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  1. Is World War 3 Approaching?

    I wish there was a "like" button on this forum. Very sane and ..well ...likable quote
  2. starter battery/solar panel

    50W single panel keeps all my batteries charged even during winter 1X110 starter and 4X135 leisure
  3. A Beta 43 Question

    I agree with Trackman, we had the same problem and the multi block connector was the culprit. Just broke it open and closed it a few times solved the problem.
  4. Oh....happy happy day!!!

    Obviously the moderators did not like me calling you a <two female appendages> , Victor
  5. Bad news from Israel

    Kasbluesky....thank you for a bit of sense at last
  6. Pirate flags

    We fly ours (and a British flag - small ones). It's the only time we get people to say hello or a friendly wave!
  7. Oil prices

    Is'nt there something like 250yrs reserves of shale oil at today's consumption? If so hopefully we will have a bright energy idea between now and then
  8. Thanks for the input everyone. Actually I left my inverter on while I was away for 4 days (coupled with my solar on, and mains incoming, 12V systems switched off) and my soc dropped to 77% so a shore powered trickle charge through my inverter is not an option, at least not for 7 months away from the boat. Anything can happen to the shore power. I have done some tests during the day with everything off and solar going to batteries (yes dear, the power will be on soon dear) and it performs well in overcast conditions. I know winter will be different but I should get about 7 ah a week - surely.
  9. Thanks bottle, I am using a PWM controller as well so it should be OK. Methinks, or mehopes
  10. Hi Chalky, is 5W a typo? I calculated 50W should do my bank of 4x135's (maybe only 450Ah by now) over the winter months @ 5% discharge per month, using worst case scenario. What do others think? Should I go back to the drawing board?
  11. New Hull Pitting

    We were away for a few weeks, got back this afternoon. I was looking out our side hatch and noticed some pitting corrosion at the water line and slightly below it. I felt the bubbles and the blacking came away revealing rust underneath. I black the hull every 2 yrs and haven't experienced this before (last blacking July 2013). We have recently moved our position in the marina we are in and the next door boats haven't got shore power. I think this will only get worse, what are the forum members opinion? Ask to have our old position back again?
  12. Which stove?

    Boatsman, 4 kW on our 58" is great. Welded construction, wife loves it and she bought it from Eddie who gave great service. No I don't work for Boatsman
  13. Perpetual Motion Machine

    When gravity and /or magnetism are found to have a form of an accelerating component then a machine can be made, but this would not be perpetual motion per se, it would still use energy derived from the gravity and /or magnetic wave. Energy must come from somewhere. That's my take on this problem
  14. Only started getting hello's when I raised both a GB and an Oz flag on the boat, but then that was before The Ashes.