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  1. Lidl fire extinguishers

    The ships wheel is an acceptable approval marking for BSS. There is a min performance level for each extinguisher which is 5A/34B which yours meet, however you may not meet the total min level which depends upon the boat length. It's all explained in section 6.1 of the BSS check list - https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/media/268789/ecp-private-boats-ed3_rev2_apr2015_public_final.pdf
  2. There is a good reason why your insulation costs about £1 per m2 and celotex about £10 per m2. Something to think about when insulating your boat.
  3. 3 Homefi not mi-fi

    Considering the age of CWDF members, not to mention loud music in the 1970s and the noisy jobs many of us have had, I suspect not many of us can hear much beyond 10KHz so super expensive headphones are a bit pointless for me.
  4. 24v inverter/charger system

    Looks like a D.C. distributor box possibly with a shunt, but the photo does not show the individual units clearly enough for me to say any more.
  5. Anodes

    I don’t have an anode on mine either, never heard anodes on the rudder.
  6. Private Moorings Park End Bridge Sharpness

    I don't know the answer to your question, and if no one else does then I would have a walk down there one Sunday afternoon and ask one of the boaters that are moored there.
  7. Size of water tank?

    Actually a gallon of water weighs 10 lbs. So 250 gallons weighs 2500lbs and there are 2240 lbs in a ton, so a ton and a bit (about 1.1 tons is as good as I can work out in my head) . Easy.
  8. Rudely awoken- Carbon monoxide alarm

    Not quite, as you would also need a source of CO at a fatal level which I have never had. However I do have a couple of CO alarms. The one's with replaceable batteries have them removed when I leave the boat for more than a day or two, but I put the batteries in a bowl on the galley work top, as soon as I return, I refit them.
  9. Size of water tank?

    My fresh water tank is 800 litres which means we can last about a week before looking to refill which can be beneficial. The advantage of a small calorifier is fast heat up, the disadvantage is running out of hot water and as our calorifier never gets above about 75 it does not need a lot of water using before it will not stay hot overnight.
  10. The Rice Experiment

    When we have finished with flat earth and rice that is sensitive to being loved we should move on to free energy generation from perpetual motion machines and this would give unlimited battery charging and no one would need new batteries or a smartgauge, on the other hand if we all had free energy, all we could discuss is toilets.................

    So if the earth is flat the moon is presumably flat as well. Out of interest how thick is a flat earth? Is there another civilisation on the other side or is it just bare rock? Why don’t coal miners fall out when they dig deep? Why doesn’t the sea run off the edge? So many questions and so few answers.
  12. 2 pack - alternative to grit

    When plastic ic chips had little legs they used walnut shell to remove the plastic encapsulation flash from the legs as it is too soft to remove the gold or tin plate on the legs. So you need a blast media that is hard enough to shift rust.

    If the earth is flat, when I stand at the edge of the sea why does a ship moving away from me appear to get lower and lower until it disappears??? Likewise, why does the horizon move further away the higher I get?? added - please don’t say do your own research, I have and the only plausible explanation is that the Earth is at least curved and most probably round.
  14. Over sized cables for the charging system are a good idea as they reduce volt drop (power lost in the cables) and as they are usually quite short the extra cost is not that much.
  15. Engine squeal

    Sounds like belt slip. It may be slipping because it is a bit loose or the water pump which is possibly driven by the same belt is getting a bit tight, it may also be that with this cold weather the belt is wet with condensation and the water is causing the belt to slip. First off I would check the belt tension and some belt spray may reduce the slip if condensation is part of the problem. Something like this https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p25485