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  1. As I don't use a lot of gas - just a cooker - I didn't bother getting one of those. A bubble tester is a very good idea (especially at BSS examinination time). But it will only identify little leaks if you remember to use it................ If I remember correctly, and I often don't, the hoses need to have the approval code printed on them for boat use. Looking at the photo I'm not sure if these do.
  2. What features drives boat prices

    So far no one seems to have mentioned the biggest 'value booster' a boat can have...................Fake rivets.
  3. Bridgewater

    Not quite 'anyone who asks' as they have a 'duty of care' etc so the requester has to have a valid reason. Hopefully a murderous psychopath would not be given your name & address..........
  4. Battery Isolation

    The UNI-T UT203 meter seems to be a common choice because it is a clamp meter that does DC currect for about thirty quid on ebay. Less if you get it from a far east supplier and are happy to wait a month for it to wend it's way through the post............ They are a little unstable on DC current as they work by using a hall sensor and so are sensitive to residual magnetism and nearby fields. But select the DC current range, leave to settle for a few seconds, then open and close the jaws a few times and with the jaws closed press the delta button just before you fix it around the cable, then it is pretty good. Even if you don't bother to faff about with it it is still accurate to under an amp. If you want accurate readings under a few amps an 'in circuit' meter is better, but for general fault finding, checking solar and inverters it is perfect.
  5. Water tank inspection cover resealing

    I used Dow Corning 781 clear silicone as it is safe to use with Potable water. Screwfix and toolstation both sell it. http://www.screwfix.com/p/dow-corning-781-acetoxy-silicone-sealant-clear-310ml/32576
  6. Plastic Deckboards

    Another concern would be that if there was an engine fire the PE would lose all structural strength within a few moments unlike wood, and anyone using it as an escape route is likely to fall through it. All in all it is a poor idea and probably why no one does it.
  7. Abnormal data usage

    and it's a better password than the boat name, or Pa55word or some of the other most common passwords.
  8. Welding to a Sprayfoamed Hull

    Take care to not breathe in the fumes from the burning/charring spray foam as they probably contain isocyanates and cyanide gas as well as CO. After welding, if you do add more foam from a can I would use the fire retardant grades as the 'normal' stuff could catch fire and burn during welding.
  9. Plastic Deckboards

    Polythene (pe) does not take paint well. You may need to flame the surface and use an adhesion promoter, even then I would not expect it to wear well. I would have thought marine ply with sealed edges regularly painted would be better.
  10. canal guide quoting 'head room'

    This may help you https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/32433-waterway-dimensions.pdf It's a 6 page PDF of canal dimensions and size restrictions.
  11. New 3 mobile internet 100GB

    I use virgin as well. It may help to know that virgin uses the ee network. My win 8 phone would tether just fine, but after upgrading to win 10 it doesn't, I was told that one of the new features with win10 is when you put the phone into tether mode the phone 'asks' the network if this is ok. Network said 'No'.
  12. Thetford Spinflo Aspire cooker

    We have a Thetford Spinflo Caprice MK3 cooker, and the oven only really gets hot on the top shelf. It's ok for pizza and pie warming, and bits of chicken etc, but nothing like I was expecting given it's price. It also tends to be a bit cool, so turn the knob a bit higher than the gas mark you want. If cooking Pizza as an example we put one on the top and one on the middle, when the top one is cooked, we have half each and move the other one up from the middle to the top to finish off.
  13. Lost bill of sale

    Apologies, I thought you were only talking about the MCA ship register.
  14. mooring line sizes

    A good idea is to make the centre line long enough to reach to the tiller position, that way you can step off holding the end of the centre line, BUT it should not be long enough to reach the prop should/when it falls in. As this is often the rope used to pull the boat in to the bank when mooring the crew will appreciate using a comfortable rope to hold and pull, as per advice above.

    On the G&S which is a deep canal there is steel piling along all the canal with a fair number of protruding bolt heads. The little pipe fenders are perfect for mooring up against the bank if you want to avoid sharp pointy bits cutting into the boat.