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  1. Broken paddle...

    You have also assumed that both paddles allow an equal amount of water into the lock. How sure can you be that this is the case?
  2. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    Oy! That’s my fruit bowl as number 12, where did you find it? Ive been looking for ages for that ...
  3. Making a will......

    We always advise a gift to the charity rather than including them in the beneficiaries of the residue of the estate as they can get quite forensic in their scrutiny of the estate accounts to get as much as possible. Or a general clause leaving it to just "charity" with a letter of wishes to the executors being more specific but leaving the choice/split ultimately to the executor to decide. This means the charity can't get all bossy. Here are some of our client guides which might help: 1. Some things to consider when making a Will.pdf 6. LPA -Why are they important.pdf 4. LPA -Why do I need a Health and Welfare LPA.pdf
  4. Making a will......

    Beware, there is no such thing as a free lunch, or a free will! look for the catch: is the solicitor putting himself in as an executor (expensive), does he want to store it himself (opportunity to tell executor how difficult probate is and offer his services, kerrching)...........
  5. Making a will......

    Good question. A reputable business will be sold on and with it the liability. As a business matures inevitably more and more of the wills written will be proved, the insurance comes into play if the will is found lacking. If a business doesn’t have this cover they won’t belong to any professional body as the insurance is a pre requisite for membership. A well established business will have been around long enough for the cracks to show. We believe the fact that we have an office on our local High Street serves us well as we are a permanent feature of the local community and can be contacted face to face, 9-5 Monday to Friday.
  6. Making a will......

    You will be hard pressed in finding a solicitor who specialises in purely Wills as there is little profit in. It for them. The profit is in Probate, being an executor and vaguely worded wills which can lead to family disputes and contentious probate. In our case the estate planning and trust work, protecting assets from long term care fees and IHT is what keeps the wolf from the door.
  7. Making a will......

    Indeed! A Will Writer who doesn’t carry P I insurance is a potential charlatan..
  8. Making a will......

    The residential nil rate band is a bit more complicated than that, but it does increase the amount you can pass on before paying IHT. http://www.asb-law.com/what-we-say/articles/articles/articles-2017/understanding-the-residential-nil-rate-band-and-what-it-means-for-you#.WiXIreenyhA But that is the difference between using a competent professional and DIY, the professional can help you through the process, trouble is if we DIY we don’t know what we don’t know.
  9. Making a will......

    You’re right, the number of solicitors jailed is incredible.
  10. Making a will......

    Also, don’t let them put themselves down as executors, get a beneficiary to do it, they can choose to use a professional if they feel the need and can shop around for the best deal. Have a replacement executor. Think of the “what if” questions, (what if Bob goes before me? What do I want to do with his bequest?) I can send you a guide if you would like, just give me an email address. Also think about Lasting Powers of Attorney. I can send a guide on that if you would like. Apologies for pasting this from “the dark side”, I wrote this in response to some questions which arose there. http://thunderboat.boards.net/thread/2389/wills?page=1&scrollTo=80357
  11. Making a will......

    Depends upon the professional association! I’d be more interested in their PI insurance, ask to see proof.
  12. Making a will......

    DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!! I always tell my prospective clients when they suggest getting a kit that if they get it wrong, their family pays. If I get it wrong my PI insurance pays (we are covered for £2.5 million. I wouldn’t use an accountant, I’m not sure they see the whole picture. Ask for recomendations re solicitors or Will Writers, check they have PI insurance. If you’re prepared to do it over the phone I can do it for you, PM me. I won’t be offended if you decide against this option!
  13. Marineflex or Sikaflex?

    I'm sure you would be allowed to use the left overs if you did need to use sticky stuff in your day job as it would be thrown away otherwise. I was not suggesting you would act fraudulently.
  14. Marineflex or Sikaflex?

    Don't you need to stick things in your line of work?
  15. Marineflex or Sikaflex?

    You're VAT registered aren't you?