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  1. Planning next cruise - Thames/Basingstoke/K&A

    I can only speak for the Wey (the Basingstoke was under repair when we were there), but there aren't many usable mooring out of season as it's really a river navigation and collects a lot of water - so you need good moorings to hold you. The banks are soft so a pleasant summer mooring may be unsuitable for out of season use. I suspect there may be stiff competition for moorings with rings / bollards. Being so near to London and other centres, there's competition for space and the NT - being a law unto themselves can and do chase folks off. Fair enough - it's their property. Not only is Thames Lock closed but there are other Thames closures this season which could make life difficult - not to mention the ever present risk of floods to both rivers. On made up moorings with rings and bollards it's unpleasant, but on pins it can be very unpleasant indeed.

    Could it be something simple - such as not enough voltage?? So may folks come on here with knackered / insufficiently charged batteries....
  3. Springwood haven marina FS

    Read the brochure and you'll be even more confused - from the point of view of practicality - the moorings seem to have their own pumpout - but what happens when it's full? Do the moorers come to the facilities and expect to use their facilities for free? It's not a showstopper - but a helluva lot of due diligence is needed as there could be some conflict of responsibilities. Would need a b.good solicitor to tie down what's what. It's a fab location with possibilities but hampered by being only a part of what needs to be a single enterprise. The moorings are profitable, but the facilities - not...
  4. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Somewhat unkind - but true... OTOH not unreasonable to assume a 'service' would include replacing the fuel filter. A decently designed boat would have two fuel filters, a primary - hopefully with a water trap to catch that and any gloop. These don't get changed very often and easy to miss as they tend to be tucked away. It happened to me - so I qualify to answer your question https://www.ssldieselparts.co.uk/filter-assemblies-filter-assembly-single-c-267_296.html
  5. Lots of high intent and facilities - whether or not than can be achieved. Having declared folks living on their boats, there's no mention of any council tax liabilities and how that would be dealt with?
  6. Modern "old" engines

    Thinks - folks get wound up over the RCD - It's there for people who manufacture boats and is in place to ensure there are some standards for volume production Doesn't apply unless you sell the boat within five years of completion What are the penalties for a DIY builder who doesn't comply for his single boat Has a broker ever rejected a boat because it wasn't compliant? Here's a quote from a marine surveyor on the web that might help:- BARRIE MORSE Marine Surveyor YDSA Note A member of the general public building his own boat (in his garage or garden, for example, from materials bought on the open market is deemed to be "building a boat for his own use". This boat lies outside of the Directive and does not require compliance with the essential requirements and thus CE Marking. If for whatever reason this situation changes then the provisions detailed above would be seen to apply. It should be made clear that a private person who enters into a contractual arrangement with a professional company, yard or individual constructor to build a one off boat (be-spoke) is deemed to have entered into an arrangement where there will be a transfer of ownership. Such a boat is deemed to fall under the Directive and will have to comply with the Essential Requirements of the Directive and applicable conformity assessment procedures. Reference is made to text expanding Article 4. Boats built for own use have the concept that a person is building their own boat and not having it built by others." Anyway, aren't we supposed to be leaving the EU......
  7. Finrad suppliers

    Not part of your question - but if it's at all helpful or you may not be aware - Finrads are great if they're properly sized. Their heat transfer relies on a metal plate in front of the tube in order to act as a heat sink. They work beautifully in my Lounge at home where there is a long pipe run, but in the smaller rooms, they're not very effective. I considered them when I built the boat but the figures didn't work out - especially as The Management requires a cool bedroom, so I ended up with separately controllable panel rads: instead. If you're feeding them from a Webasto / eber: / whatever, you need a heat reservoir to reduce the boiler cycling. Apologies for unrequested information....
  8. Modern "old" engines

    There was an example of a 'proper' engine close coupled to the rear - that is no formal engine room and almost under the rear deck. That's abaout as near as the OP can get to his requirements, methinks. Anything slow revving is bould to be large and bulky.
  9. Ideal size boat?

    57' 6" for all usually used locks 60ft for locks that most users are likely to use ......... Dang me somebody got there first
  10. How do I build a Perspex window in a side hatch?

    I made a frame out of picture frame material and 'D' section timber and put the Perspex in it. Fits well enough not to have excessive draught
  11. Modern "old" engines

    Other than a JD3 - which Beta no longer list, I can't think of any slow revving engine of modern design available. However a solution may be to install a heat exchanger / fresh water cooled modern engine with a waterlock exhaust. These make a gentle 'splash, splash' noise as the cooling water is released. Pleasant and relaxing for the steerer - but very quiet, so that might not meet your objectives....
  12. Blakes lock closing for 5 months

    They're put off by the race through The Oracle and some of the locks upstream... The long time for the closure may be due to what looks like a total rebuild:- Repairing and re-sheeting lock gates, refurbishing lock chamber walls, replacing rubbing timbers and general repairs to the lock site area. To add to the above the re-sheeting the gates have to be moved away - they're larger than most canal locks - and that removal has to be fitted in with the other re-sheeting jobs on the River in the same season the transport is by water - so the other locks have to be usable. So, on behalf of Thames boaters, I'm sorry your access is restricted for most of the winter season. We can't go where we wanted to either!
  13. Loss of coolant

    BMC never sold many 'Elves'; Rileys were always a niche market, you paid a lot more for a bit of luxury. The front end was a bit prettier than the standard mini
  14. Going through tunnels

    How's about getting a couple of yacht sized fenders (6-8" diameter) and deploying them for and aft on the side away from the near wall. On both sides might cause problems for oncoming boats. Pipe fenders might be to narrow to avoid scraping the cabin top. IMO the natural thing is to go too fast in a tunnel. The invert tends to be cleaner that the canal proper - so he boat tends to go faster if you don't throttle down. OR deprived of normal sensor indicators, you think you're going too slowly and speed up. The difference between a comfortable speed where the boat naturally keeps a central station and bouncing off the walls is very fine indeed - that's where a good tunnel light plus all cabin lights on helps. (I use two tunnel lights, one lighting the roof and the other in the 'normal' position, but it's frowned upon by the purists...
  15. Portable radios

    If by "goes off" you mean you lose signal - and for DAB at least that means no sound at all - then that certainly happens to me, which I attribute to a clash of signals generated by the TV. OTOH if you mean the radio physically turn off - then I have no explanation. If the sets were separated by a larger distance (I don't get the problem between the tv amidships and a DAB in the bedroom. For this latter I have bodged a connection to an external whip aerial as it didn't work reliably without. Now it's magic, wakes us up to R4 - the Management commands such...