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  1. Real narrowboat living battle with CRT

    When I first started looking at buying a boat to live on six or seven years ago, I didn't have a clue of BW's requirements for moving as a CC'er. Actually, I didn't even know what the term continuous cruiser meant. Anyway, having looked at several builders, decided on a Viking, who arranged a viewing of one of their boats owned by a couple on th GU at Hemel Hempstead. I was sold straight away to the boat life. I was told by the new owners that you can stay here as long as you like, and no one worries you, no need for a mooring, the most you need to move is a mile or so in a year etc etc. Seemed too good to be true, and as I suspected, it was. Having read the terms of BW, and the continuous navigation of the system rule, I realised I needed a mooring in case they actually start to enforce the rules, so made sure I had a mooring before getting a boat. In the six years I have owned a boat, I don't feel that the rules have changed, just that, as I feared the enforcement of the rules have changed.
  2. Duck tape

    While on the subject of tape, I recently discovered self amalgamating tape, which I used on some exterior satellite cable connectors. Now that stuff really has got some dark magic in its production. I now call it Harry Potter tape!!!
  3. Anywhere in North London/Lee Valley to buy diesel?

    Try Steph & Nigel, who own Roydon Lock House on the Stort. They now deliver diesel, coal etc all along the Lee. Lovely family and very helpful. Tel: 07961740953
  4. What Boat Haulier Do You Recommend?

    Another vote for Tuckey, who transported my WB from Watford to Ely. The day before I was due to be put in at Upware, there was a problem with the crane, and Monica, who I was dealing with at Tuckey, was most helpful in sorting out another crane nearby. I can't comment on whether their price was competitive, as they came recommended, seemed very professional, so I never shopped around.
  5. I was indeed using the wrong starting point (Boston Sluice Doors). It will be a long time until I even think about attempting it, but good to know that it is possible. Are you still planning on doing the crossing?
  6. I have just had my widebeam (12') put on the Great Ouse system, and at some point in the future may have considered doing the crossing in the opposite direction. However, when I put my dimensions into canal planner, it tells me there is no route from Boston for a 12' past Witham Navigable Drain? Is there another route? Or have I just entered details of route (York to Boston) incorrectly? Edited to add, I have just looked at google maps and it looks like a very straight and wide stretch, so maybe canal plan has got the maximum beam of 11' wrong.
  7. Navigating the Great Ouse tributaries

    I was meant to be on Michaels boat (Falco) that day, but couldn't make it. Small world!!!
  8. Navigating the Great Ouse tributaries

    I hope there is a decent bakers, because my donut making skills are not what they once were. Looking through some old posts on the Ouse, and see you know my ex next door (mooring) neighbour, Shaun (What's The Rush).
  9. Navigating the Great Ouse tributaries

    I am not sure. My mooring is on Riverside Island Marina.
  10. Navigating the Great Ouse tributaries

    A very informative thread. After six years on the Lee & Stort, I am going for a change of scenery, and having my boat transported from Watford to be craned in at Upware, then on to its new home in Isleham. It is a 12' Widebeam, so am going to be limited as to where I can go on the system, but it looks like there are still enough places to get to for weekends and short breaks away. In a strange way I think I'm going to miss having to do a manual lock every mile or so. Thanks to everyone who has posted on here, I feel a lot more informed about what is held in store for me.
  11. Built-in ovens

    I think that's how it works. Mine seems to draw hardly any power when on.
  12. Built-in ovens

    By looking at the manual for the one you have linked to, it appears it has the same cooling fan that the Belling has. http://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Technical/DataSheets/Baumatic_2014/BMbo610_5ss_020413.pdf
  13. Built-in ovens

    I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be suitable. Looks similar spec to one I had fitted in my new kitchen last year(link below). Mine does require 240v to operate oven as it has a small fan. http://ao.com/product/XOU60LPG-Belling-Gas-Single-Oven-Stainless-Steel-12006.aspx
  14. Holding down a job and continuous cruising

    Just an idea, as you have not lived on a boat before.. You could try a marina for a while and get use to boat life with a bit of extra comfort, electricity, gas delivered, water on tap etc. I am at Roydon, which is about 35 minutes on the train from Liverpool Street or Stratford. It has it's critics, and for me getting too crowded, but for location for London is hard to beat. Along the upper Lee & Stort there are several places along the tow path that are within walking distance to a train station that will take you straight into London. Not sure on the Lee situation nearer London but understand it's been very busy this year.
  15. Widebeam HMRC advice needed pleeeeeease!

    As far as I know Viking make the correct calculations (using measurements to the gunwale) and will only build a 70x12 vat free. I asked them if there was anything they could do about claiming back on my 60, but they said no. There is another popular company that I mentioned previously that argue that there narrow gunwales mean the calculation can be used using measurement to the roof. I understand that HMRC have accepted this, so may be worth looking into for any prospective buyers.