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  1. I'm not intending to do it unless it is safe, but I'm interested in his proposal so I can assess it, or research it, or dismiss it.
  2. Question related to buying a narrow boat

    If he is available, look no further! I used him for our purchase in 2011, and he is every bit as good as I expected from recommendations here. He didn't save me his survey fee by finding things to negotiate the price, but he confirmed that the boat was worth about £7,000 more than I was paying He pointed out a number of fairly minor things that would need some attention, all of which came to fruition over the next few years, and there have been no surprises where he missed something.
  3. I'm interested as I'm fed up of setting mine up every time I use it, (daily most of the time ).
  4. Gas Locker Lock

    I thought they had to be chained, or secured in some way, to stop them moving about in the locker.... How do you secure yours?
  5. Bridgewater

    Would you go to these lengths to avoid a charge of £40? I'd say that Peel, as the Claimant, would have to prove a charge was due, on the balance of probabilities. I'd guess that they wouldn't have too much trouble doing so.
  6. Bridgewater

    I've heard he has a bad back, or isn't well in some other way. One of our members met someone else doing enforcement a while ago... said he seemed like a nice chap.
  7. What features drives boat prices

    Does that mean it has to have a survey every 5 years, or does the 30 year clock start again?
  8. Brexit 2017

    Exactly, along with his ilk, and a variety of Lords, rich business people and businesses, etc.. One could equally ask "who are the EU representing?" I'd guess it is much harder for a more thinly spread upper echelon to have an agenda which supports the rich and powerful - but I could be wrong.
  9. Painting Over Antislip / Non-slip Roof

    I can't properly remember, but I'm fairly sure it was a Bosch orbital sander with fairly rough discs. It could have been a drill with wire brush attachment, followed by sander.
  10. Brexit 2017

    Supposedly a representative democracy, but I often wonder who they are actually representing
  11. Painting Over Antislip / Non-slip Roof

    My boat had a rough roof when we got it. I think it was paint over sand, but it could have been something like Interdeck, with the grit in the paint. I sanded it down to create a key for the next coat, but nowhere near back to bare metal, and it was still rough. A couple of coats of International Pre Kote undercoat and it was smooth. Another coat of undercoat and a couple of coats of Craftmaster Raddle Grey, and it's almost perfect - needs one more coat of the topcoat.
  12. Brexit 2017

    That was precisely the reason I voted to remain in the EU. Those who voted to leave have handed total control over the process to the Tory Party and, once we have left, the Tory party will have total control of everything. If they lose the next election, the Labour Party will have total control of everything - I'm not sure which side of the establishment I consider to be worse. The tempering of the excesses of our two political parties by the EU has been a good thing as far as I am concerned - their behaviour, (both for Remain, and for Leave), during the Referendum campaign only served to reinforce my feelings.
  13. flue seal

    Don't forget to open the doors and windows, and turn off the smoke alarms, the first time you light the fire. Smokes like mad for a while.
  14. Brexit 2017

  15. DIY facilities north west

    Hesfords on the Bridgewater.