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  1. CRT and continuous cruising

    That was it. C&RT do not go to court to prosecute against any 'illegal acts', they remove your licence for any infringement that they wish, then prosecute you for being on their waterways without a licence (you couldn't make it up!!)
  2. Talking engines

    I carried all the usual parts on the boat but kept the complete engine (with twin alternators and all ancilliaries) and gearbox (+spare pistons etc) at home, if needed I could phone No2 Son, get him to remove (say) the injectors and bring them out to the boat. Nowhere in the country is more than a few hours drive so easier than waiting for parts to be ordered and delivered. No longer have that boat so guess Its time to think about getting rid.
  3. Talking engines

    Ours was an LPWS4 (and I still have a complete spare engine, parts, manuals & PRM gearbox in my shed) It only takes 10 minutes to warm the oil and 20 minutes to do the oil and filter change so I never saw it as a big problem.
  4. Friday joke

  5. CRT and continuous cruising

    Of course they were, otherwise you would have had this:
  6. CRT and continuous cruising

    I had saved an old post from Nigel Moore where he explained the conditions under which the '14day rule' for HMers was introduced - unfortunately I can no longer find it and my post was 'from memory'. Hopefully he will come on and correct any errors that have been posted.
  7. CRT and continuous cruising

    For boats WITH a home mooring, my understanding is that there is no right of mooring for any period, the grant of 14 days is within C&RTs powers and is included in the T&Cs. The downside is (for the boater) is that there is no possible extension due to circumstances, and the downside for C&RT is that the boater does not have to move to another 'place', just a few yards complies. For boats WITHOUT a home mooring, they must move to another place every 14 days (or less as posted), and be on a bona-fide navigation. The benefit for them is that the 14 days can be exceeded in certain circumstances.
  8. Logistics of a journey

    I think the answer is (something like) "Normally, yes, but due to canal closures this year the answer is currently NO". You could get it loaded onto a truck, driven to Nottingham, unloaded for around £1000 and you would not be stuck for weeks, caught in between closures.
  9. Talking engines

    My Lister was oil change every 100 hours. When out cruising that meant an oil change every month, it took less time to do than boil the kettle, so whilst SWMBO was making breakfast I'd do the oil change. Its all about being prepared.
  10. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    The OP appears to think that this means 'steel hull with GRP top'. Rusty - I assume you are meaning a 'proper' (100%) GRP boat.
  11. CRT and continuous cruising

    You are correct (in the eyes of the Judge in the Myers V C&RTcase) 6:3 There are clear anomalies in both positions, CRT clearly regard the occupation of moorings by permanently residential boat owners who do not move very much as a significant problem (see paragraphs 3.5 and 3.6 above). However, neither the statutory regime in subsection 17(3) nor the guidelines can deal with this problem. A boat which has a home mooring is not required to be “bona fide” used for navigation throughout the period of the licence, but neither is it required to ever use its home mooring. The act requires that the mooring is available, it does not say it must be used. The guidelines also have this effect. The boat is still subject to the restriction that it must not stay in the same place for more than 14 days but there is nothing whatever to stop it being shuffled between two locations quite close together provided they are far enough apart to constitute different places. If those who are causing the overcrowding at popular spots have home moorings anywhere in the country the present regime cannot control their overuse of the popular spots. Such an owner could cruise to and fro along the Kennet & Avon canal near Bristol and the home mooring could be in Birmingham and totally unused.
  12. Buying a new boat

    Q - Is insurance cheaper than repairing your boat ? A - Only if you need to make a claim, otherwise it is a waste of money.
  13. Buying a new boat

    No one ever does.
  14. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    I wouldn't touch it with yours, let alone mine.
  15. Its been happening all this year. Management, noise, shop never open, etc etc. Last figures I saw they were at about 60% occupancy - they have been offering all sorts of deal for the last couple of years (such as pay for 10 months get 12 months) Brother In Law has moved out this year (around the corner to Derby Boat Club moorings)