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  1. Vulcan descaler by CWT Partners

    I have not got any 2"+ water pipes on my boat, and not enough water in the tank to have it pumping out at 500,000 litres per hour. Have you got a 15mm version for about 15-20 litres per minute ?
  2. Talking engines

    Change at 99
  3. continuosly cruising....how far are you suppose to go..

    Stenson Lock is 'rated' at 13'6". It is only about 3 miles from Stenson Lock to BoT and, you can get a 'fatty' all the way to BoT. The Stanfords maps show the canal as 'wide' all the way into BoT with Dallow Lane Lock being the first of the 'narrow locks'. I was working on the principle that a non-boater would probably not know where Dallow lane Lock was but being based in Ilkeston may well know where BoT is.
  4. continuosly cruising....how far are you suppose to go..

    Being a fat-boat will limit the usability of the T&M. BoT would be the furthest West a fatty could go.
  5. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    Everyone will have a different 'needs doing' indicators. Rust patches, blisters, scratches for me.
  6. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    I don't know - I would rather pay someone to do the dirty jobs. The quote I had for a 45 foot NB (just before we sold it) for a back to bare metal repaint was £15,000 including all labour, materials, dry dock hire etc etc. I (we - a gang of us) repainted a 40 footer about 30 years ago and I reckon it was about £2000 for materials - you would not believe how many wire brushes, sheets of sandpaper and rolls of masking tape you get thru. It all depends if you want a boat to be 'proud of' or ............. (not politically correct to make the comparison)
  7. locks; can you do it on your own

    A boat of those dimensions means that your cruising will be limited to 'wide canals only', this means that there are two lock gates to open and that you would have to open one, then go around the other side to open the other before you could enter / leave the lock. With a Narrowboat you can get thru just one gate. Not impossible, just another aggravation for 'fat-boaters' (we are 14 feet wide) giving more complexity and time consuming for a single-hander.
  8. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    Marine insurers don't seem to have the same 'hang-ups' when most (many) lumpy-water boats are built with 5 or 6mm steel plate. Depends what kind of finish you want- some folks will use B&Q 'gloss' stuff, most will use proper marine Enamel paints. The better the prep and the better the paint the more it costs.
  9. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    So the boats originally built with 3/16th steel are uninsurable if the insurance companies unilaterally decide not to insure anything less than (say) 6mm Repaint the boat every 5-8 years at a cost of £5,000 to £15000 (depending on how much work you want to do and how much is 'professionally' done). Diesel could be quite an important thing to factor in.
  10. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    Sorry, but what is 'good enough'? 0.1mm is good enough not to let water in. At what thickness does a boat need overplating?
  11. Talking engines

    Wouldn't that be Lloyds (the Black Horse) Bank
  12. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    Can you explain what you mean "to pass"? There is no 'pass or fail' with a survey, the survey purely gives you a list of things that need action/repair, you then decide if the boat is worth the purchase price and cost of correcting all of the faults.- it is not like an MOT where you get a certificate saying 'passed' or 'safe'.
  13. March of the Wide Beams

    Absolutely correct, but unfortunately no suggestions as to how each of the problems may be resolved. Greenie for 'correctly identifying the questions'
  14. continuosly cruising....how far are you suppose to go..

    One 'blew down' t'other day but it missed us by quite a wide margin.
  15. continuosly cruising....how far are you suppose to go..

    Ilkeston is as near to Derby as it is to Nottingham - it would be at least 1.5 hours by either public transport or private car from Kings at 08:00hours The Train from Kings is approx. 30 mins to Nottm central station, then walk up to Broad Marsh, then ,you would need bus(ses) to Ilkeston I cannot imagine it is practical to do 60 miles each way, in the morning and again in the afternoon every day to take/collect little Florence to/from School. This is why C&RT suggest that it is not practical to CC with school commitments. Come home from school at 4 O'clock, it is dark, move boat 5 (?) miles) tie up, get up in the dark and trudge along muddy towpaths until you (hopefully) get to a bus stop - repeat, and repeat, every few days. Sawley Marina (others are available) is the only real option for someone with a 7 year old who has to be in school at 08:30 every morning (and that'll be a difficult enough journey)