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M.t Major

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  • Birthday 14/02/85

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    River lea london
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    tugs boat and working boats

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    Work full time on coal boats / on the Thames awell
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    Tug major...and run coal boats A-A
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    River lea and g.u

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  1. thames accident

    In London 12konts top speed 34 knots but alt of the time they doing about 28 knots I Bern working on the boats for about 4 years now I just do part time they now Nice boat to work on Power by m.t.u v12 + 2
  2. Looking for an engineer around Uxbridge.

    Ralph the best about right now
  3. Ant done it b4 can't make this year working out on the Thames hope it all goes well
  4. Banbury Canal Day 2011

    Ant done it b4 but working out on the Thames and + my tug can't get there try next year to come
  5. How much does your boat draw?

    Well my tug goes up the river lea she got 5ft 8inc and the coal boats got 3ft 5nic going in and out of London
  6. Fuel Boats Tracking Section

    You Q I am not Tom I work with tom on tg boats I got one to exter 7 sorry James tug major 6l3 the best engine on the canals and rivers All sort now thanks
  7. NB Python - Anyone remember her?

    I use to work on her when she was run by b.w when I work fir them bk in 1998 she was a nice boat been on some good trip with up up and don the g.u canal b Nic some day for her to come bk down to London soon cos eveone no her down here !
  8. Going to look at a butty

    Go for it girl !!
  9. Any one need crew !

    If any one needs crew for there boat . Thames or canal done lots on boats for about 18years ! Run my tug now and work part time on coal boats and working on boats out on the Thames . Call me on 0754711782 J&m marine services This is not free this is my job James bill
  10. Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

    I put my tug down for it we need more people to do it and working boats ! Some did tel me I am in on it on my tug
  11. Fuel Boats Tracking Section

    Coal boats A.A going out west London at the weekend fule at 85p right now 25kg start at £7 a bag to £11 a bag wood £4 Gas £24 13kg
  12. Fuel Boats Tracking Section

    Coal boats A.A London coal boat Archimedes & ara was at Camden then when down to hackney now there back up at little venice There run start at apsley then end up at hackney . Going past watford Ricky uxbridge hayes southall down to brentford aston Kendal green little venice regents canal & g.u canal Diesel coal gas wood Been run up and down the g.u for over 15 years Call Tom on 07973-915-146 In and out of London eve 2 weeks
  13. Out of Limehouse 09/04 NB Clarence & Archimedes

    . We got there just on time ! For the boat rally been a good weekend up there just on r way bk now so might see you when we go past you !! Just remember it's the water we move when we go past you not my speed so much thanks Jay
  14. Reckless

    So where is the boat right now then wood like to see it !!
  15. Out of Limehouse 09/04 NB Clarence & Archimedes

    Well that was me going past on the working boat don't thank you can say I was going to fast ! But some people need to go on a rope course the end of the day working boats do more abit of water about !! Well some of us got to move about the canal to make money so we have to get on and do it and put long days in too