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  1. Brewing tea

    Use one tea bag between two cups for me and the Mrs. no milk or sugar for us.
  2. Ecofans - the Ultimate test?

    I was always a believer.....thanks for posting your findings.
  3. Good grip boating shoes or boots.

    I use the SWAT boots and have never slipped in them, my first pair had steel toe caps , they were seven years old when the sole split, my new pair arn't steel toe caps and are just as comfy. The Mrs uses Doc Martins and I can always get my boots off and be beside the fire before her ... the side zips are great.
  4. Basingstoke Canal

    We did the BC in August this year and really enjoyed it, we found the locks easy to use, no problems with water levels, the people we met were so friendly and excited to see boats moving I thought they must all be members of the canal society. The landlord of the Fox and Hounds ran a hose out to the boat to fill the water tank and came aboard for a look around, he would like a boat of his own in the future the landlady definitely not. We will definitely revisit in the future.
  5. Portable radios

    Our portable Pure dab radio works well in side the boat.
  6. Freaky friday

    Check prices though, even with the discount the oven I was looking at is cheaper else where.
  7. Freaky friday

  8. How much gas do you use?

    Well spotted Chubby
  9. How much gas do you use?

    We use about 13g every 8 to 10 weeks. (three season live aboards) Mainly for cooking, grill used most mornings, oven or hob or both most nights) bake our own bread twice a week and have the CH running on the odd occasion for an hour in the evening. The only time i turn the gas off is when I change the bottle. I expect some appliances are more frugal than others . We have a Spinflow prima mk3 oven and grill
  10. Has anyone lit their stove yet?

    Chimney on and stove lit.
  11. Dual lip seals

    Thanks for that I will give them a try.
  12. Dual lip seals

    I know but it would be nice to know if the seals are available separately when it ever does become a problem.
  13. Dual lip seals

    Yes I keep it well greased . The two lip seals are in the end housing where you put the grease into. The grease goes in between the two seals. I will move the shaft a little while I'm replacing the seals. At the moment I,m only getting a few drips per trip but I expect that to increase with time. cheers
  14. Dual lip seals

    I want to replace the two dual lip seals in my vetus stern gear, the vetus distributors only sell the seals in the housing( about the £90). Does anyone know where I can source the seals separately. Thanks
  15. Watch Out Watch Out There's a Grumpy Triker About...!

    Congratulations ; There are plenty of very good ex hire boats out there. They all tend to have cruiser sterns and pump out loos both plusses in my book. A big plus is they are uncomplicated .... unlike some of the boats being built today. Enjoy