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  1. CRT and continuous cruising

    I suppose the logic is to maintain access rather than have boats “live” at a certain point indefinitely making buying a boat as a liveaboard more enticing, possibly, thus creating a change in the purpose of navigable waterways or reducing the same to a floating estate. I have no view either way but I can understand the views of both camps.
  2. Moored in the wrong place.

    This is a classic nobody knows the truth so we all speculate. Not knocking the debate or the rights or wrongs but it is Sunday afternoon so this could have long legs. Kiss of death?
  3. Moored in the wrong place.

    We broke down in a lock, hauled it out and to a safe spot
  4. Marina Dog Ban

    OP about a marina threatening to refuse boaters with dogs, having to punish all dog owners because of the few who cannot be arsed to pick up the crap - on topic as far as I can see.
  5. Fuel Costs

    Tesco. £1.20
  6. Marina Dog Ban

    No contextual similarity here. We are talking about dog shit and inconsiderate owners. Not sure how the principle transfers to murderers as simply as you suggest and it would be good to maintain on topic.
  7. Excited and slightly worried!!

    This is how it will go. bugger, it’s windy. ok how do we get on? ok, no fridge! ok, electrics erm ok water? Fuel? shit, gotta start up oh bugger, can I make that turn? dont worry, there’s another windlass whats a BW key? handcuff keys? whats that smell? wheres our new marina berth exactly? well, that was easier than we thought, a nice job
  8. Marina Dog Ban

    Yup, let’s punish the many for the inconsiderate mis-deeds of the few.
  9. A Wee one to start again.

    The lounge coffin look is in vogue again? but really, looking good MiB
  10. Winterizing

    Your excused, going off topic is like talking about summer plans instead of winter. Am I heading off topic?
  11. Winterizing

    Never drained the calorifier in last 9 years. I just Close fresh water tank valve, open taps drain and then turn water pump off. Job done.
  12. Dobson Boats?

    And the boatyard is still operating and seems pretty busy.
  13. volt meter

    I use a victron BMV 702 BLK about £170 or thereabouts
  14. Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Welcome Sue. We did similar and are still hooked after spending £30k or so on it from new engine to new inverter, new bathroom, new kitchen, new lounge etc. We just love it!
  15. Perfect example, mike is a barrister by the way- he likes bars.