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  1. New batteries - problem

    You may wish to read this before putting a Lithium battery onto your boat. https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/4721171/terrifying-tesla-video-shows-unstoppable-electric-car-inferno-that-took-35-firefighters-to-extinguish/ Basically if you damage the battery and it catches fire, your boat will be lost before it can be extinguished, though I admit I don't foresee many ways you could accidentally damage the battery pack to the extent it sets itself ablaze.
  2. colirofier overflowing

    If you turn the red knob to flush some water through it may wash out whatever is holding it open. On the other hand it may have failed and just needs replacing.
  3. colirofier overflowing

    Sounds like the pressure release valve may be stuck open, assuming that is where it “overflows” from.
  4. Coarse grade anti slip tape

    If you google - extra course anti-slip tape it returns quite a few that look suitable. For example https://www.securitysafetyproducts.co.uk/security/antislip-tapes/extra-course-anti-slip-tape/ https://www.heskins.com/anti-slip-bolt-down-plates-2
  5. Email from cart

    Revenue neutral will be defined with careful playing with words. For example it looks like they want to reduce the prompt payment discount. If they reduce from 10% to 5% I would consider that as a 5% increase in what I must pay. CRT will no doubt argue that as the base price is unchanged it is revenue neutral, though the 'discount budget' will show a good benefit. As the existing system is simple and works fine, then I can only assume the motivation is one of the following - 1) Increase revenue 2) Discourage wide beam boats 3) Increase the cost to boats without a home mooring.
  6. Severn-Avon ring

    Don’t go from the river onto the canal at Stratford on a sunny Sunday lunchtime unless you want thousands watching and asking questions.
  7. KUS digital ammeter wiring diagram/instructions.

    I think this is a 'good' example of lazy cut and paste as the moving magnet is a poor translation for stepper motor if you have the analogue pointer version.
  8. KUS digital ammeter wiring diagram/instructions.

    Today I learned the Russian for sensor.
  9. Email from cart

    Often true, and it then allows them to say 'that this is what most decided they wanted so don't blame us'. But interestingly one can rarely find anyone that admits it is what they wanted............
  10. Is this cable OK for a VSR?

    In answer to the question 'what is normal 12v cable', it is any old lenth of wire between 1mm2 to 6mm2 that is insulated and left over from the last job.
  11. Email from cart

    I doubt the consultation will be the foundation for their revised licensing system, but I do feel they will take views into account and probably adjust them as well, though we will never know as they are unlikely to say "this is what we were going to do, but as a result of the consultation, this is". However, having attended one of the stage 2 sessions, where only those invited said they wanted to attend and still only half turned up, so I doubt a significant proportion of boaters are actually that bothered, though they may be if the new arrangement disadvantages them.
  12. CRT disgruntled staff

    Ahh but you don’t know the total number of warning points, just that he got one. Though telling us one warning point was awarded is maybe not in the spirit of the rules as written, maybe update the rules?
  13. Electrical problem

    Have you checked the fuse in the plug that you use to select inverter or shore power?
  14. Is this cable OK for a VSR?

    To answer that question we need to know the size (square mm and length) of the existing cable between fuse and the existing socket, presumably both sockets could be used at the same time, and presumably by socket you mean a car type 12v cigar lighter type, which is usually rated at 10amps. So if you plan to use both sockets at the same time to power things like laptops or tv, the existing cable may be a bit too small and may give too much voltage drop and or blow the fuse with the extra load. That way you can see if you need to replace the existing cable or not before thinking about the extension cable.
  15. CRT disgruntled staff

    I would not expect boat checkers will check marinas and possibly even home moorings on the canal are not recorded as it creates too much data which is probably manually processed. I suspect they only log when boats are on ‘time limited’ moorings or actually moving. The Be careful what you wish for when claiming that the current system is not fit for purpose, as the alternative is some form of gps tracker reporting your location to crt every 24hours. I don’t think we want that, both on cost grounds as well as privacy issues.