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  1. Boat length measurements

    mild steel rusts at 7 thou a year untreated in salt water. so your boat is always getting smaller
  2. Boat length measurements

    Actually Dave a boat has 3 lengths. The 2 you mentioned above plus the actual measurement
  3. Morso v The Rest

    What about the Ekol Crystal 5. Cast iron and cheaper then the Squirrel
  4. CoverIt - Atherton, Manchester

    Perhaps you should wait until after you have had the job done. After all you have not seen the cover yet
  5. Problem with SF stove

    On our Beckton Bunny the lugs on the blanking plate had corroded away and also part of the backplate had corroded away. Ended up changing the fire
  6. Photos of other members boats.

    Sea otter been there since end of june
  7. Erewash canal.

    All the scroats will now be back at school so providing you go on a week day you should be ok. We went up in June and stopped halfway up on the towpath side and had no problems.
  8. Bear lady advise

    You need to rename the boat to "After You" then when you meet a bird in the pub and chat them up. When they tell you their name you tell them "What a lovely name, I've got a boat named after you, would you like to see it ?" Works every time
  9. Who Decides

    you did not have to watch it
  10. Little Wenlock Top Replacement

    Hope you get this midnight. Just removed top and there was what remains of a rope sealer in the groove in the top
  11. Little Wenlock Top Replacement

    I was reading some instructions about putting legs on a cast iron fire which stated that the "bolts which attach the legs to the fire should be hand tight (do not use spanner) only as cast iron is brittle" which got me thinking about the nuts that hold a Little Wenlock top and front on. How tight should they be done up then ?
  12. Little Wenlock Top Replacement

    Unfortunately mine is an Aga made one and the that page states that they will not fit AGA
  13. Ekol Clarity 5

    Just wondering if anyone has an Ekol Clarity 5 fitted in the boat. Was thinking of fitting one as it is identical height , flue size and KW output as the Aga Little Wenlock Classic but have been put off because the top baffle is not removable so would make cleaning the flue nigh on impossible. So if you have one fitted how do you clean in and what has it been like in the real world
  14. Little Wenlock Top Replacement

    Started dismantling stove only to find a crack in the back plate, now not sure whether to replace whole fire and then do this one up to sell on. Main reason for saying that is that I am due to go away Sep 21 for 5 weeks on boat so quickest solution. Also thought about swapping fire for a different model but then would need a new flue pipe. Thought about putting a Ekol Clarity 5 kw in as it is the exact same height as the Wenlock but the baffle is not detachable so would be hard to clean out
  15. should have bought a traditional with engine room doors