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  1. Bridgewater

    I've heard he has a bad back, or isn't well in some other way. One of our members met someone else doing enforcement a while ago... said he seemed like a nice chap.
  2. What features drives boat prices

    Does that mean it has to have a survey every 5 years, or does the 30 year clock start again?
  3. Brexit 2017

    Exactly, along with his ilk, and a variety of Lords, rich business people and businesses, etc.. One could equally ask "who are the EU representing?" I'd guess it is much harder for a more thinly spread upper echelon to have an agenda which supports the rich and powerful - but I could be wrong.
  4. Painting Over Antislip / Non-slip Roof

    I can't properly remember, but I'm fairly sure it was a Bosch orbital sander with fairly rough discs. It could have been a drill with wire brush attachment, followed by sander.
  5. Brexit 2017

    Supposedly a representative democracy, but I often wonder who they are actually representing
  6. Painting Over Antislip / Non-slip Roof

    My boat had a rough roof when we got it. I think it was paint over sand, but it could have been something like Interdeck, with the grit in the paint. I sanded it down to create a key for the next coat, but nowhere near back to bare metal, and it was still rough. A couple of coats of International Pre Kote undercoat and it was smooth. Another coat of undercoat and a couple of coats of Craftmaster Raddle Grey, and it's almost perfect - needs one more coat of the topcoat.
  7. Brexit 2017

    That was precisely the reason I voted to remain in the EU. Those who voted to leave have handed total control over the process to the Tory Party and, once we have left, the Tory party will have total control of everything. If they lose the next election, the Labour Party will have total control of everything - I'm not sure which side of the establishment I consider to be worse. The tempering of the excesses of our two political parties by the EU has been a good thing as far as I am concerned - their behaviour, (both for Remain, and for Leave), during the Referendum campaign only served to reinforce my feelings.
  8. flue seal

    Don't forget to open the doors and windows, and turn off the smoke alarms, the first time you light the fire. Smokes like mad for a while.
  9. Brexit 2017

  10. DIY facilities north west

    Hesfords on the Bridgewater.
  11. Brexit 2017

    Yes you can. There us no joined up thinking amongst Brexit supporters. There is no good argument for doing it - but it's happening, they like the fact that it's happening, and that is all that matters to them. Whatever the consequences
  12. solo parallel parking

    When I did my ships lifeboat training in 1977 I have never forgotten the instructor showing us how to aim for the middle if the space at about 45 degrees and, when the bow was quite close to the quay, give a blast of power away from the bank, i.e. if mooring starboard side to, a blast to port, and vice versa. This would swing the boat about its axis, and she should slide into the space nicely. It obviously needs a bit of fine tuning once the blast has been applied - a touch of forward or reverse, and tiller as appropriate, can make it so the bow is swinging slowly away from the bank, and the stern swings towards the bank, so you can step off with the centre line. Do it slowly in calm weather in an area with no boats either side, and you will first of all get the principle the, gradually, you will make it work.
  13. Brexit 2017

    You are a classic example of someone who is happy to cut off your nose to spite your face... perhaps you are a masochist and are actually looking forward to it. Personally, I don't believe you
  14. flue puzzle

    I agree that gas central heating boilers in houses are almost certainly all room sealed, as are some boat instant water heaters, as is my Truma Gas hot air and water heater. Our gas cookers and ovens at home aren't room sealed, and don't have flues, and our water heaters on boats dont run for long, unlike central heating boilers in houses when it's a bit chilly, or cold. I'm asking some questions because I have a Rinnai which exhausts into the lounge kitchen and, as I have said, I'm sure I asked lots of questions a few years ago, and the conclusion was that it was fine, and wasnt likely to kill me. I also had a BSS inspection in 2014, and the inspector commented on the Rinnai, said it was fine, and gave me an advisory on ventilation, which is based upon everything running at full power at the same time. If that was all wrong, I'd like to know... Mike quoted a 10 cubic meter space, and my space is 15 cubic meters, or more, so I'm still thinking all is well with my Rinnai.
  15. Brexit 2017

    It doesn't matter what you or I want. We had our vote, we got a result, and you handed it to the Tories to sort out. We will now get what we are given, like always happens. You might get what you want, or I might get what I want, or neither of us will get what we want. It's nothing to do with us anymore.... I won't be running the country, and nor will you, which is why I use the word "hope", because that is all we can now do.