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  1. Help! Can You Complete The Inland Waterway Network?

    Hiya Cheshire Rose, I do have a copy of that pattern, should not be a problem to scan/photocopy and email/post, let me know. Sue
  2. Anyone been on Google today.....

    It was a rare treat for me, usually the google tributes are of someone I never heard of. Smelly is not so fond of Queen so I tend to wait till he's driving the boat till I crank it up.
  3. Ignorant Boaters...........

    As a female, (Non honorary bloke) I take some small offence at that comment. If you offered me a choice of flowers or alcohol I would choose the alcohol and I suspect most of my female friends would do so also... Are we all blokes???
  4. London Riots

    Like JDR, I was working the night shift last night, less than 3 miles from the centre of the Birmingham riots. Listening to the sirens and helicopters till 4am along with watching the news unfold on TV made for a tense shift to say the least. Thankfully, Smelly had moved the boat out of the city centre when the trouble started. I have to say I'm not surprised. Saddened and appalled yes, but not surprised.
  5. a new take on CMers

    That has happened to me a few times. By the way I love your avatar
  6. a new take on CMers

    And mouse entrails...
  7. Do You Like Marmite ?

  8. Does it count as falling in..

    Not much to tell really... I decided to take the canoe out for a spin, within three strokes of the paddle I was upside down. I spent the rest of the session in my friends rather more stable inflatable canoe. I was a bit soggy.
  9. ... If you tip upside down in a canoe?
  10. Jobcentres, unemployment and the blame game

    Ah well I'm logged in as the fair maid; so be it, I've always fancied hair like that. Back on topic... I note John Domokos was the author in this article. It inspired this conversation which nobody in the trade has questioned although we all know Parliamentarians are prone to fabrication... Fair to say it was more widespread than one JCP but still an misconstrual of the way the scheme was perceived to operate and stopped immediately it was reported. IME the people who find themselves with a genuine claim to victimisation within face to face JCP, i.e. JSA claimants, are those who have contributed to the situation; -deliberately or otherwise- certainly in Birmingham. I often preach "play the game" for exactly that reason and I've heard Judges say exactly that! What's really worrying are the new fraud investigations that are gathering just enough evidence to stop someone's money and drag them through Criminal proceedings rather than conducting a full investigation; I'll be saying as much in Court tomorrow morning when the case I've got wins. There's another article floating around with a fraud investigator telling folk such as myself "ask them how they've done against their prosecution targets" but I can't find it.
  11. Happy Birthday Smelly!!!

    IS it norty to run your engine late because you've been to the pub on your birfdi?
  12. Who weilds the windlass?

    I'll freely admit, If there's locks coming up I jump off with the windlass before smelly can get a word in. True, he does do most of the steering on lock free stretches but to be fair, if we're in the car, I do the vast majority of the driving. I suppose I prefer boat travel from the comfort of the bow with my feet up.
  13. Cat flaps

    I will admit to having thought of drilling through the whole lot, but I fancy a slighty more, err, expensive, solution. D
  14. The tent is Jordy's, he had to leave quickly on Sunday as his landlord called him about a shed fire.. He said he would pick it up Monday. If it's still there I'll pop down later and get it for him. Top Night BTW! Special thanks to wriggly for the toast and tea on Saturday morning!
  15. Wanted - local knowledge of King's Norton

    Is currently being held to ransom by the cats.. Even I'm not allowed there B Whoops, wrong direction.. It's right onto Londales road, not left.. Sorry! B