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  1. Just wondering if the children from Ferry Lane School will still get that trip ?........
  2. Olympic Water Chariots

  3. Olympic Water Chariots

    Maybe this entire fiasco should be made aware to the media?. Watchdog would be a good choice as well !
  4. Olympic Water Chariots

    Exactly :-)
  5. Olympic Water Chariots

    Just had news that one of the Directors of WC is also a Director of this company: http://www.globalenforcementsolutions.co.uk/ Pretty ironic !
  6. Boat Trespasser

    Enter at your peril ! ( Unless you have a packet of Custard Cream bicuits )
  7. Caning in Schools

    The more people get, the more they want, the less they care. Try walking across a busy London station precinct and dodging the endless stream of lemmings texting or updating their facebook status and not paying the slightest bit of attention to where they are going. Said same people who no doubt park in disabled bays at supermarkets....they think it is their right and they are too important. Thank the lord almost all boaty folk are not in this catagory !
  8. Caning in Schools

    Wow, sure had some responses, thanks for all your input ! Just to make it clear, i was not advocating willy nilly caning for all and sundry but as in all decades of soceity you always have the one or two little shop of horrors ( probably parents doing ) How about using a cattle prod ?
  9. Caning in Schools

    Folks, Just been having a discussion about the lack of repsect and law & order with some of the youth of today and i voiced my opinion that they should never have outlawed caning in Schools. I found that for me i was taught right from wrong at an early age from an authority outside of my own immdediate family and as a result i learned that if i disobeyed the rules i would be punished. Would be interested in others views on this ?
  10. Yes i see what you mean. Typical backhanders.
  11. Thanks for the update. It will be interesting to see their annual return with Companies House. Maybe a good idea to get the local MP on board?
  12. Whatever happened to.......

    Another fad that springs to mind was the Peter Powell Stunt Kite.
  13. Whatever happened to.......

    Peardrex ( sp? ) Fizzy drink 8 track Cassettes Cheesecloth shirts Brutus Jeans Mirror sunglasses Maybe not an overly popular one but i loved school dinners !
  14. Whatever happened to.......

    Was definately string on my ones, not sure how old i was but i remember my mum took them away from me in the end :-(