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  1. inbuilt marine generators

    We have a Fischer Panda, but the vehicle version rather than the marine, to avoid the hassle of raw water cooling. In vehicles they can share the existing cooling system or be plumbed to their own radiator. Since you're unlikely to be running the engine and Genny at the same time, the skin tank can handle both. And heat the hot water. Enough for a bath in an hour! You will need good access for servicing (every 100 hours) or it will be an impractical nightmare. Oh and the vehicle version has a water cooled internal pre-silencer making it almost inaudible outside the boat.
  2. Interesting Pulley at Atherstone Top Lock

    Oh look, my photo! Parkhead 2012 I think. I was "assisting" the demo ( had to splice up some new traces for the harness after a breakage scattered bobbins as I recall) As said above, the towline was attached the the back end, and the horse pulled in the opposite direction to start the boat out of the lock at a brisk pace into the basin. I had a long line on the front T stud. As soon as the stern cleared the lock the ellum was put hard over, once the boat had started to swing I took a turn of the fore end line round a strapping post. Boat then performed a neat 180 and was pulled straight back into the lock for the return trip. Worked a treat!
  3. heritage cookers

    I had ours serviced by a local heating co. a year after I got them to commission it. In fact he found not much to do, and since then I check it over myself about once a year if I remember. The only thing that's needed changing was the burner jet, the original was a temperamental thing constantly blocking and not lighting. Replaced with a brass Danfoss, ten years trouble free, just fitted a new one. Apart from replacing the screws that hold the hot plates in, nothing else has needed doing. Rick
  4. Connecting South to North

    Or get a proper seaworthy boat, sail out of the Thames, back in the Humber. And please leave the lovely quaint anachronistic old canals alone for us who enjoy them in our cramped old narrow boats.
  5. Victron Inverter

    There should be no need to run an immersion with a properly built in diesel generator. Ours runs its cooling water through a calorifier coil ( big-141 litres), and well before the batteries are charged we've enough hot water for a bath. Immersion strictly for shore power.
  6. Victron Inverter

    If your Victron has an on/off/charger only switch, then switching to charger only will charge the batteries and pass through mains to your ac circuit, but will not switch the inverter on (and flatten batteries) if the mains or generator drops out.
  7. Fitting hull-earth bonding

    I think the reasoning is; if that single earth point became detached from the hull, you would not know, as everything would still work, but any subsequent 230v fault to earth would put AC voltage on the neg 12v wiring. Bad! Two ajacent earth points, while not perfect, possibly safer.
  8. premade furniture and fittings

    The Chinese still make them. Can be had new for about £1000, but I'm just a bit dubious how reliable Chinese engineering would be for daily use.
  9. Anodes- are they worth the money????

    Yes. Dissolves in diesel etc. I believe.
  10. Anodes- are they worth the money????

    Corrosion near the waterline is just simple air/water enabled rusting, most likely here as the steel is in close proximity to both. Galvanic corrosion is electrical, either passive where two dissimilar metals are close together in an electrolyte fluid (like a battery) or actively caused by electric current flowing through the hull, for instance when the boats earth potential is not quite the same as another boat, or the metal piling. Galvanic can occur anywhere on the immersed hull where there is even a pinhole in the blacking, rusting is more likely near the surface where there is more oxygen available.
  11. Design Software

    Rather than opining on what you hope to design, in answer to your original request, when I designed my own boat I used a 2D drawing programme called DeltaCad. Very simple and intuitive to use. https://www.deltacad.com/
  12. Ransomware and the NHS

    Which effectively makes Microsoft products another form of ransom ware, IMO
  13. If this is the same boat that has no packing in the stern gear, it's all going to be pretty academic soon anyway......
  14. Engine Bay Cable Management Qtn

    So does that make older boats (most?) more dangerous? Am I at all likely to suffer injury or damage from a properly fused low voltage cable loose for a metre or so behind linings? Or are these more regulations for their own sake? I can say that the same regulatory perfection doesn't seem to apply at my place of work; a complete rat's nest of mains voltage and data wiring trailing loose in walls and roof space, all installed by certified electricians.