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  1. Priti Patel

    I don't disagree, I just enjoy watching the Tories Crumble more
  2. "Celebrities" You Have Been Mistaken For

    When I smoked cigars I used to get mistaken for Lassie taking a dump...
  3. Priti Patel

    Twitter is alive with rumour that May sent her there without the knowledge of Boris (who we know she doesn't trust but can't sack) the story then broke so the only thing May can do to defend herself is to throw Patel under the bus. If nothing else, this, alongside the sex scandal stuff is hitting the Tories hard, house of cards stuff I recon. I take great enjoyment watching the fall of the Conservatives, I hope it will give some kind of hope to those cueing at the food banks!
  4. Brexit 2017

    I voted to remain, not because i like the EU, I hate it, I just don't trust the Tories enough to do a decent job of Brexit. So far my fears seem to becoming true.
  5. Old sayings.

    I have a mate, Andy, or Peg, given his lack of leg. One drunken evening I challenged him to an arse kicking contest, he went first, took his fake leg off, and did a karate kid kick and booted my arse into the snug! I didn't bother returning a kick, he'd won his pint!
  6. Old sayings.

    As much use as a one legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond.
  7. Share ya' Music!

    Top top vibes F*#k Clem Burke is good
  8. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    To take your first bit a little further, not only is removing somebody from their own environment short lived as you say, it also disregards the positive resources that the young person has in their community. What kids have in spades is resilience, building on this with positive examples is key.
  9. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    Ok I'll play so the two things we can see from both of these leaders is their consistent threat of violence in their aim to 'win' we, as observers can all see that their approach isn't working and if nobody backs down then we risk unimaginable outcomes. The answer is obviously in dialogue rather than hydrogen bombs, so providing our children are not wandering survivalists in a post apocalyptic nightmare, I suggest we teach them all we can about non violent forms of resolution.
  10. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    That is far from a serious or indeed relevant question, I'm enjoying this topic, let's stay on it?
  11. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    As you rightly suggest, I have indeed dealt with the sharp end of adult on child abuse. Almost all of the parents claim they were using force as some kind of behavioural control or that they couldn't cope with their child's behaviour. This abuse ranged from extreme deprevation of liberty to hospitalisation and in one horrific case that we probably all read about, loss of life. Now if all of those parents, no matter how wrong, thought they were disciplining their children, what can we assume could and did happen when giving other adults permission to use coperal punishment. There is no measure on how hard an angry geography teacher would hit a child. There is plenty of evidence that states children who are subject to coperal punishment today often end up needing medical care afterwards and some even ending up with longer lasting injury, including psychologically. Even if you disagree with my belief that if you feel you need to raise your hand to a child you have lost control, it is impossible to measure both the physical and mental damage that is caused. On top of that, there is absolutely no evidence beyond anecdotal to suggest that behaviour actually improves with physical punishment. Conversely there is overwhelming evidence to prove that a non violent approach to behaviour is far more successful. I don't see a difference in the violence dished out by abisive parents to that of the state as was. It's just all on a scale of violence towards children.
  12. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    There are so many good reasons not to use physical force in disciplining a child that the apparent arguments for it generally boil down to 'it never did me any harm' The hypocrisy of using violence to teach the wrongs of violence, the overwhelming evidence that shows us those who use violence do so without control and the millions and millions of people who grow up well rounded, kind and caring folk who were never beaten, but shown love and guidance instead.
  13. Share ya' Music!

    Wednesday night wig out https://youtu.be/zCUXf81W10Y
  14. Your Best EBay Purchases

    I was listening to Holt only a couple of days ago, Police in Helicopter is a great tune.
  15. Your Best EBay Purchases

    What was the song Athy?