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  1. Interesting, thanks I'll look into it
  2. Thanks for the advice bud but sounds like a lot of hassle, as I've just said I think it will be easier to sell this 24v one and buy a 12v one. It's a shame because I only need a new motor but can't find one to fit.
  3. Haha have you seen the price of SaniMarin stuff, last time i looked the toilet was around £750 although I hear what you are saying about vetus, I have Vetus instruments and hydraulic steering and I remember thinking "ouch" when I got the bill. My partner bought this 24v toilet off a friend of hers thinking she was doing the right thing bless her. I have 2 SaniMarin 12v toilets on my boat which was new in 2004. One packed up a few years ago and the other one is on its last legs, I have stripped the motor down and cleaned the carbon off the com etc which got it working again but its only a matter of time before it goes the same way as the other toilet. Have tried and failed to buy a replacement 12v motor, Lee sanitation appear to be the sole uk distributers of SaniMarin toilets. Having read Tiggs and Alans replies above I think the best thing I can do is try and sell this 24v model and put the money towards a new 12v one ....
  4. Hi everyone, I am struggling to find an invertor/transformer to step up 12v to 24v or step down 240v to 24v. The toilet motor is 260 Watts, 10 amps with a start up surge of 69 amps. The toilet is a SaniMarin 24v which had been fitted to a motorhome project but was never used so is as new and I got it very very cheap. Any advice greatly appreciated
  5. low cost battery chargers

    Darn lol, well thanks anyway. My £1500 Mastervolt Mass 12/80 has almost given up the ghost, its become very tempremental, bought Mastervolt 8 years ago because was told they are the best.... yea right
  6. low cost battery chargers

    Could you please tell me where to get the 30amp CTEK for that price please, thanks.
  7. Yes its a B12 pressure jet. Coincidentaly we had to call out our burner engineer at work today and after talking to him about my problem he said exactly the same as you, nozzle solonoid valve. he suggested I take it out and clean it so I did, made no difference.
  8. Anyone know of a Kabola service engineer in Yorkshire? I'm near Doncaster. I used Karunda last time but they are really expensive as I had to pay for all of the engineers travelling time (over £500, I nearly died when I got my credit card statement). Boiler will fire if I press the reset but once up to temp will not fire again untill I press reset again. I think the flashing error codes mean its seeing a stray flame during purge. Cheers.
  9. Heating system - which?

    As previously stated, Kabola pressure jet. Not cheap but very reliable and I have been running mine on gas oil for over 4 years with no problems, so no need for seperate fuel tanks.
  10. Just for info: Last night 2 boats behind me where set adrift, I managed to pull them back in and secure them. Tonight at aprox 1800 all the boats on the towpath side (top lock) where untied, including mine while I was on it and I never heard a thing. A friend came and helped me re-secure them all, phoned the police (on both occassions) not really interested, phoned BW, also not really interested. Same thing happened last November on mischeivious night, that time one of the boats drifted (or was pulled) away and was found down at the next bridge. Time for a trip to B&Q for mooring chains and locks me thinks. Never had any trouble in (almost) 4 years, apart from having my BBQ nicked but that was my own fault for leaving it out. Dean.
  11. Flojet pump lasted only 3 yrs!

    Just a quick update, I decided to take Smileypete's advice and went for a Johnson Aqua Jet WPS 4.0 It's a fair bit quieter (and cheaper) than the old Flojet with only a slight drop in flowrate (15l/min as apposed to 17l/min) but to be honest after 4 months of use I havent noticed any difference. Shower is still very powerfull so I'm a happy bunny! Just thought I'd share this incase anyone else is looking for a new pump.
  12. Flojet pump lasted only 3 yrs!

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, thought I'd give Jabsco a try, this is the best price I can find for the Par-Max 4 http://www.mackengineering.co.uk/31705-0092/35.htm
  13. Flojet pump lasted only 3 yrs!

    Hi everyone, I have a Flojet 4325 Series water pump which has just become very noisy. Turns out it has been leaking and its got into a bearing (still pumps ok though). Now as you know, these pumps arent cheap and I would expect it to last longer than 3 yrs and 3 months. As a livaboard it does get a fair ammount of use but I almost always get showered at work so I wouldnt say its use is excessive. I'm a bit miffed at having to shell out £150 (+ vat and delivery) for a new one from Aquafax, anyone know anywhere cheaper? Also, do I really need such a big pump (17 l/min at 40psi)? Yes I have 2 bathrooms, one with a bath and one with a shower but I never (well very rarely) use the bath but both toilets, sinks etc get used. The reason I ask is the pump has always been quite loud and that's with loads of towels wrapped around it, I'm guessing a less powerful pump will be quieter? Cheers, Dean.
  14. Red Diesel...At last the facts!

    I too have a Kabola (B12 pressure jet I think) and while it was expensive to buy it has never missed a beat in 3 years, running it on gas oil. Only downside is cost of servicing, I had it serviced last winter by the company who supplied it as I couldnt find anyone local and the bill came to over £500 (I nearly died) as I had to pay for the service engineers travelling expenses. I'd be very interested in learning how to service it my self or at least finding an engineer in the Yorkshire area. Dean
  15. The VAT man cometh.

    Hi all, my first post on here. I've been reading the messages about the zero rating of new builds and would just like to add my two peneth. My barge (for livaboard) is nearing completion and I have recently learned that it no longer qualifies as a zero rated vessel and that VAT "may" have to be paid (I believe it is going to tribunal but I'm not sure). My builder is well aware that I could not pay this (very large) VAT bill and has agreed to stand it himself if worst comes to worst, (phew!). However, I have learnt that other builders are now getting retrospective VAT bills for boats previously built to qualify for zero rating and that although the customer will be able to escape these bills the builders will not. If you agree to buy a boat from a builder who is willing to zero rate it and then mid build he receives a massive VAT bill will you ever get your boat? Not all builders will be as understanding as mine, I suspect they could have made me sell my boat to recover the VAT, I'm not sure but thankfully it hasnt come to that (they would have made me homeless, thank god they have a conscience). Dean.