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  1. onan generator

    iam thinking of fitting a 7kw mod any one have one fitted on there boat thanks jockwalt
  2. ss fixings

    thanks for your info steve
  3. ss fixings

    hi any one know suppliers of stainless steel self drill cs screws and a2 metric nuts and bolts at good prices thanks steve
  4. portholes

    hi there iam looking for any one who makes porthole liners in ash hardwood and anyone whos got them fitted look forward to feedback thanks steve
  5. paints

    hi just looking for advice on paints iam fitting out new narrowboat and not happy paint finnish from builder. iam going to have the shell blasted and start again looking for advice on hull blacking what types. primers undercoats and top coats for cabin and what makes are avaliable ane approx cost ie suppliers.thanks lookforward. to feed back steve
  6. vetus iv3000 inverter

    thanks for info steve
  7. vetus iv3000 inverter

    h i there does anyone know about vetus inverters who makes them for vetus and reliability and efficiency thanks steve
  8. curved cabinet and general cabinet doors

    thanks for info steve
  9. hi does anyone know anybody in northwest who makes curved and general cabinet doors.
  10. alde compact 310

    thanks for reply do u know who giving best prices on these thanks steve
  11. trojan batterys

    hi there looking at 6volt trojan batterys iam looking for 600 - 800 amphour at 12volts. has anyone got them fitted in there narrowboat and are they worth paying the extra money for. above other makes on the market thanks steve
  12. alde compact 310

    hi iam looking for info on alde compact 310 boiler any one got one fitted in there boat whats reliability and running costs like compered diesel ie webasto and eberspacher look forward to feedback thanks steve
  13. combi inverters

    hi looking at combi inverters 2-3kw whats best buy and good reliabilty look forward to info and feedback thanks steve
  14. hydraulic drives

    iam fitting a new 60ft narrowboat out and looking at hydraulic drives has anyone got experience of ars or hercules pros and cons
  15. spray foam insulation

    does any body know sprayfoam installers in lancashire