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  1. Hi all... Does anyone have any experience in replacing a morso squirrel door handle? Ours has become worn out and occasionally will just pop open and I wanted to replace it before autumn else risk hot coals on the floor! Surprisingly I can't find any online advice on doing this although plenty of places sell replacement handles Thanks, Hannah
  2. if you had £800...

    Many thanks for so many replies! Just to confirm, yes its a perkins p4. Older than 1978 as it pre-dates the two letter prefix before the engine number. And yes, I meant fresh water cooled rether than raw water, my bad... So I have lots more leads to follow now in terms of replacing or refurbing pump. And I realise that changing the engine, mounts, etc, may cost a lot more than £800 so we're prob better off paying for a refurb pump. I'm just worried that we'll run into more problems down the road and it seems so difficult to get replacement parts for an engine of its age I'll follow up on all the pump specialists you've listed, Thank you!
  3. if you had £800...

    What engine would you buy?! We're thinking of replacing our old p4 as it's ancient and difficult to find parts for (we're still having no luck with a replacement injector pump!) The boat is a 57ft springer and the budget is around £800. To go for something like a bmc or lister (we currently have a raw water cooling system) or something Japanese maybe? Hoping to sell the old lump for around £400. Advice appreciated as always
  4. Wow thanks for replies, an emotive topic we have no 240v on board only 12v. Glad to hear some people have had success with the "kettle lead" type IEC connectors. My issue with the cigarette types isn't overloading or burning them out, its the crap welding inside which doesn't withstand things being plugged/unplugged regularly, we've had ours apart to solder so many times. Maplin bought but obviously not well built. And the DIN ones are all a bit unsightly unless you go to the bother of nicely mounting them in some wood which I don't have time for. Ideally would like a little mountable "bank" of three of the kettle type ones
  5. Tired of cigarette sockets breaking on the boat, they just aren't built well for daily use in my opinion. I've read threads about alternatives, DIN ones etc, but was wondering whether anyone's installed these IEC sockets (kettle lead types) like this... www.olson.co.uk/iec320_options_fused.htm Cheers, Hannah
  6. seized/stiff engine water pump probs

    The whole engine was submerged in november so I guess some rusting of bearings may have occurred. Will take apart and clean up tomorrow. Worst case will need a new pump. Hope they are easy/quick to buy as need to move boat rather soon
  7. seized/stiff engine water pump probs

    Thanks mike - will try the pragmatic version tomorrow! And its a jabsco foot mounted engine cooling pump on our ancient 4 cylinder perkins engine
  8. Engine hasn't really been ran for 5 months due to emulsified oil in engine and gear box. This has been sorted now but now the water cooling pump isn't working. Belt has been tightened to the max but it still won't drive, will move slightly by hand but very stiff, what's the best course of action?
  9. Having got water in the engine we are in the process of flushing it through. Is it necessary with every flush to change the oil filter? Ours is the old canister type with the circular concertina gauze inside, which is nigh impossible to clean (esp when full of oil/water mix).
  10. a boat sinking afair

    thanks for advice all... will see what oil filter we have and change that
  11. a boat sinking afair

    massive school boy error not to have the weed hatch secured in place, isn't it??! we learnt the hard way on the weekend and nearly sunk the boat after ours popped off during lots of revving after getting stuck on the river.. now the p4 perkins engine was still working when it was fully sunmerged and my partner had to turn it off before bailing out in a panic.. luciliy no water got in the air intake... but theblock did get water ingress... as much milky fluid has been pumped out of it as possible and plan is to next fill her with oil again, flush this through and then fill once more with oil, is there anything else we need to be considering? many thanks, hannah
  12. charging lesuire batteries off the genie

    ha ha... thanks aladin, what can u use the 12v output for? glad to hear fast charging them won't damage them, i know they can be fickle...
  13. i have two options on my battery chlarger, fast charge and trickle charge, will it cause longer term damage to my 115AH lesuire batteries if i charge them on "fast charge"? And also, the new genie has 12v output as well as 240v but the guy in the shop said we're likely to get faster battery charging out of the 240 output via a battery charger than directly from the 12v output on the genie, why is this? sounds a bit backwards to me.... cheers hannah
  14. jabsco pump problens

    Found the problem, its the wrong bloody pump! My partner installed it before i got to see it and assumed i had gone for another pump, on googling the model number on the side of the otherwise blank pump body, turns out its a par max 4 for use in a flushing toilet system rather than the par max 3 i ordered from mailspeed marine... They are uwfully sorry and are now out of stock of the par max three, and we don't now know whether we'll get a refund as it has already been installed, grrrrr... Lesson learnt- don't shop with mailspeed marine!!
  15. jabsco pump problens

    Ok, thanks, i will check connections in the day light tommorrow. Although when you open the taps the pump kicks in proper. The heat of the thing on standby is concerning!