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  1. Day hire near Manchester

    Bridgwater marina Worsley have day hire boats
  2. Fire on Pandora at Lymn

    Passed Pandora on its home mooring before. Looks so sad and badly damaged! Any news on this incident???
  3. Four counties ring

    Excellent cheers We are now debating to use the whole to weeks to do it with a trip up thr caldon or do it in a week and head up to chester or towards Llangollen
  4. Four counties ring

    another stupid question but are all the locks on the FCR narrow locks? or are there any double locks on the staffs ans worcester etc?
  5. Four counties ring

    Thanks for your sarcastic comments now i actually have a 2 week trip booked would also like to head up to chester after the FCR To be honest i tend to be wide awake by 6am while on boats so iam normally up & off after a full english breakfast & shower by 730-8am and always stop to have a nosev Around the villages.and tend to stop around 5ish.i do plan were am going to stay over etc thou.
  6. Four counties ring

    and you done a detour to Chester good god you most have done long days
  7. The Shady Oak, Beeston

    I really enjoy visiting the shady oak. Often moor there when we go from bunbury and sometimes often drive out to it for sunday lunch Glad to see its improving
  8. Four counties ring

    Excellent thanks.yes alan ive spent most of my live queueing at minshull lock 9 boats up 7 down over easter weekend
  9. Middlewich dilema

    I saw lilac on ebay the other day.prob worst boat in fleet so well done greg.
  10. Four counties ring

    Hi All was just wondering if the FCR Is doable in a week? A typical hire boat week?
  11. Magull overnight mooring?

    I saw a couple of boats coming down the link this morning in lashing down rain? I saw 2 boats struggling to get in the lock at princes dk?
  12. Canalboatholidays.net ??

    Love the canaltime boats well laid out & spacoius my first ever hire boat roa island no34 from blackwater on the LlangollenI
  13. Shropshire Union Canal

    Were about is this
  14. Magull overnight mooring?

    Id agree with the running horses too
  15. Two Month Cruise from Sale C/C

    fingers crossed for you too