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  1. Old sayings.

    Two ferrets fighting in a bag
  2. Old sayings.

    Also "turn the telly over" meant " would you be so kind as to change channels?" Not "put it upside down"
  3. Old sayings.

    We used "side"
  4. Old sayings.

    He had the skin of his ar*e on his forehead. AKA a very deep frown!
  5. Flu jab

    Im Indoors qualifies for a free jab (diabetes & psoriatic arthritis) but I don't so I and our daughter pay to get it done. Business wise winter is our busiest time so it makes sense to do whatever it takes to keep well at that time. No side effects to speak of.
  6. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    I have never disciplined my child by smacking, I always found that if the punishment fits the crime the lesson is better learned. When I was frustrated that my dad was being stubborn and making looking after him difficult my daughter suggested I did to him what I did to her, namely making him live by the consequences of his actions. No shopping list? He had to go himself, (only did that once!). I was surprised that she realised what I had been doing! I have a well adjusted, well behaved daughter, I can't say what would have happened if she had been rebellious and difficult though.
  7. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    As devil's advocate, would these be the parents who were brought up being given a cuff round the ear from the local bobby, playing in the streets until it got dark and not telling their parents when they got into trouble at school for fear of a second punishment? Just asking.
  8. It's ok, they've all seen Mama Mia!!
  9. True I did have a 'career' but the main reason for my late motherhood was that I didn't find the one I wanted to make babies with until I was 34 and then (due to a brain tumour I found out many years later) needed IVF to conceive. It's kept me young though and our house is the "go to" place for Cadi's friends as we welcome the kids, are laid back about sleepovers and crashing out after a night out and leave them to their own devices, within reason. Consequently they are polite, well behaved and tell me thing they won't tell their parents! Som of them have grans my age .
  10. Well, I lost my Mum in the October and my aunt (by Marriage) fell ill in the February and I am now the person she depends on to sort her finances, look after her health needs etc. True she is in a care home so its not day to day caring but it does seem ironic that of her 15 nieces an nephews I'm the only one that visits and I have now lost my Dad too, so where I should have no "elder" responsibilities I have a 95 year old aunt to look after! She lost her husband and only daughter within 9 months of each other som years earlier. So don't rely on nieces and nephews to look after you!
  11. Early retirement went out of the window when we had our one and only child when I was 40! I''l be 64 before she is out of full time education some hope to retire about 3 years after that. As my husband is 8 years younger than me he will get to return early - just1
  12. Hill Farm Marina opening

    So the website gives no details of the facilities. Electricity? Elsan/pump out? Car parking? Costs?
  13. A memorable trip for all the wrong reasons

    Please accept my sincere condolences.
  14. Idiots

    Watched a programme last night which covered the wind problem....... it appears that a daily spoonful of saurcraut will stop you farting