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    Retired mechanical engineer & computer programmer
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    Kanbedun Again

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  1. Chris G

  2. Nantwich Canal Centre fitted a wheel chair lift at the stern of a narrowboat (Kanbedun) in 1999 or 2000. It worked very well too.
  3. There are three boats moored at Wicken Fen at the moment!
  4. Relay

    I think it's Albright http://www.albrightinternational.com/ .
  5. Mechanical question- non boaty.

    Looks to me as if there isn't any suspension. I think the axle pivots on the bolt through the centre of the axle beam. The clearance between the axle beam and the triangular fabrication looks different left and right. Is the pivot bolt bent?
  6. can you contribute without paypal

    Where is the PayPal button?
  7. Complete Propulsion Installation

    Why not mount the engine offset? You could possible use the keelson as one of the bearers.
  8. New Forum Stickers - Design Update

    Without "MEMBER" for me.
  9. Ellesmere over the Mersey

    Ellesmere is in Shropshire on the Llangollen Canal. Ellesmere Port in in Cheshire on the Shropshire Union Canal and the Manchester Ship Canal!
  10. I think you'll find that the 24 v brushes have one tail and the 12 V brushes have two tails (higher current for the same power).
  11. adhesive question?

    The polycarbonate I have used for double glazing is crystal clear - indistinguishable from glass. I haven't tried scratching it!
  12. I think bridge hopping is fine if you have a home mooring, PROVIDED you spend some time on your home mooring!
  13. But they are supposed to stop people in the water getting cut up by the prop. I think that it is generally accepted that they do not improve the performance of the outboard. Maneuverability is not a problem with outboards anyway as you "steer" the prop.
  14. Line / Rope, what is best?

    Yes, its made from polypropylene, which floats. I use polyprop tow ropes on my RIB. Some of them are more than 30 years old and still OK.