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  1. Thoughts on this boat?

    Who built the hull, who fitted it out and what is the condition of the engine is the main considerations , then what is its current state.cant tell much from info given so far.
  2. Skipton Visitor Moorings

    Very annoying, I sympathise, are you tying the ropes back to your boat, I'e they have to get on your boat to untie. Get some motion lights, might help to deter when darker.if they jump on your boat , then you can set off an alarm, you can buy cheap pull alarms. Anything helps.
  3. Well done , have enjoyed your postings,but wow you have gone around so quick, we are still following your route, but 4x times slower.You have great personality that shines out in your posts, and you do the same as us enjoying the waterways, and the scenes and hostelries on the way and not taking things too seriously with a smile, I will look forward to your next jaunt postings, again well done for your diary and photos , most entertaining.
  4. Getting dogs on and off the boat.

    Don't tell them your real address and always use a hotel instead
  5. As far as size goes, you will be fine with any size for moving, just a bit restricted on moorings available, I hired from 45' to 70' and always found somewhere to moor without being stressed about it, but when it came to mooring time, doubt I was ever sober.
  6. Well if you have your heart set on stone, fair enough, I just decided on best boat for best price, everywhere is good fun, there are no bad hire boat places, and I think I hired at most of the great places at great prices, but you do need to be flexible to have that. The caldron canal is good, after the first two hours or so, it would be in my top ten but not top five.
  7. Seconded regards latelink, you will get best deals from there, and there web pages show you all hire bases available, so you can see all the cruising options, I always used them before I bought a boat.
  8. How WW1, WW2 and the Cold War Started.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Our new adventure day 5

    There's two other pubs nearby, so don't have to move if it's wet all day, and a shop, so alls well, just so noisy with trains here! Being retired, I can go slow, your cursed with youth, so I understand your need to move on.
  10. Our new adventure day 5

    It's taken me 8 days to do what you did in four, I spend longer in all the pubs,possibly, and have sampled all the ones you have been in, and just at the three horseshoes now, and the weather isn't better, it's pissing down.But dry in a pub.
  11. Cruising the network

    Hi, not wishing to side track other posts at this moment , I am cc ing, have been from blah blah to blah blah and back, just coming up to first year ccing currently on g.u. .my boat is 60ft , but with stern gear fender it comes to 61.75 ft, can I go up the Trent and down the Leeds and Liverpool without too much trouble ? Or is it not worth the hassle, I would like to go up to York way next summer, and l&l back and around would be interesting, but just up and down via Trent would be a challenge, so hence my question.?
  12. Our new adventure day 13

    Ha seems a fun day, good girl
  13. Our new adventure day 11

    Front of boat with a beer is a great place to be after a long day, good pics.
  14. Our new adventure day 9

    Nice pics, is that near Stoke bruenne, if it wasn't Sunday you could of had an Indian there, also two pubs there, when We last hired a boat to there for a w.e. Ibuprofen and paracetamol, advised for the foot.
  15. looking to try canal boating

    Have a look at latelink their site shows lots of the various bases