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  1. Park Head, Dudley Tunnel end- ok to moor?

    Only a pint?
  2. Shut Yer Gob!

    Parents have a lot to answer for.
  3. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    I don't think 'generation rent' would agree with this. ETA And buy to let landlords?
  4. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    Wouldn't it be nice if people thought of bricks/mortar/flats/houses etc as homes instead of a way of making money?
  5. Email from cart

    Well hello there! Now it really is pedants' corner.
  6. Email from cart

    But I'm there all alone. (Well, I m at the moment)
  7. Email from cart

    Indeed. The word station does not need qualification when used in a railway context. The use of train station (and it pains me even to type those words out) is nearly as annoying as the use of electric when the correct word should be electricity. And having posted that I'm off to stand, facing the wall, in pedant's corner.
  8. eco-efficient-houseboatchanger this been on before?

    But it's still a fugugly widebeam.
  9. Incident at Fenny Marina

    But Tim, the important question is.............. With tomato ketchup or brown sauce?
  10. Live aboard moorings on the river Wey

    No. It means you don't come onto public forums and make stupid posts. Hmmmm. Yes. Looks like a bad case of sour grapes to me doctor.
  11. Birmingham canals

    Or the S&L metre gauge line from the ironstone quarries? ETA or is it meter?
  12. Birmingham canals

    Well, no. We've caught a vehicle on the bridge on three seperate occasions, two cars and a Sky TV van. One of the car drivers was adamant that it was my fault. I could see he was on the bridge so why did I lift it, he shouted! Pointing out that he had just driven through a red light and under a dropping barrier and that the sequence is automatic, the operater just pressing a button, did cut much ice with him. His mate in the car behind said his team had just lost a football match so he wasn't in the best of moods. Don't we have fun when we're out in our boats.
  13. Birmingham canals

    I agree that the North Stratford is a nicer way to get to Brum. Once you've managed to raise and lower THAT lift bridge, the first one after Lapworth top Lock, that is. And you also have the added fun of sometimes catching a car on Shirley Drawbridge as it goes up. (But Farmers's Bridge is on the GU, Camp Hill, Ashted route into Brum)
  14. Birmingham canals

    I take it from this remark you won't be an entrant in the BCN Challenge any time soon then? But do these places have anything to compare with the Wellington, the Post Office Vaults, the Great Western or Batham's beer?
  15. March of the Wide Beams

    I've never had a problem handling our narrowboat. No problem with stability and comfort either. I find it's lines and proportions pleasing to the eye. I cannot say the same about widebeam narrow (sic) boats. The look like a photo of a proper narrowboat where the horizontal axis has been doubled leaving the vertical axis constant. In other words, just plain wrong!