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  1. Box or rail

    I reckon that's about it. The rail can and should be set further from the roof edge than in the first picture for safety and ease. It also slightly reduces the airdraft at the edge of the coachroof - which helps in arched bridges and tunnels. It will increase the maximum airdraft but that is usually the lesser of the problem. The box section looks nicer, generally.
  2. At Aldermaston - where to stop next?

    Newbury is about 6 hours and Kintbury about 10 hours from Aldermaston.
  3. Passing Place in a Lock

    I may not have properly understood you suspicion, but in a simple situation of a flight or staircase, over usage the rise of each one will tend towards the mean. By a simple situation, I mean upper and lower pounds are maintained at fixed levels, each lock has the same surface area, vertical sides and water is not introduced or drawn-off anywhere in the middle. Therefore, and broadly speaking, a low pound will tend to correct itself as boats pass through; they bring extra water from above and send down less than usual.
  4. Many hour counters including some Barrus, display to 1/10th of an hour, so you might want to take a another look. 43,000 hours is the boating equivalent to a million miles or more in a car; possible - but very exceptional
  5. A Thames Invasion for 2018

    Well, I can't be sure which one your guy knows - but the one I mention is immediately above the road bridge. It's just a slipway - no crane or anything fancy. A 100m or so further upstream is Lechlade Marina which may have alternative slippage facilities - but I don't think it has anything grand and it would be a bit odd if there were two, similar simple slipways in such close proximity. I don't know who controls the one I have in mind; I suppose it could be the Marina but they are well-seperated. When we used to slip a boat in-and-out regularly, it was preferable to check-out the facility before arriving with the boat. The steepness and depth of water over the toe (and any drop-off) varied considerably - but if you a boat transporter presumably he knows the locations or makes enquiries According to this site http://thames.me.uk/s02240.htm there is a (Lechlade) Marina slip - but its not clear just where it is. It is also showing one at the Trout Inn and other locations. We prefer the upper Thames to its more gentrified lower reaches - but each to their own.
  6. A Thames Invasion for 2018

    There's a slipway at Lechlade - which I have used in the long-ago past and was still there when I last looked a couple of years back. Limehouse Basin v St Katherine's Dock? I take it you're not from London? Whilst Limehouse basin is itself fine, the surrounding area remains gritty - and the City/west end require a trip on the DLR. St Kat's is cheek-by-jowl with the Tower and thus the city; rather more tourists. I have a soft spot for the east end. One of my first jobs (early 1980s) involved acquiring house for demolition under the slum clearance programme. Due to the perverse compensation provisions, an owner typically received £500 - £1,000 for a three storey house in Whitechapel, Stepney or Limehouse - which didn't always go down well. And they were the lucky ones; if the house was in a Clearance Order, the unfortunate owner had to demolish the house at his own expense.
  7. Who remembers Granny Gear?

    I believe the further introduction of this granny gear was (thankfully) dropped following representations by the IWA and doubtless others; certainly in the London-branch level. tim Lewis may know whether it was a national decision or not The was also a fuss about the tendency to erect railings where the towpath swerves at bridges. Not too annoying sometimes but obstructive near locks where the narrows are just the place to drop and collect crew.
  8. Kyme Eau

    It may have changed, but in 2011 we reached Cobbler's lock and winded in a 57ft narrowboat with a 28" or so draught http://narrowboattacet.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/down-drains.html It was slow and winding needed a bit of effort - but it wasn't ridiculous. There are tougher places to reach.
  9. Why a Narrow Boat or GRP

    Would it pass Hillmorton with a hull in each chamber?
  10. Noisey PRM 150

    OK. Does the the less-free clutch not have sufficient drag to take-up the backlash in one direction? On a motorbike with a multi-plate clutch, a crunch when engaging a gear is usual - but not when subsequently letting the clutch in.
  11. Noisey PRM 150

    I'm surprised. No dogs or gears are brought-in (on the hydraulically engaged boxes) as the take-up is through the multiplate clutches (if I understand correctly) so what is that clunks? Not doubting - just asking.
  12. Mooring on K&A around Newbury

    There are good towpath moorings above either of the two locks (85 and 86, I think) in Newbury - and you shouldn't have great difficulty finding a nice one, particularity if you are prepared to accept second-best and move on when a better chance comes up. For some reason, possibly due to the weir, mooring in the park, in the central part of the pound between the two locks, doesn't seem to be the done thing for any length of time. The railway line and the canal run close together along this stretch - so there are several options. Whilst moorings in the best spots are can be busy, I can't see it being a problem particularly if Jeff is happy to shift the boat a few yards if you can't find a prime space for 6 days in the first instance.
  13. Towpath moorings query

    If you go from Sandbach to Chorley you would expect to take the Trent & Mersey, Bridgewater and Leeds & Liverpool canals, so towpath moorings will be available without too much difficulty. If you go from Sandbach to Lancaster, you would usually take a route which includes the Douglas and Ribble Rivers - for which there are no towpaths suitable for mooring on these stretches. Rather more planning and timetabling is required as tides and booked lockings are involved.
  14. Towpath moorings query

    Just to check, this 5 day trip doesn't start from Lancaster, does it? If it does, the responses may benefit from some expansion.
  15. Slipways on Cheshire canals

    It may now be a little out of date http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Getting-Afloat-Holiday-Guidebook-1970-11th-ed-/130821211994?hash=item1e758d475a:m:mtLEt8xKW5PVfSAfn11b5tg