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  1. Phil's Boat 2

    Tomorrow it will seem like the biggest mistake you have ever made - BUT - as Christmas approaches it will seem a much better idea. Enjoy.
  2. Angry marina owner

    More Info - I did a lot of investigative work for 'due diligencce' when we were looking to buy a marina : A Boat is normally a 'chattel', but it and its mooring can become 'Domestic Property', and subject to council tax,if certain criteria are met. From the VoA : 3. What is Domestic Property? 3.1 Domestic property is defined in Section 66 LGFA 1988. 3.2 The Rating (Caravan and Boats) Act 1996 amends Section 66(3) & (4) with effect from 1 April 1990 so as to clarify when a caravan pitch or a boat mooring comprises domestic property. A copy of the relevant sections of the Act is attached to this Practice Note as Appendix A. Broadly, a caravan pitch or boat mooring is domestic property when either: is occupied by a caravan or boat that is a sole or main residence of an individual, and therefore treated as a dwelling; or is an appurtenance enjoyed with other living accommodation (which is itself a dwelling) and is not a separate hereditament. a constructed or established pitch or mooring becomes occupied by a boat or caravan used as a sole or main residence, then the pitch or mooring will constitute domestic property ie a dwelling from that date. 3.3 Caravan pitches and boat moorings which when next in use will be domestic property S.66(5) of the LGFA 1988 provides that, “Property not in use is domestic if it appears that when next in use it will be domestic” Therefore a pitch or mooring which has no caravan or boat situated on it will not constitute domestic property, unless: • it forms part of a larger hereditament which itself is domestic property i.e. house and grounds • it is clear that when next in use this will be as the pitch for a caravan, or mooring for a boat, which is a sole or main residence. 4.4 Land, which comprises either the pitch of a caravan or the mooring for a boat, may constitute a separate hereditament in its own right, with or without the caravan or boat. If the caravan or boat is not treated as part of the hereditament then the pitch or mooring alone is the “dwelling” and is banded accordingly. If the caravan or boat is included because it is regarded as sufficiently permanent, then both the pitch and caravan or the mooring and boat are included in the valuation for banding. 5. Whether the value of the caravan or boat is to be included with the mooring in the Council Tax Valuation for Banding Purposes 5.1 Technically the boat or caravan is a chattel which will only become part of the hereditament if its presence has a sufficient degree of permanence to the land. 5.2 In London County Council v Wilkins (VO) 1954 (HL) the question of whether a chattel was rateable was considered. Lord Kilmur said that the test of rateability was whether there is evidence that the structures were enjoyed with the land and enhanced its value. He concluded that, “A chattel to be rateable must be rateable with the land on which it rests”. 6. Summary of Policy 6.1 The policy that the legislation is intended to achieve can be summarised as follows. Although this specifically refers to boats and moorings the same principles apply to caravans and their pitches. a) If a boat which is someone’s sole or main residence is moored “permanently” at a mooring, then the mooring is domestic property, and both the mooring and the boat are subject to Council Tax. If a boat which is someone’s sole or main residence stops at a mooring and moves away for a sufficiently long period (see 6.2), and it seems that when next in use that mooring will be used by that same boat or another boat which is someone’s sole or main residence, then the mooring is domestic but the mooring only is subject to Council Tax. c) If a boat which is someone’s sole or main residence is moored at a mooring and moves away, and it seems that when next in use the mooring will be used by a non-sole or main residence boat, then the mooring is non-domestic and subject to non-domestic rates. d) If there is a mooring with no way of telling what sort of craft will be moored at it, then it is non-domestic and subject to non-domestic rates. 6.2 Whether the value of the boat or caravan can be included with the pitch is a matter of fact and degree. As a general rule, where a dwelling boat or caravan occupies a mooring or pitch for a substantial period of time - such duration would usually be for 12 months or more - it should be included in the band value, even if it moves away for brief periods of say 2 to 4 weeks, provided it then returns to its original mooring or pitch. The question to be asked is whether the occupation can be characterised as that of a 'settler' or a 'wayfarer'. If the latter, then only the mooring or pitch should be valued. To be clear, this paragraph refers only to the treatment of the chattel value, not to establish whether a dwelling exists – that is the established mooring or pitch. A caravan does not have to be in place on a recognised pitch for 12 months to establish the pitch as a dwelling, nor does a boat have to be moored on a recognised mooring for 12 months to establish the mooring as a dwelling. 6.3 Even if the sole or main resident of a caravan or boat does not have exclusive rights to a particular pitch or mooring if, in practice, the caravan or boat occupies the land with sufficient permanence it will be included with the mooring as domestic property, and the value included in the Council Tax banding. The above are only extracts and to get the full context you should read all of the various acts and cited precedents.
  3. Angry marina owner

    In the cases where the boat 'moves' moorings within a marina, the Moorings (in total - not in individually) become subject to 'rates' (not council tax). The total value of all the moorings is added up " If there are two or more such moorings in the marina, all the moorings and land under the control of the marina operator should be treated as one hereditament by virtue of the Multiple Moorings Regulations. The marina operator will be in permanent occupation." It is then the marina owner that becomes liable for the payment of the 'Rates' (NOT council tax) The marina owner then amortises the 'Rates' bill by the number of boats / moorings and adds that to the standard mooring fee - hence the reason why a 'residential mooring' costs more than a leisure mooring even tho' the individual boat is not subject to Council tax. In the case where boats are not required to move (or refuse to move) then the boat becomes 'fixed' and is subject to Council Tax in whatever band is applicable. The value of the boat CAN be added to the value of the mooring to determine the band, but, generally they will all fall into band 'A'. I had a problem explaining the need to move to some moorers in our marina, until I explained the 'bottom line' was : 1) Agree to move and pay £100 per annum as your proportion of the composite hereditament, or, 2) Refuse to move and pay £1200 per annum (band A) as Council tax. The message was finally understood.
  4. Little red lights on Bridge holes Ashby canal.

