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  1. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    My understanding is that the Smartgauge is not necessarily accurate at around 80%. I think someone here quoted Gibbo when the above was suggested as a criticism of his product, where his response was: "So What!!!" The intimation was that it didn't matter whether it was accurate or not at 80%, as that is not what it is designed to do. I'm fairly sure my bank has a capacity around 200 to 225Ah. Smartgauge seems to agree with this once it gets down to about 65% and below. Above that it gives widely varying results. I use the Ah used reading from a NASA BM2, which I am assuming is correct, which it may not be
  2. Brexit 2017

    QED then?
  3. Brexit 2017

    I, for one, don't trust politicians, particularly those who are in government and running the country. Take Universal Credit as one current example - it is an absolute joke, but not in the funny sense of the word. The norm is that people who, by definition, have no money, have to wait six weeks to receive any money. Our government is telling us that this is an amazing system which is producing fabulous results.
  4. Sony Car Radio loses power intermittently.

    Sorted!! Turned everything off, phone and head unit, turned both back on, and there it all is... including Volume and the unit has been running for a couple of hours now without cutting out, so the original problem must have been inside the Sony head unit. Thanks to all for the input.
  5. Sony Car Radio loses power intermittently.

    Bought and fitted today. Can only get the ARC app to play music off the phone. Cant find any options to control the head unit, e.g. Source, radio stations, volume, etc.. HELP!!
  6. Brexit 2017

    When there is something positive to say about Brexit, I'll be delighted to do so! I definitely wont be righteous and hopeful, in the deluded manner of someone who cannot admit that things aren't going well.
  7. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Thats what I did when I got my 450Ah bank of Trojan 105s.... 2 or 3 days at 80Ah to 100Ah a day, then charged to about 90%, another day at 80Ah, then charge to 100%, then go home for 3 days. Decimated them within not many months Their capacity is now about 225Ah, and I've had them just two and a half years.
  8. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    OK... I agree, (and you clearly know a lot more about this than me ). Early amps quickly.... Later and last amps, as long as it takes. I've got an 80A charger and a nominal 450Ah bank, (although it's probably half that now ). If I discharge overnight to say 50%, (using about 100Ah), I find I get about 20 minutes at bulk, (80A), then it drops to a bit less than half the amps being drawn each hour. e.g. 1hr reads 37A, 2hr reads 15A, 3hr reads 6A, 4hr reads 3A, and I tend to call them about full at this point.
  9. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Doesn't the charging source raring become academic once above about 90% SOC. If the batteries are only drawing 10A at 90%, it would take well over 6 hours to get close to 100% with a 600Ah bank.
  10. Brexit 2017

    You give those who will have the power to do all this changing too much credit. "The establishment" will be even more concentrated and powerful after Brexit, and it will continue to look after itself, just like it always has. Good luck with what you wish for. It relies on some kind of honour within people who don't really know the meaning of the word.
  11. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    The only sensible way, without monitoring Specific Gravity, is to charge until the amps drawn falls to between 1% & 2% of actual capacity, (5A and 2A on your case). If you've been ending charging when Smartgauge reads 100% for 5 months, your batteries are probably sulphates and capacity reduced significantly.
  12. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    Despite what you might think, Smartgauge isn't accurate, particularly between about 80% and 100% when discharging, and never when charging. If you read every word of the manual, to the end of the back page, it tells you this.
  13. Brexit 2017

    Do you think the people in charge of the UK "wont" keep getting richer and richer, and do you think the labour force, (and those not in work through no fault of their own), "will" get richer and richer, when we leave the EU. Amongst other things, the fact is that "the people in charge" will have more reason to move to a cheaper labour force outside of the UK, whether the EU, or not, and the chances of them moving the work back here is slim to nil, (and slim will have left town ). In addition, with the advent of zero hours contracts, where work needs to be provided in the UK, (services for example), the UK labour force becomes as cheap as those in charge need it to be.
  14. Brexit 2017

    So you will be happy if the Tories do a deal that is a bit like the Norway one, or the Switzerland one... neither of them are in the EU. I jest... I know you wouldn't be happy with the above, or anything like it - so we would have left the EU, but you wouldn't have got what you wanted - or would you?
  15. Brexit 2017

    People who voted to leave keep talking about what they would like and what they expect, but it is nothing to do with you anymore. You gave the Tories the job of leaving the EU, we will now all get what the EU give us... and they will tell us it's a great deal, whatever it is. Neither they, nor the Labour Party, have controlled immigration from inside or outside of the EU in my lifetime, so they won't be doing it from anywhere anytime soon. It will be purely coincidence if you get any of what you want or expect, bug good luck with what you thought you voted for.