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    London buses (Routemaster and older). London Underground.

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  1. Unexpected.

    Sorry. Just realised it has been flagged up.
  2. Unexpected.

    Not what you expect to see on the A9 near Inverness. https://stv.tv/news/north/1394540-oh-buoy-canal-boat-crashes-off-trailer-on-middle-of-a9/
  3. Seasonal Work

    Hi Tim, Brings back happy memories from 2010. We really enjoyed it. Tony and Jenny.
  4. Not got a boat, yet

    This one appears to be appreciating. http://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/feature.phtml?id=514161
  5. Running engine etiqeutte

    If you like the sound of Gardners, listen to this 6LXB in a Bristol RE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlfG5smemLQ
  6. Running engine etiqeutte

    It would have to be a 3LW.
  7. Running engine etiqeutte

    I would love another "bus" engine. That make of engine was used in the X class midget submarines so there is some boating heritage there.
  8. Running engine etiqeutte

    I would never have another cross bed. I am only 6ft tall but as I sleep fully stretched out, my head and feet were wedged under the gunwhales. The times I banged my head! I ended up sleeping diagonally, much to the annoyance of my wife.
  9. Electric Engines

    Look at the fuel consumption (and pollution) of Emma Maersk. http://newatlas.com/shipping-pollution/11526/ Tony
  10. Electric Engines

    The new Routemaster has 3 entrances, the rear one being an open platform (with a pole) which is kept open when there is a conductor on board allowing hop on and off use, not unlike the original? Tony
  11. Electric Engines

  12. Electric Engines

    I think that the "green" Routemaster would be an exception and would be welcomed back as it is much missed as an efficient people mover for London (as it was specifically designed for). It is an icon after all. Tony
  13. Electric Engines

    This is an interesting article about a Routemaster bus (built 1962) being re-engined by Cummins and is now able to meet the ULEZ standards for London planned to take effect from 2018. http://blog.cumminsengines.com/2016/06/23/iconic-london-red-double-decker-bus-goes-green-with-cummins/ The diesel is not dead and buried yet. Tony

    Thermal blanket (not got one myself, but on my next boat.....) Tony
  15. Aldi Marmalade

    Haven't an Aldi near us (50 miles away!), but have a Lidl fairly close by. Have to say very good products. The store baked bread is superb. Home baking products are top notch. We do the vast majority of our shopping there now. Tony