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  1. Cleaning Sanitation Hose

    Having been where you are now Pearley, I can only say go for replacement. Trying to clean those pipes is a nightmare, you could try taking them off and whacking them about to loosen the scale, but if you are doing all that you may as well just put fresh pipe in.
  2. Has anyone used a dehumidifier on their boat?

    Agreed, don't run one unless on shore power as they are power hungry... A luxury which I do run in winter even though I have a decent heating system and a stove - amazing how much moisture you get just from actually living onboard.
  3. Heating

    Another vote for Bubble pressure jet boiler. Reliable and efficient but you will need to run it with an inverter...
  4. Inverter

    I would also consider going separate invertor and charger.
  5. Non condensing boiler?

    In winter I am moored up with a power supply so I suppose it isn't a concern at the time when I use it most... In summer when I am sat somewhere my solar will cope with all my mains power demands, and if for some reason it doesn't I go for a cruise or put the gennie on. My boiler is a earlier version, I believe these don't draw any power until they are called in... Lots of new build Piper barges use them, perhaps someone can give you more info. Hope that helps
  6. Budweisser

    Newcastle Brown gave me a pinging painful headache unlike anything I have had before... They might have changed the brew as this was a while ago.
  7. Non condensing boiler?

    This is what a lot of barges use... http://www.oilstoves.co.uk/appres.php?select=Boilers&select3=All&select2=Oil&select4=All&Submit=+++++Search+Shop+++++ I am very pleased with mine only had a problem when it got contaminated fuel
  8. Visitor Mooring on Thames

    I didn't fancy starting another thread with this information but coming up river I have noticed a couple of locations now adding NO MOORING signs. Eton college has put them upstream on the tight bend opposite the racecourse up to the footbridge. There were a couple of spots there that you could get into if Windsor was full. The islands at Cliveden - a beautiful reach just above Boulters lock and Maidenhead - are now being charged at £10 a night although the signs don't have that info on them, I had to ask. You also can't have a fire and a couple of spots on the islands are no mooring. They had no boats moored on them...
  9. For those on the Thames and hoping to travel through Bell Weir Lock it is broken. Time now is 1000 on Sunday 30th July. A engineer has been called. I am told it will most likely open later today but that is speculation. Please share this on any other Thames forums.
  10. Tidal Thames to Teddington?

    An early run is very pleasant... I hope the weather is good for you
  11. Disguised £100 Thames mooring sign?

    It's the some that spoil it for the many... Sadly "liveaboard" is now a dirty word made in a sneering reproachful way by some parties on the Thames in conversation. Those complying with rules and regs are equally as fed up with the - I can't think of a better word than freeloaders - who seem oblivious to others on the waterway.
  12. Opinions on 12 v compressor cool boxes

    Crikey, it isn't a cheap option is it... Seems to be well received in the one review. I had a "Halfords" version a few years ago and it basically ran all the time so very inefficient - killed my only battery if I recall so never got used - This one does look the business but then, so it should be!
  13. EA moorings BS

    Yes so you did... But there are Green signs just downstream of Gellers former place and on his side. I pulled up to one and I am sure it said a Tenner a night... That is why I mis-interpreted the picture previously posted. That was about a month ago...
  14. EA moorings BS

    You are correct. My mistake, should have checked. So we still don't know exactly the details for moorings below the lock...
  15. EA moorings BS

    I think you will have paid for all of the 19th so that is day 1... The 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and ending on the last minute of the 25th... I think that makes 7 full days, that is how I would interpret it anyway.