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  1. Reporting this year's findings ...

    Vindicated, donor kebabs are healthy!
  2. Fitting a Webasto

    We use a header tank, all fine
  3. Windows 10 is actually a virus, discuss

    I tried a couple of times and eventually it worked. It was a real pain to get it to run and I did have to back up to win7 (cached in a recovery drive) once and re-install. On a new laptop, of course it's pre-installed and the laptop has been designed for win 10 (usually). Granted I did use an unlimited service to sort. Back to the install I did from win7. It works fine, way better than win 7. Persevere or buy a new laptop/tablet with it pre-installed.
  4. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    Army Medics, bravest people I know.
  5. A near miss

    Pleased you are ok, life is full of risk.
  6. Waterways use changes with time. I suggest you find a marina if you cannot find an online or other non marina mooring
  7. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    I hope, sincerely, extinction is not around the corner Rex.
  8. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    Bored kids. No great issue. I thought the comments regarding the video a tad melodramatic tbh. There was no violence or real intimidation, just kids trying to grow up with little to do. Could have been me 40 years ago.
  9. Bear lady advise

    I say start I mod, I have vespas
  10. Bear lady advise

    If you turn off predictice text, your typing might improve!
  11. Worth going to Ripon?

    Am in ripon now, it's a lovely place and well worth a trip
  12. Dinette modification ideas

    The seats on the port side and one on starboard can be moved to create two singles or a double or dining space with two tables . They are also storage.
  13. Boat costs: is it just me, or...

    Does not take much to work out it's cheaper to buy in the north then move it and that then dampens the differentiation, general price hikes notwithstanding.
  14. The Word Game V2:0

  15. Amazing data & ayce calls

    I have the iPhone 7 plus and I use it a huge amount to FaceTime, watch videos etc etc. Maybe you should trade in your poxy little phone?