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  1. Sky TV on board

    I'm not a Sky fan (mainly because we don't 'need' the extra channels), so have Freesat boxes instead. From what I know and have gathered from a quick Google, is that the Sky Q box uses a "quad LNB". This is a very standard industry device (I've been using them for years) and not magic! Where travelsat and other devices may fail is that having four cables flapping about aren't very compatible with self steering dishes. Sooo - don't ditch your Q just because of the LNB. I have dishes at home and on the boat and they work with 1,2 and 4 (probably 8 as well) port LNBs. What I have found is that fiddling about with a sat dish and a sticky-out-arm is inconvenient and last year I found a flat dish at a reasonable price from Amazon's "slightly-damaged-packaging" offers. It's called a Selfsat and is available in 1,2 or 4 port variations. It's a dream, has a wide acceptance angle, so easier to line up with the satellite group. Bide your time and you can get one at a reasonable cost. (Note - the way that satellite reception works is that you need a port to watch a channel, if you record and watch then you need two and it you're like My Management she'll want to recod one or two programmes at the same time... No problem for Freeview but a pain for satellite. I've just spent a while hacking around - and whereas the ads: suggest a standard LNB will do the job, there's an outside possibility that Q may use what I would call a distribution LNB (the electronics inside the amplifier means that there's no limit to how many channels cane be watched at once). I think that's unlikely - but I may be wrong - which I don't like...
  2. Looking for a new boat? This may suit you.

    It's easy looking backwards to rubbish cars of a previous generation. In my youth, I had a GF with a limited sum to spend on a car - so I persuaded her to buy a Deux-Chevaux. It was idiosyncratic, now power, you had to keep the revs: up to make any progress, the gear change was a nightmare until to realised how it worked itself. But it went up hills in the snow with no problem, could carry all amounts of junk (bales of hay, beds) and was economical. It was of its time. I wouldn't have one today...
  3. Builders placque

    A moot point - As a parallel, before 1939 'quality' cars were built on the basis of a running chassis (= hull) being made by one company and the body ( = fit out) by another. The final car was known generally by the name of the chassis maker. For the enthusiast, the vehicle was known as XXX with body by YYY. I had a pre-war Alvis with a Charlesworth body. This was considered as top-of-the-range by collectors who looked down on such as Speed 25 with an Offord body. (When you look at them, you'll know why!) It's similar with narrowboats. The demand on sales makes it not very practical to make boats any other way, but some have tried.
  4. Cleaning under the mushroom vents

    Now you come to mention it..... Hmm, I must have a look and take remedial action! I have liners fitted below the mushrooms in an attempt to stop the insects spreading sideways.
  5. Builders placque

    Methinks you do protest too much - NB building has (mostly) been a craft industry with some just building hulls and others fitting them out. Fewer would build hulls, get another to do the fit out - but putting their name on the end product. It's not a big enough industry to have its own regulator to agree and control standards. There was an attempt to create a trade body - but I don't know if it still exists. Accordingly what you have found is not necessarily dodgy, but nor is a single name on the product a guarantee of quality. You have to look at the final result in the flesh for best results.
  6. I don't have any substantial knowledge about these engines - except there's one on the Thames (or mebe the Wey), in a tug style NB. I saw it at Marlow and it made a lovely sound - quite unlike the Lister two pot with similar dimensions. I was impressed... Can't help with parts, though.
  7. Tidal Thames cruise in July

    You've ticked all the right boxes and done your research - I'm impressed (don't forget an anchor). The Tideway is great when the trip boats are not running. Are you coming on to the non tidal bit?
  8. Reading ( Tesco Mooring )

    I posted the nub of the above on the YMB Thames forum and got this additional info: Better still send an e-mail to the Parks department:- There are two persons responsible for the moorings:-julian.allum@reading.gov.uk or pedro.borralho@reading.gov.uk When I spoke to the Reading Council office they suggested send to both persons. Read more at http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?493268-quot-Tesco-mooring-quot-at-Reading#Gl8Vlu6JWxEWEuP9.99 Easier than ringing them up and waiting in a queue!
  9. Which domestic water pump?

    What am I doing wrong? - I' only had two trail king (the caravan types) in 20 years - holiday and weekend use - methinks it may be because I'm a cheapskate and only fit the 7l / minute variety. gives a reasonable shower rate, but then I did fit a smaller shower head.
  10. 240v on a cruiser ?

    It's not worth cheapening it - you need to switch off the supply in an emergency and a proper overload device. An RCD is not an overload device...
  11. London Boat Show

    Nice to see some NBs back - the last time I went was the first year(s) after Earl's Court closed - and there were one or two then. Exhibitors complained that it was too expensive. Perhaps next year they may bring back the magic of the bits and bobs stalls that they had at EC...
  12. 240v on a cruiser ?

    Fitting some circuit protection is not dependent on how much power you're going to use. It only takes a few thousandths of an amp to kill you. Garage type consumer units are not expensive. You'll need some arrangement to switch the power input from domestic supply to the inverter.
  13. Co-err - a proper specification - never mind the engine - look at the batteries and the rest of the details
  14. Cruiser heads design ?

    Because nobody thought about putting a head into the boat when it was designed.... FWIW I once had a 'ride' on an Atalanta 21 (or summat like that) and the heads were in the bow. All you had was a bucket in the peak and a modesty flap to close behind you. Said flap only provide cover for your mid regions, with head and legs poking out. Consider yourself lucky......
  15. Eberspacher won't fire up!

    Have you looked at / can find / is there - a filter?? (My mikuni has its filter and pump in a tube) . Its an item that gets forgotten - I had the same situation a while ag, 'cos I'd forgotten about the filter. The unit would run for a while and then stopped.....