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  1. What size bilge pump is recommended for 62ft narrowboat. At the moment I have a rule 1500GPH Thinking of changing it for a computerized rule 800GPH Any thoughts on this cheers Mark
  2. l e d lighting

    yes I think I will spend more and upgrade them, thank you for your reply Mark
  3. l e d lighting

    Hi I recently replaced my G4 JC Type Halogen Light Bulbs with some cheap LED lights from Ebay. The new lights seem to run far too hot, the supplier said I need a LED driver even though there running from 12volt battery. Anyone else had this problem. Thanks Mark

    Anglezark is the boat am looking into, Also thinking of renaming the boat Mark

    Yes was rebuilt by Walsh's engineering, Engine was rebuilt 2009. The engine has been laid up for some time, the starter motor did not sound too good, But all I done was lift up decompression lever. It went eventually sounded really nice, Regards mark

    Thanks sent email Mark

    Hi Athy when I try to send a PM to you it says this, The following errors were found The member Athy cannot receive any new messages This personal message has not been sent Am I doing some thing wrong Mark

    I’m looking for some advice on a Gardner 2LW engine. The engine is fitted to a narrow boat I have made an offer on, the boat been laid up for a while so starting was not easy but knowing the correct way to start engine up would of helped. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get a service manual or down load a PDF manual on line. Thank you again for your help and advice you have given me in the past. Regards Mark
  9. Deck board

    Sorry should of said the seem to be made of a marine ply with a sheet of black grip stuff on top, Sorry can not be more accurate but haven’t a clue what the boards are made of, its an 206 aqualine cruiser if this helps ps they do seem impregnated…..mark
  10. Deck board

    I recently spilt cleaning sprits on my deck board in front of boat, and they have gone slightly discoloured, try cleaning them with detergents just made them worst. Any Ideas? Do you think they would paint or would it look a mess? Its a shame to replace them as there not that old ...........Mark
  11. water pump problem

    Yes does sound like that's the problem..I will make sure the tank vents clear thanks again for your advice.......alls I need. now is for the seven to drop in level to get home. stay here much longer i will need a pasport.....mark
  12. water pump problem

    Sorry one red value on the hot water tank. When I twist it water runs in and the tank stops knocking. It's as if it needs bleeding air out of stsyem. Surley I don't need to do this every time I fill with water......thank-you. Mark
  13. water pump problem

    USome times. When refilled water tank the water pump doesnt turn off. Also the hot water tank system starts knocking. I can stop it by twisting the red. Cap on hot water tank and water fills tank . Sorry if this don't make sense typing on. Mobile about to throw it out window. If anyone can help be great.still stuck in basin
  14. Making journey

    Stuck in cloucester basin till Thursday. Due to bad weather .river seven closed Hope I get through Thursday.
  15. Making journey

    Thanks for your replies, going to give it a try anyway, this time of year theres never going to be a good time