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  1. This is ment in the most bestist of taste!! Not quite shure what you are getting at, are you arguing about my comment ' no realistic' or do you agree, not going to get into heated arguments, just didn't understand what you meant. We are full time livaboards cruise from feb to dec then take a winter mooring in a marina so agree full time mooring a waste of money. My point was too many residential moorings is making the system seem like a housing estate,
  2. Missing boater and boat, police aware

    Sorry to hear of his trouble hope he's found soon, if hes depressed over the situation i can fully understand his wanting to get away, been there its not nice.
  3. Goes to show, too many folk ready to use the canals as a housing estate and not for the intended use, ie to navigate/ move/ cruise.
  4. Where can "Pump Out Cards" be bought?

    Are there no marinas/yards in your area if you that desperate? Must admit didn't realise a lot don't work, we purchased a card three years ago just in case and obviously never used it, good luck
  5. Has it been a busy summer?

    Yup, very quiet everywhere, Weaver, Hardly anyone about had the moorings past the two locks to ourselves for the 48 hrs. only busy place was northwich, as expected. stopped at middlewich for 48 hrs we were the only boat on the whole stretch.will wait to see what the llangollen is like end sept,
  6. Muddlewhich

    Ah, thankyou for that
  7. Muddlewhich

    Hi, anyone know if there are rubbish bins around middlewhich? cant see anything in the canal compaion, also looks like only one water point.????
  8. plug to plug

    I have three pin plug on one end that goes into the inverter the other end connects to the cable I use when pluging into shore power this in turn goes through the consumer unit, there for the electrics are protected, the safer option.
  9. A sad day at yelvertoft Marina

    If you KNOW your dogs will attack cats you have a duty to either train or control them, there are folk on the canals with cats who are family pets, maybe someone doesn't like dogs so it would be ok to attack them i suppose.
  10. Hi, we on way to chester for a few days, anyone any tips, advice? We have been told not to moore outside due to yobs etc. Thinking about going into 'basin'?? do you have to book, any charge, how long can you stay, is it safe? We know we have to go through locks, not bothered about that.. Any advice welcome thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, anyone know of an engineering company in Hinckley area that can renew valve guides, 'only need guides done' bmc1800, renewed rubbers couple years ago knew the guides wanted doing then but decided to put it off & take a chance, silly i know. I am capable of taking head off, grinding valves & Replacing Head. Prefer not using the usual bmc outfit, Cheers
  12. Battery help

    Was not the suppliers fault, two boxes were collected at the same time on one it said ONE of TWO the other said TWO of TWO. Also delivery to the same person and address Very clear for most intelligent folk but not yodel. They sent one of them across county arriving three days later.
  13. Battery help

    Ups will
  14. Battery help

    Try ABS battery supplies look on line for web page Just Had Two 113a @£100 Deliverd to a local harvester resturant. However be advised they do use the crap company yodel Who lost one parcel.