Not trundelling back to the jungle?
  5. Free mooring spots Between Hatton and Warwick?

    Trains may, or may not stop, at the railway station. The word 'station' does not need qualifing when used in a railway context. The use of the expression 'train station' (ugh!) when describing a railway station is yet another example of the creeping Americanisation of our langauge.
  6. Free mooring spots Between Hatton and Warwick?

    Please. It is a RAILWAY station, not an, ahem, 'train' station.
  7. Wot! No points for 'O' Level woodwork? Shame on the Trumpster. (I did metalwork anyway)
  8. Wolverhampton mooring?

    Hmmm, yes. They seem very loud at three in the morning.
  9. Wolverhampton mooring?

    There are rings on the towpath side beyond Broad Street Bridge. A CaRT key will get you through the gate and into the yard where the services are but not through the gate to the outside world if it is locked. The moorings are only a short walk from the Great Western but are quite noisy as the are right next to a busy road.
  10. Boat Generators

    Generators are evil noisy, smelly things and should be banned. I realise I might be in a minority expressing this opinion but the best place for them is at the bottom of the cut! (emptied of petrol, oil and any other pollutants of course)
  11. Eh up!

    "Is that your body Casper? I wouldn't have that body as a gift lad, not as a gift" Born and brought up on London/Essex border. Father from Belfast, mother from Cumberland. I remember a friends family, Londoners all, going to see Kes. They walked out as they couldn't understand the dialogue! Never thought, at that time, I'd spend 10 years working in the Yorkshire pits.
  12. What tools

    I know you're joking but a couple of years ago we were moored in Nantwich. As we left we passed a boat that had a lathe and a mill in the front. We could see them from the water but we'd walked past the boat a number of times without noticing them. Station Road Steam had this beauty for sale a year or so ago Eigiau The sales blurb says: "I collected this one from its builder, a man still modelling prolifically although now in gauge 1 - less a concession to age, more to living and working on a narrow boat (which he built himself and in which this locomotive has been on display for many years)" I wonder if it was the builders boat that we passed. There can't be that many narrowboats with a small locomotive works aboard.
  13. Vandalism on The Walsall Canal

    Bored kids ??? How many kids can use a chainsaw? Is there someone there with a grudge against the canal or boats perhaps?
  14. Our ne adventure day 6

    If you're in Buzzard try giving this place a whirl The Bald Buzzard. It's a micro pub with an excellent choice of beer. Turn right out of the McSpoons establishment, about three minutes walk.
  15. Tidal Thames to Teddington?

    Is he Chinese? Wot he said. We did that in May. Highly recommended.