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  1. The Waterworld Generation

    Waterworld was a Nice programme to watch,but as you say 'painted with rose coloured spectacles'. Yes, it has brought a lot of newbies to the canals, and I suspect that after the first bad winter, will send most of them scurrying back to terra firma. Not all the canalboat owners give that friendly wave and advice to us newbies, and some can be just downright rude and insolent when we approach 'Their Mooring Spot' along the towpath ? I've been told a few times that '' You have to move further on as this is my spot, been here X weeks now, didn't you see my log pile'' ? I moved on, only to be informed that I had every right to moor there by a BW staff member who also admitted that the boat should have been moved on weeks ago, but they could never get an answer when they went knocking. 'Bloody tourists you shouldn't be allowed in the water/on a boat' is another favourite greeting that I've become accustomed to hearing, this normally from the Shared Boater Old School Tie Brigade. Well a word of warning to them (I Have My Own Boat Now , I've moved on board, and all ready to set off). All thanks to you Real Ccrs and experienced boaters out there. I respect my fellow boaters, liveaboards etc, and though I may be inexperienced and a bit slow at getting through locks etc, I've worked hard to be able to achieve this,I moved onboard because I want to live the rest of my days on a boat,and not for financial gain, and so I deserve to be respected back. I cruise single handed, and I mean single, as I lost use of my R.arm 5 years ago, and would gladly help out anyone I see struggling,if I can. So to all you good guys out there 99.9% of you '' Hi, I hope you all have a great & prosperous year ahead.'' and to that .1% ''PRrrrrrpppp'' to you too.
  2. Filming my journey/life onboard

    Hi Mark, thanks for the info, I'll certainly be updating blog more often and have spent today catching up with yours and other favourites. Best wishes Pat.
  3. Filming my journey/life onboard

    Hi all, As a newbie who has just moved onboard, I want to record some of my journeys and have seen some very clever camera and mapping online. I have the following equipment with me and would like your advice on the best setup to achieve this. HD Xacti camera, Notebook laptop, Water-Ways map program which has Nichalson mapping, wifi dongle, and GPS. Is there anything else I need and what is the best way of setting up ? I have some computer knowledge. Thanks in anticipation Pat.
  4. I've made the move

    Hi all, well I've returned from my Sun,Sea,Sand & Ssss sipping horlick's with a good book, and as soon as my feet touched the hallowed ground I decided to stop making excuses and move onboard. As soon as the swimming shorts and holiday towels came out of the dryer I had packed my winter woolies and ( remembering my old mums advice) clean underwear, and made my way to the boat. Brrr was it cold, especially after the warm climate I'd left in the Dominican Republic, and, I've yet to have a multi fuel heater fitted, but, here I am, it's now 2 weeks, 2 days & 7.4 hrs later and I'm still on the boat and loving it. Okay I'm still moored at Stoke Prior and hooked up to 240 power, but I have been going through all my planned cruising list and stocking up with spares & supplies. Note to SWMBO - you gonna need a court order, 2 bailiffs and a can- opener to get me off of here now. Thanks again for all the advice, technical & otherwise from all the owners and readers on Canalworld and I'll see you out there. Pat.
  5. Hello to Friends New & Old

    Hi I am at present languishing in the the Domnican Republic and reading about the treacherous conditions you have been suffering. Thought I'd get my last holiday in before I make the big move on board my boat. Just want to thank you all for all the help and information you have given me.I will be moving onboard in the middle of Feb. Hope to see you all along the way. Till then, another Pina Colada por Favor.
  6. Looking out for Each Other

    Sorry Paul, wasn't getting at you, my fault for incorrect punctuation etc, still, it shouldn't happen in this day & age.
  7. As a newbie I'm interested to know, Apart from the obvious Heater, phone, etc. What piece of kit could or would you never be without in this present climate ? What is it & why i'll be taking notes for my emergency/survival box. Also does anyone know of a Website where I could purchase a lockmaster windlass as this seems ideal for my present condition/disability, please. I did see someone on the Forum had made there own. Thanks again, Stay Safe & warm.
  8. Regreting living aboard

    Mmm Know how you feel there,I haven't had chance to live on mine yetand it's a 350 something mile trip eachway. Can't wait till new season starts when i move aboard permanently.
  9. Looking out for Each Other

    Sorry it says 'Man was in water several days'think you should read again. I do understand that some boaters just want to be left alone, and would get upset if any busybody interrupted the peace & tranquility they'd found. Sign of the times I guess. The owner of the dogs! what happened to them ? Hospital,lost or just a case of cruelty & neglect ?
  10. Looking out for Each Other

    I've just been reading the Regrets topic,and agree that preperation is everything. The reason I'm stuck in the House is that my boat is still being converted and prepped for Long term use (ex hire )Even after reading the horror stories of surviving the harsh winters, I still believe that this is the life I want. I know that the boating community are a close knit crowd and willing to help each other out, so I was shocked to read these stories 'Boater Dies in Canal' & Dogs left to starve on board' on NarrowBoatWorld. A sad case indeed. Keep safe & warm out there, and look in on a neighbouring Boater. Best Wishes to you all.
  11. List of the most buzzing places

    This suggested topic isgreat for all us relative newbies and would be interested in his maps if he can find a way to save & publish
  12. Immigration Cap Unlawful

    Apologies for being off topic, but have just got back from a 600 mile return journey to visit boat and had forgotten to exchange currency at a border M/way services, plus the fact that my Suffolk born SWMBO is standing over me with THAT look in her eye, PMT, (professional Malehating Terrorist).
  13. Immigration Cap Unlawful

    EHhh According to ENGLISH LAW What is the definition of Immigrant ? I attempted to pay for a meal with (Tsk tsk) Scottish Currency, at a well known eatery, only to be refused as "Sorry we can't accept that' A little embarrased, I had to eventually get out the plastic. Being the proud Brit that I am, It really tugged at my heart strings that my fellow diners from India,Africa, Germany,Usa, etc, weren't placed in the same embarrassing situation as I, as they all paid in Euros.by Asylum seeking Jock.
  14. Dogs and children

    Hi Ange, best way is to keep introducing kids to the dog, but allow the dog to approach child rather than other way round. It should settle down when it realises that there isn;t a threat. Sounds like some kiddie has hurt the dog in the past. Some young uns tend to pull at dogs coat. My Two Westies used to be the same but gradual introduction have settled them and they are now really protective of the local kids. Best Wishes and enjoy your dog they are a friend for life.
  15. New BBC series next year

    Mmmm. very nice, do you think she might sail away to Lesbia with me ? as I'm needin a crew.