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  1. Advice for Upper River Severn Please

    It can get fast, ring the lock keeper at first lock in the morning, and ask them ,before you leave, if it's OK to continue.that first weir takes a pull if it's flowing fast, but you will be there quick.The boards should tell you green to go, but it can rise fast.
  2. Going through tunnels

    I had trouble adjusting to tunnels, but as has been said, tilt your light up, then keep the spot in the middle like a video game, Not as much concentration needed, but does become boring in longer tunnels, but makes the job easy.
  3. Drive belt

    Thanks for replies I take note of your comments
  4. Drive belt

    Thanks ,yes it was a gates brand I replaced it with, but I can't find the specific belt on e bay apart from what I mentioned, if you could tell me the site I would be greatful. Thanks for reply anyway
  5. Drive belt

    Hi, after having the boat a year, and done about 1500 hrs, I recently came off the river Severn, moored up then next day the belt snapped that turns the water pump to engine, alarm went off although I heard it snap. I pulled over after a minute or two.Wow if that had happened on the Severn it would of probably been an anchor job, then recovery etc, nightmare. It was the inner belt, and to get to that after taking outer belt off you have to undo the screws on fly wheel to relax it to get inner belt on. Don't think it had been done before as so tight, boat eight years old. I got rcr to do it , as no way I could have done that, he was great. Anyway all sorted next day, phew. That would of been terrible on river, took experienced rcr engineer over an hour to replace.,if on a bad place on river, as it was high at the time,doesn't bear thinking about...It is difficult to check the inner belt on isuzi engine but will from now on b4 going on rivers. Maybe the extra revs I was using made the difference.. Anyway , can anyone recommend a good site to replace the replacement.? One on line place I looked at has the right belt for about ten quid, but charges vat and delivery , making it almost double price. Rarely used hopefully but just wondered if anyone had reccomendations on make and web site. Thanks.
  6. Birmingham canals

    Birmingham yuck
  7. New Marina at North Kilworth

    I Don't understand the attraction
  8. If....

    You crazy optimist
  9. If....

    If , is not really the question, it's 'when'
  10. Sim card Data deals

    Yes, your right it doesn't go over your data allowance, I meant payments capped, If you don't request it to be capped you can be charged extra, they say for donations you may make etc, but just for visiting a web site you can be charged unless you tell them not to. I was charged £4 extra twice for looking up football scores I had been directed to.it was a Nigerian firm, and it was a verified site by EE .I never got my money back, but could of been worse I suppose, and now they say payment is capped so can't happen again. Be carefull
  11. Sim card Data deals

    64 gb per month two year contract from ee for £21.75. I suggest go to a shop and talk to them, they can work things out, but make sure you can not be charged more, I'e ask them to cap it , so rogue web sites that they are affiliated with can not charge you for visiting their site.
  12. Moorings on the K&A at Bath

    used to talk about. I think that's the point, enforcement in that area has evidently improved it. I did three months there ,from around April to June, and had the same experience.
  13. Winter moorings

    If they have a place, most marinas appeared full last year over the winter, so you can't rely on getting in somewhere.
  14. Another Summer Cruise

    Wow , hire boats are so much more demanding theses days.
  15. Hill Farm Marina opening

    On the Stratford and Avon canal