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    work in a boatyard
  1. Qualified RYA Helms instructor

    As said above, I have been playing on boats for 30 years, and well as 10 years on narrowboats, looking for anyone who would like help moving boats, delivering them etc, pm me
  2. Want seasonal work on the canals?

    Can do it and have done it and love to do it again, love a call please Gilly, promise I will make your tea strong this year
  3. Very slim fenders

    what about these? we sell them at Tooleys and also available from Midland. There are also black rope ones on the market that are about the same diameter
  4. Tooley's Boat Yard

    Can we have your cakes mrsmelly ? please??
  5. Tooley's Boat Yard

    The bit of it I dont like is the crap shopping centre that hides the place.... (yes, I work there and having a'good' job, its the first time I have looked forward to going to work in the mornings)
  6. Lister FR parts and a man named Paul Aldridge

    Had some parts in the other day for a FR2 I think it was, what you after?
  7. Breasting up..???

    I have breasted up loads of times, its common in cowes for instance, where I used to do a lot of sailing and yes, on a sailing boat you go round the front of the mast when going across boats. When I have done it in narow boats, its usually in Upton upon Severn where I have been 3 abreast and seen yogurt pots 5-6 abreast and they tie directly to the bridge with a bow line. The main thing when doing it is to make sure you tie directly to the bank or something solid yourself, dont rely solely on anyone elses knots. *edit* I did laugh at some woman at the Camp in Grimley on the severn a couple of years ago that didnt want me to breast up with their boat cos it had just been blacked, her hubby heard the convo and went red and asked me to, so i moored up the stern in front of them and only the back half of the boat on the pontoon and threw out the anchor knowing the river was low and all was fine and the couple stayed in theor boat bless em
  8. River Severn - Flood levels?

    From what I know, not a lot as you cant get to Bewdley in a narrow boat, its too shalllow to go much further up the severn than 300 metres past the bridge in Stourport
  9. Banbury Folk Festival

    I want to be there and hope to be, but having worked all day sunday of canal day in the yard, I kinda want the day off with my son
  10. Skippering

    have a look here http://www.cruisingschool.co.uk/home.htm can do the ICC, CEVMI and helms course
  11. Just back from the national

    We went, tom and gem spent the day looking at the WOW stands, which I have to admit were good. I went wondering and saw lots of really pretty boats, most of which were near signs saying no entry. It seems to me it was a few engine suppliers and boat builders etcdoing a great job on what they do and a few other companies that tried hard, but on the whole, I would rather not have spent the money I did getting there and back
  12. What have you found in the canal

    two sheep on the avon here
  13. Speak to Rod who has a boat in Stourport, he will travel to you as far as I know

    I did some work on the Droitwich canal restoration last year when made redundant and from what I remember, if you use volunteers, there is a way to get more grants etc the more hours volunteers do - not sure if its a charitu thing or something, but it was something to get up in the morning to do
  15. Maffi's Good Deed

    I am impressed, I appear to have been elevated to office manager or somfink according to it when I read it lol