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  1. Winter moorings question

    Is Jenlyn really missmax, the language is so alike, I find it really amusing.
  2. Winter moorings question

    Sounds like a blue boat painted black.
  3. Advice

    Look at "latelink" it's for booking late at better prices, but apart from that it gives you information on all the cruising areas. I don't know of any firms hiring out the boat type you want however.
  4. Middle levels

    Lots of great info there, thank you all who replied. I wanted to get up to Cambridge for a few days and also to go to Newmarket races, I see the license is about £27 so I might chance getting a mooring. All the info has been very helpful and I can look further into it thanks again.
  5. Middle levels

    Wow great answers thank you, all of which I was unaware, glad I asked and will look at all those things mentioned. Amazed I will have to pay extra again for river cam, might give it a miss then if it's too pricey on top. Thanks again for info very helpful.
  6. Middle levels

    Hi, I have bought my first gold license as I want to cruise the Thames again after my first taste last year. So have splashed out and want to make the most of it. My current plan is to go onto EA waters up towards Cambridge, around April and do all those waters, b4 returning to the Thames about June .My question is ,can anyone advise on that part of the waterways(nene etc) ,is there anything I can read as regards best time to visit.Is there any keys needed, or windlasses, or clubs to join.Any info greatfully recieved.
  7. Is the exhaust clear, I had blocked it once when mooring up with a fender, so it shut itself down.
  8. Football

    Cheers, now tv ,appears the best option for my circumstances, I will look into it.Thanks for replies.
  9. Football

    Hi, my free streaming channel has stopped, can anyone reccomend how to watch football premiership matches on boat through wi fi. I don't mind paying if I have to ? I have 4 g. Thanks
  10. Brotherly Love?

    Must of been a terrible experience for you and hope the cops charge him for threatening behaviour,I. Have seen that boat,looks all shiny new, it's moored by the ,'please slow down signs' on long term mooring.How ironic, or is the name a reference to earlier troubles. Threatening violence is never to be tolerated,I hope he learns.
  11. Holed up on the Coventry today

    Currently on the ashby canal ,
  12. Moorings twixt Bath-Bristol

    There's lots of moorings on the Avon below the locks, before the supermarket and also we moored at the boat house pub for a couple of nights, enough room for a couple of boats there. And has been said there's lots of room before the jolly sailor, pub,well there was in June.
  13. Boat moving cost

    Ask around your area for slip way costs, as they could vary from £10 to £100, boat clubs may help you out at reduced rates in my experience.
  14. Boat moving cost

    5 to 7 hundred ball park. Depending on who you get to move it and how. Tony tug boat I would reccomend.