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  1. Should I replace my Eberspacher?

    Firstly the warranty that they come with. Secondly the cut off voltage. You really need to speak with a Webasto agent I. E Nmea who can tell you more than I can
  2. Should I replace my Eberspacher?

    Before you go down the route of buying a Webasto from Ebay, which may not be a marine unit why don't you contact NMEA of this parish as he may have a marine reconditioned unit to sell you. That is what I did and I can highly recommend him and he was very helpful. Have you serviced the Ebersplutter ? If you pm me I can email you a manual for the D5w
  3. Found at Adeleide Dock

    That was why I posted it here with the title hoping Tam & Di would see it
  4. "A couple of weeks ago we posted pictures of the British Transport Waterways sign that had been found in a Canal and River Trust maintenance building. There were - and still are, two mysteries. 1. Where was it displayed originally? We still do not know although we think it was almost certainly in London. 2. What is the word after "this"? It is a four-letter word, from the spacing, and the penultimate letter is probably S but we cannot really make this out. The news is that the... Canal and River trust have kindly donated the sign to the London canal Museum and we have collected it. One of the pictures shows it with some packaging to protect it in the back of a hired van. It has been taken to a specialist carpenter and the pictures are of the sign in his workshop, some way from London. The carpenter specialises in conservation work and has a remit to replace the missing parts but to preserve and protect the original material to the maximum possible extent. We are spending some hundreds of pounds on the conservation and transport costs. The front will be cleaned to the extent that it can be cleaned without damage to the lettering or paint surface. - it is quite dirty. The sign was at Adeleide Dock near Southall, where CRT have maintenance facilities. It was previously at a now-closed facility at Norwood. We don't know much about its past. The intention is to hang the sign on the wall of the museum early in 2018. If anyone can add any more information to what we already know, please post it on our facebook page, or in a private message. We would love to know what that word was, find a photo, or to know more about the boat trips advertised and where they went." See more
  5. mooring up

    Bit awkward on the Coventry Canal where the towpath is 98% on one side
  6. Priti Patel

    If a major company changed their management every 5 years the company would go bust and be no more. Yet that is what the country does
  7. Most crossed road ?

    The op asked "most crossed road". This implies that the canal crosses the road so why have you listed where the road crosses the canal.
  8. Ex Ownerships boaters

    Yes Roger Preen is still there most days
  9. Mucky Duck Fradley BEER anyone?

    Has the beer gone downhill because Everards are not brewing beer at the moment. Because the brewery is re-locating at the moment they have stopped brewing and it is being brewed under licence by someone else
  10. Basingstoke Canal

    If it slides down hill that makes it a river
  11. Yes it was direct from Beta Marine via an email
  12. This is what Beta marine are saying today "We recommend Ethylene glycol which is normally blue but can sometimes be red as it is just a die. The wording below says Ethylene glycol so more than likely it will be OK so long as it is also compatible with aluminium, copper-brass, cast iron, steel and solder alloys. Note The only problems I have heard with Antifreeze is very occasionally when different antifreezes are mixed they go sludgy ."Make sure all the old anti freeze is cleaned out The other problem I have had is not enough antifreeze"
  13. Basingstoke Canal

    Clearly you do not know the Basingstoke Canal
  14. Basingstoke Canal

    You have not been on the Grand Union recently Replace Ranger with Vlockie and you have CRT
  15. Has any one used Euro Car Parts Triple QX Antifreeze (red) in their engine. I am planning to change the antifreeze in my BD3 and have bought 25 Litres of it and the data sheets states " Description Triple QX Red Antifreeze Concentrate is an extended life, ethylene glycol antifreeze/coolant providing effective heat transfer and all climates, year round performance. It contains Organic Acid Inhibitor technology and is free from nitrates, amines, phosphates, borates and silicates. This will provide outstanding protection against frost, corrosion and overheating in all modern engines. Benefits Triple QX Antifreeze Red provide the following exceptional benefits Protection: Organic acid inhibitor technology in Triple QX Red Antifreeze provides outstanding corrosion protection for all cooling system parts, and provides pitting protection for cylinder liners. Long Life: Triple QX Red Antifreeze provides up to 100,000 miles of service in passenger cars, 250,000 miles in commercial vehicles and 5,000 hours in off road equipment. It is advised the coolant is replaced when the above mileage have been reached or after 5 years whichever is sooner. Compatible: Compatible with other coolants, hoses, elastomer and seals and can be used directly as a summer coolant Performance Level BS6580 (2010) VW G-12/TL-774D & VW G-12+/TL-774F MAN 278 & MAN 324 MB 325.3 Renault 41-01-00 Direction for Use Drain and flush the cooling system with clean water. Use a cooling system flush product if sludge is evident. Check all hose clips and joints for leakage tighten where necessary. Partly fill radiator with clean water and pour in Antifreeze to give level of protection required (refer to vehicle handbook for total volume of the cooling system). Top up with more water. Replace radiator cap, run engine for a few minutes to circulate antifreeze around the system. Remove radiator cap and top up the radiator with water if necessary. If found necessary to top up the radiator, use only diluted Antifreeze to the same concentration as already used. Our Complementary Range In addition to the full range of Triple QX Antifreeze/Coolants, Triple QX also offers a complete portfolio of automotive lubricants for passenger as well as commercial vehicles. Health and Safety Warning: contains ethylene glycol. Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs. Dispose of this material and its container to hazardous or special waste collection point. Volume % Triple QX Red Antifreeze/Coolant Concentrate Volume % Water Protection Temperature 50% 50% Up to -36º C 33% 67% Up to -20º C" But Beta Marine have stated This " The antifreeze we use is blue We have contacted our supplier and they have confirmed the following applies to the antifreeze we supply : Extended Life is a phosphate-free, silicate-free, nitrate-free and borate-free, coolant which uses organic corrosion inhibitors to provide superior wet sleeve liner cavitation and corrosion protection for all cooling system metals. Additional advantages of using Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze include: Fully compatible with all coolant technologies. Provides superior long-term elastomer compatibility. Compatible with all water qualities and prevents hard water scale dropout. Long term corrosion protection for aluminium, copper-brass, cast iron, steel and solder alloys." So what does the forum think.