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  1. How do you plan to pipe the exhaust out ? (Remember it was a boater and his family who did this and died last year) The only answer is a proper marine water cooled and fully 'plumbed in' diesel generator, but, you will have little change from £7000-£10,000 by the time it is installed
  2. EA moorings BS

    If you really want me to read the story, maybe you would be kind enough to provide an active link. - We will be leaving the marina shortly and will be out of 'internet range' until tomorrow night - I will have a look for your reply then.
  3. EA moorings BS

    I have no problem in apologising when I am wrong - however in this instance I can find no 'similar' story by doing as you suggest - all I came up with on Google is : Echo tracks clamper Jason White down to a caravan in Sussex (From ... www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/9645457.Daily_Echo_finds_the__missing__clamp_king/ Cached Similar 12 Apr 2012 - The Daily Echo has tracked down the clamping firm boss wanted by financial investigators after leaving his firm in £110000 in debt. Clamper tells of attack ordeal (From Daily Echo) www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/2317095.clamper_tells_of_attack_ordeal/ Cached 4 Jun 2008 - Wheel-clamper relives horrific beating by gang. ... Jason, 37, who runs Southampton based Whites Car Park Solution, said: "I told the man how ... Southampton clampers charge £450 to release cars and fine £50 for ... www.dailyecho.co.uk/.../3955857.Clampers_charge___450_to_release_cars_and_fin... Cached Similar 6 Dec 2008 - Hampshire-based Whites Car Solutions is charging people as much as £450 for ... THE Southampton wheel clamper who threatens to fine rude ... Wheel clamping sign, black and white Stock Photo, Royalty Free ... www.alamy.com/stock-photo-wheel-clamping-sign-black-and-white-32109246.html Cached Download this stock image: Wheel clamping sign, black and white - BT6KJP from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and ...
  4. EA moorings BS

    That would spoil the imaginary story tho'.
  5. Gas Locker Lock

    I am not quite seeing how that would turn off the gas bottles. Is there not still a length of pipe between the 'external shut-off valve' and the gas bottle shut off.
  6. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

  7. Question related to buying a narrow boat

    The surveyor will check whatever you pay him to check - if you want a 'full' Hull, machinery and gear' survey it will cost more than just a Hull survey. Speak with the surveyor and explain that you want to know everything is 'working' then he can give you a price for that service. If you just ask for a 'Hull survey' then that is what you will get. The small print on many surveyors documents state (something to the effect of) 'we cannot confirm anything which we cannot access without tools, and we do not lift carpets, remove panels etc etc'. Again ask the surveyor what he will / will not check and comment on - better to find out / negotiate first than be disappointed when its 'too late'. Edit to add (from personal experience) If you subsequently find something is not as the surveyor said it was then you will have no 'come-back' on the surveyor. I tried to take a surveyor to court following his failing to identify faults costing £20,000+ to rectify, and was told by my Solicitor that I didn't have a hope-in-hell of winning due to the 'small print' in the T&Cs.
  8. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    Fueled up, provisioned up, lock booked for 05:00 Monday, plan to get to Wells for 18:00 (HW at 19:30). Bacon and sausages in the fridge, bread rolls from the bakery 'on the side' - 'breakfast butties' as the Sun rises and we head for the 'open-sea'. Tried calling the Wells Harbour Master all day today but no answer - want to confirm the Dredger will be clear of the channel by then, and that we will have enough water to enter, and enough space on the pontoon for a 'fat-cat'.
  9. Gas Locker Lock

    You'll get it sorted when you get the boat 'in the workshop'.
  10. Gas Locker Lock

    Awards are often 'awarded' for novelties rather than 'practical solutions' - it sounds as if your rings may be one of these - if you cannot get the bottles secure using them, then they either need removing or 'making fit'. Example : C&RT have just announced their latest awards : Most edible boat [Yes, 'edible'!] most flower-filled boat most inventive use of space best towpath garden or open space best towpath business in bloom best wildlife friendly boat You would think they would have something better to spend their money on.
  11. Gas Locker Lock

    I don't ever recall seeing 'rings' in the bottom of a gas-locker that the cylinder sits in (seen then on GRP cruisers for the smaller 3.9/4.0kg bottles, but not big 13 kg bottles on NB's). What size bottles and gas locker are you talking about ? Pictures may help. Some boats may have had lockers designed for 'GAZ' or 'Calor Gas', but you may be using one of the new 'fly-by-night' companies who do tend to offer slightly different sizes (ie 11kg in lieu of 13 kgs etc, which 'justifies' their lower prices.) Diagnosis at a distance (particularly with little information) is difficult.
  12. Gas Locker Lock

    Agreed but (hypothetically) having run a mile from the nearest entrance point / bridge to get to the fire, carrying extinguishers , would they have to run the mile back to the appliance, and then the mile back to the boat with the bolt croppers, by which time the fire has taken hold and the gas bottle ready to explode. It is of course possible that one of the crew would think 'lets take bolt croppers with us, just in case', but unless they had 'boaty experience' that may be a remote possibility. It is simpler just to 'lock up the gas bottle' but leave the locker unlocked.
  13. Gas Locker Lock

    Part of the BSS (but I think you are fitting out to the RCD ?) states that the bottles must be fixed in place, and must not move enough to 'pull' the flexible pipe and regulator - have you checked the BSS / RCD requirements ? Edit to Add : BSS clause 7:4:1 The extent of any LPG cylinder movement must not cause any pulling of pipework or pulling tight of hose. Cylinders must be secured so that the possibility of cylinders damaging low-pressure regulators, pipework or other LPG system components is minimised.
  14. Gas Locker Lock

    I seem to remember some years ago a thread where the boat was on fire and the fire brigade could not readily gain access the gas to turn it off - the recommendation (suggestion) from the Fire brigade was NOT to lock the gas-locker. Mr Beethoven (and others) suggestion would meet all the requirements - but if you are in the habit of storing tools and stuff in the gas-locker (BSSC Fail !!!) then yes - the tools could be pinched with an un-locked locker