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  1. Single Alternator

    Single alternator installations tend to have poor / inadequate power output for 'modern' requirements. Usually they're only 'good' for charging the engine starter battery. Thus - as usual more information is needed to give an helpful reply...
  2. Induction hobs

    Top marks for the 24v system....
  3. What happens if you leave the paddles open

    It happens every year and even the locals (= me) aren't quite sure; I think it's something to do with inspecting the 'gates' at Richmond weir. Or 'because they can'....
  4. What happens if you leave the paddles open

    - So that they can clean the bottom and look for drugs contraband dead bodies NBs that didn't make it too make great photos
  5. Cheap boating experience

    This may be a bit of a flyer (that is, inappropriate - or seemingly so), but give a bit of consideration to the course that's run at Bisham Abbey on the Thames. OK - it's a way to go, but there's more chance to get some real experience of how to handle a boat, not only because it's a river with some flow, but also it's WIDE - and that means you'll get experience in manoeuvring and turning a boat because of that space of water. You can even learn something about locks in general on the Thames.
  6. I think it depends where are going to moor - but then you wouldn't moor in a "rough" area would you?? Perhaps more information is needed - where would you be? Do you realise that you can't jut moor anywhere permanently, so you have to think about moving around and that's another subject.
  7. Remote oil filter kit!

    I have the same problem - and that's without a cocooned engine. Mine sits just above the engine mounting rail, so it's impossible to get a filter wrench / giant 'socket' / whatever onto the small slot. Knowing Beta - if there was a solution they'd have done something.... Bother! just seen Col_T,s post above....
  8. More about marina livin'

    Methinks it's not a matter of the Marina being snotty - it's more of an issue that 'they' don't want any excuse to make the LA think that there are liveabords resident. Not logical, because doing a wash is not necessarily connected with living aboard 365 days a year - it's just the implication in folks minds. You have to realise that with residents - however defined or perceived - will increase the liability of the marina to higher business rates as well as a welter of other costs and regulations. I suspect the same considerations apply to caravan sites as well. Feel free to show concrete evidence to the contrary. With more and more folks living on the canals, I suspect these and other issues will become more commonplace.
  9. From Regents Canal along the Thames

    To be brutally frank and with disregard for 'the letter of the law' - You don't need a licence to listen to London VTS. The requirement for VHF on the tidal Thames is principally so that you can hear emergency and regular bulletins from VTS. In an emergency I guess most folks use a mobile phone You're not going to be prosecuted for issuing a genuine Mayday call It's years since I used my VHF on the Thames - but VTS don't ask for your registered call sign anyway - they seem to be happy with the boat's name. IIRC you're not required to report when you leave the tidal bit - jus as well as VTS have difficulty receiving calls from small boats above Brentford anyway. That's probably why Brentford to Teddington don't require VHF; they can't hear you... The really important issue is that you can summon help when needed - mobile phones are the modern way of doing that.
  10. Daily maintenance on RN engines

    Tush, tush - polishing the family engine is as important as all that oil stuff...
  11. Broken pump out, whats normal and what isn't?

    That of course is a strong point in favour of composting or even incinerator loos. One of the problems for those is the space required for the installation and for storing the output) The occasional practice of digging a hole is not unreasonable but only, only, only if there's no non bio Blue type liquid is used. Everything in moderation - but that's what people forget - "he did it, why then shouldn't I....)
  12. Lister HA3 Alternator size?

    Perhaps I shouldn't jump in but if 24V I have (what I assume to be is ) a slow(er) speed alternator - unused - that I'd be happy to let go, provided that it was suitable. It came from a form that worked with G*dr*n*r engines. It's pretty massive.
  13. Moorers beware

    If you've had no electrical capable connection twixt yourself and the shore, then you can't blame the liveaboards - 'leccywise. But you might have a 'case' if they're contributing to increased acidity (canals are relatively acid anyway) by tipping overboard what they shouldn't and ditto what you're all allowed to do anyway. I wonder what state your anodes are / were in? If shot then lack of that sort of galvanic protection might be the net cause of your disaster Horrified me a bit as well. I've - this year moved from a delightful island (but with rubbish access) with mega litres of freshwater rushing past, into a posh new marina extension with 'leccy everywhere. I haven't yet fitted a GI (still in its box - a lorra use...) Ignore these two lines What you need to do is to measure (with the mains switched off) the DC voltage between the shore side of your GI and the boat side There are only two terminals on the GI so difficult to get it wrong. Use CS's method below Wear rubber gloves. There's no magic, so not a problem to a man of your calibre. Have a look at Sterling's website where Charles senior has written an article on the subject. Edit: Go here - https://sterling-power.com/pages/instruction-manuals download the manual for Pro-Save A&C and follow the section for testing. He suggests disconnecting the mains and testing the diodes for a short circuit. Much safer that measuring the voltage (if any) between the two earth cables
  14. Moorers beware

    It's the earth connection what dun it yr' Honour and not whether you had used any 'leccy as you have sadly discovered. I'm guessing - but if all the other boats had GIs fitted you might not have suffered any corrosion
  15. hello all getting into boating

    Yes - sideways. There are two folding carriage steps on either side so that whoever is on the roof can - reasonably quickly - dismount in times of need (that's what carriage steps are for. We did some carriage driving before building our boat). I extended the tiller arm slightly so that the boat can be steered reasonably easily while sitting on the roof. Also have two 'seats' to fill the gap between the rail and slide.