    Just don't bleat about it or they will get you.
  5. Angry marina owner

    The VoA make it clear which boats pay Council Tax, and which pay a percentage of the composite tax. There is no need (or ability) for local councils to 'negotiate' anything - it is all listed in the manual - with examples given. One of the examples given : If a boat moves its mooring it is NOT subject to individual council tax. No reason to make a big issue or 'conspiracy theory' out of it. Link to the VoA guidance and examples : http://manuals.voa.gov.uk/corporate/publications/Manuals/CouncilTaxManual/council_tax_man_pn/t-ct-man-pn7-appd.html
  6. Little red lights on Bridge holes Ashby canal.

    Now the weather is bit warmer it will be some of the local girls working under the bridges. You may find that the pup-out container is actually a fold out bed.
  7. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    Agreed, but having done the 'speedy' thing (and been arrested in Holy Lock by armed military police for speeding past the Submarine pens), it was time to 'slow down', hence the years of NBing, fed up of muddy-ditches and failing infrastructure, decided to go back to one boat on the rivers and coastal and one boat for coastal and trans-ocean. Both doing about 6-8 knots cruise. "if you have to ask, you cannot afford it" Spend '200 years worth of your annual fuel bill' and use the wind for free.
  8. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    We had a cruiser raft-up to us (arrived on the last of the tide) - he had come from Newark Via Hull. We used to have a similar cruiser 20+ years ago when diesel was under 30p a litre but I would hate to pay the fuel bill for cruising at 25 knots now. We left Hull at 5:00 am (on the morning tide) it took us almost 13 hours to do the 67 NM, heading into a southerly wind it was not a 'sailing day' so it was engines on all the way, averaging 5.2 knots and using a total of just under 40 litres of fuel (for the two engines) giving a cost of £23 at £0.62/litre. Fuel Cost 'per hour' = £1.77 The Cruiser left Hull at 16:00 on the afternoon tide and it took him 3 hours to do the 67 NM, he averaged 22 knots and used one gallon of diesel per 2 miles (by my working thats about 150 litres for the trip) at a cost of £0.62 per litre giving a cost of £93 at 62p / litre Fuel Cost 'per hour' = £31.00 You can spend time, and you can spend money. Sometimes you can end up spending both, but you will never get anywhere without committing to spending at least one or the other....Sometimes money is cheaper than time. I have 'done' the spending money 'bit' my time is now my own so I'll spend some of that. Rob was not about, but passed onto your regards to the 'guys in the office' - they said they did not recall you but 'thanks anyway'. Will no doubt catch Rob later as we are stopping a few days.
  9. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    Made it to Wells. 67miles, 12 hours 55min. 5 am locking from Hull Picture courtesy of Rusty69
  10. How do you plan to pipe the exhaust out ? (Remember it was a boater and his family who did this and died last year) The only answer is a proper marine water cooled and fully 'plumbed in' diesel generator, but, you will have little change from £7000-£10,000 by the time it is installed
  11. EA moorings BS

    If you really want me to read the story, maybe you would be kind enough to provide an active link. - We will be leaving the marina shortly and will be out of 'internet range' until tomorrow night - I will have a look for your reply then.
  12. EA moorings BS

    I have no problem in apologising when I am wrong - however in this instance I can find no 'similar' story by doing as you suggest - all I came up with on Google is : Echo tracks clamper Jason White down to a caravan in Sussex (From ... www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/9645457.Daily_Echo_finds_the__missing__clamp_king/ Cached Similar 12 Apr 2012 - The Daily Echo has tracked down the clamping firm boss wanted by financial investigators after leaving his firm in £110000 in debt. Clamper tells of attack ordeal (From Daily Echo) www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/2317095.clamper_tells_of_attack_ordeal/ Cached 4 Jun 2008 - Wheel-clamper relives horrific beating by gang. ... Jason, 37, who runs Southampton based Whites Car Park Solution, said: "I told the man how ... Southampton clampers charge £450 to release cars and fine £50 for ... www.dailyecho.co.uk/.../3955857.Clampers_charge___450_to_release_cars_and_fin... Cached Similar 6 Dec 2008 - Hampshire-based Whites Car Solutions is charging people as much as £450 for ... THE Southampton wheel clamper who threatens to fine rude ... Wheel clamping sign, black and white Stock Photo, Royalty Free ... www.alamy.com/stock-photo-wheel-clamping-sign-black-and-white-32109246.html Cached Download this stock image: Wheel clamping sign, black and white - BT6KJP from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and ...
  13. EA moorings BS

    That would spoil the imaginary story tho'.
  14. Gas Locker Lock

    I am not quite seeing how that would turn off the gas bottles. Is there not still a length of pipe between the 'external shut-off valve' and the gas bottle shut off.