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  1. travel power ??????????

    no nto a horse i have my means of power in that respect im after cheap 240v power just like everyone else
  2. travel power ??????????

    Hi all i am looking for a reasonable priced travel power system for my boat has anyone got any leads i might be able to follow up maybe even a friend of a friend how had one in their loft in 1992 any help would be great many thanks
  3. what prop

    so what we can derive from this is there is no sience to this its almost hit and miss with some experiance to back it up. now i know nothing about this issue hence the original question but if it is so "hit n miss" why do people go on about getting there boat "proped" to achive maximum speed, stopping power and minumal diesel consumption. a prop is by no means in the cheaper section of building a boat and the last thing i want after spending my money is to get it in the water to find that its cr@p for the want of a better term, i have been planning this for some time now and just want to get it rite first time as when its finished i wont have a bean to correct duck ups i hv now spoken to crowthers and they were very helpfull but could not give a final answer as they need to check the engines power band i weill update as to the result (if i ever get one)
  4. what prop

    hi chris still o u a beer from your previous help about hydralics iv got the ruston 2vth just trying to sort the boat out to go aroud it is this common that diferent people come to such diferent answers, is there not a caculation or fumular that gives one answer every time????
  5. what prop

    blade are ratio not so stupid afret all
  6. what prop

    not wanting to sound stupid but can you explain (50% b.a.r) and also the calculation as others have come up with different results not saying your rong but if i understood it better i could make a mor informed choice thanks again
  7. what prop

    Hi speed wheel narrowboat will be 60ft x 6.9 (ish) @ waterline draft of 2ft so a caculated weight of 18 ton (aprox) hp = 15 @ 1500 rpm (175.5nm of torque @ flywheel) looking at hydraulic drive with 2:1 reduction and estimate room for about 18" prop (allowing space) any help would be great many thanks
  8. what prop

    Hi all Is there a calculation i can use to help me decide what prop would be best for my boat i know the engine torque gear reduction and also calculated torque at the prop and i know aprox boat dimentions eg draft weight ect can anyone help me? many thanks
  9. Can you identify this engine?

    befor you get to excited can i just say alot of those parts look very isuzu but there just "bolt on's"
  10. nb Amazing Grace

    hi people as "smellys" friend on nb amazing grace i can asure you it is not me you are looking for, just to clear that up. best of luck in your quest, your a good man for doing the royal mails job. then again if we didnt who would??
  11. gear box or hydrolic drive ??????????????????

  12. B.C.B.F aka Bumbble hole aka Netherton

    i have seen the "v" sign many times this week end but not from friend more foe havent really spoken to many people (just the bar staff mainly) but am still about recovering on the boat "amazing grace" recovering so feel free to say hi just quietly please. beer the cause and solution to all lifes little problems
  13. B.C.B.F aka Bumbble hole aka Netherton

    as a new member of the forum i was woundering if anyone was goiong to the B.C.B.F this weekend (10th sept) would be nice to meet some members. is there a secret handshake to use when meeting fellow members? i wouldnt want to miss out
  14. Have you had your Vasolator?

    to my understanding you can use it after eight as long as its not a hired vesal, you are in constant motion and have suficiant cover and if anyone was thinking of doing "IT" in a hired vesal id think about the price implication of "prolonged pleasure"
  15. Things you wish you never said...

    when moored on the towpath we were pestered by a dog so obviosly when the couple came around the bend and the animal left sight i offered the sugestion "KEEP YOU DOG UNDER CONTROLE" as it turns out the dog was not theirs, the rather large man assumed i was refering to his wife, lets just say i have never untied my boat and sped off (4/5mph) as fast in my life trying to shout an explination over the three cylinder lister SR under my feet. if an understanding was made i was not around to be apart of it noimnotonfacebook