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  1. Carrying spares

    I would never be without a tube of Marineflex or Stixall PU adhesive/sealant. Since you're on a new sailaway you should use this stuff to bed in any any new fittings rather than silicone. You can use silicone but a PU sealant is much better, more permanent and can be used for loads of other jobs too. I've used Stixall and Marineflex to fix leaky water pumps, bond ply to steel to mount things rather than drill into steel bulkheads, bed in skin fittings, fairleads and cleats, as a tile adhesive in my bathroom, plus scores of other jobs.
  2. Painting my baseplate

    Isn't Rustoleum basically the same as Hammerite? If so I wouldn't use it in the bilges. I only speak from personal experience having used it in my engine room. It isn't really up to the job.
  3. Morso 1430 ?

    Not quite true. It really depends on the quality. A decent quality cast iron stove is better than some of the basic or poor quality steel stoves.
  4. Yes, there is more to be said: It wasn't an ill-considered remark, it's a fact that not may of us had heard of Kedian Engineering before this forum started, just like most of us hadn't heard of Gibbo before we joined this forum. I wasn't criticising Martin's expertise, just like I never criticised Gibbo. Oh, and I don't need to "redeem myself" thank you. You are not the eyes of the forum and you do not speak for the forum. Nothing more to be said by me except that a few people here seem intent on taking things the wrong way just because another member happens to offer an alternative view, even if that view is supported by the literature! So much for a discussion forum!
  5. That's an interesting potted work history Martin. My comment wasn't meant as a criticism in any way and I apologise if it was taken as such (although I'm not clear that I have actually offended you as Neil2 seems to be suggesting on your behalf?) Anyway, the fact remains that most people hadn't heard of your company before joining this forum, whereas most of us had heard of Beta. That's all I said and that was all I meant. Given the choice I would rather go with the recommendations of a well-known engine mariniser. That's just a personal decision. Not quite an accurate analogy. You could go up in cable size indefinitely without any ill effects, but if you over-baffle then at some point there may be a problem.
  6. I wasn't misleading anyone Tony. For the benefit of those like yourself who apparently cannot read properly I'll state this for the second time: I was merely reporting the Beta recommendations and comparing it to the Kedian design. If you have a problem with the Beta recommendations then I suggest you take it up with Beta. I've no idea how many hire boats would overheat if they ever got out onto open water and actually tried to use the engine.... All I know for sure is that the Beta design works perfectly on my boat and that's good enough for me.
  7. If you had bothered to read the Beta recommendations carefully, you'll have noticed that it was they who talked about water pumps not being powerful enough. That didn't originate from me and I wasn't out on a limb at all - I was merely conveying what Beta said for the benefit of the forum - so please don't shoot the messenger! Also I never said that the Beta guidelines were the be all and end all as you put it - where did you get that idea? However, I do note that neither you nor anyone else has managed to post a link to any other guidelines which contradict what Beta have recommended, so until that happens I will continue to take the Beta recommendations as best practice. I hope that's ok with you?
  8. Cleaning Sanitation Hose

    Which hoses are you talking about? If your sanitary hose was cracking on the outside after 5 years it can't have been very good quality. My Vetus sanitary barrier hose is still fine after 12 years.
  9. Why out on a limb? I've provided Beta's recommendations and in my opinion they've provided a more reliable guide and justification than anything else I've seen. If you can show me something else Tony I'd be very interested. I've nothing against Kedian and I know they do some excellent steelwork, but personally I'd certainly rather follow the recommendations of an engine mariniser than those of a fabricator who most people had never heard of before this forum started. Yes, I'm sure Beta have made some cock-ups but I'm sure Kedian has too.
  10. Brexit 2017

    I'm watching Andrew Marr. Someone just said that the Tories having in a Brexistential crisis! It would be funny if it wasn't so serious.
  11. That's correct, as shown in the Beta diagram. No it won't work as well - but the point is it only has to work adequately to cool the engine. Mine only has one baffle and it works perfectly. On the other hand, if a tank is over-baffled and the pump can't handle it, it won't work at all!
  12. March of the Wide Beams

    This is the sort of thread that really makes me feel negative about this forum. If wide boats including narrowboat-style widebeams, Dutch barges or cruisers are in places where they shouldn't be that's one thing and people have a right to complain about anyone who's obstructing navigation. But if it's just another excuse for a rant and moan against wide boats amongst some narrow-minded narrrow boaters, well that's just depressing...
  13. March of the Wide Beams

    No, it's the other way around - narrow boats look like emaciated widebeams to me.
  14. March of the Wide Beams

    There was nothing to indicate the post I responded to was a joke and as a forum moderator you should really know better than trying to provoke members and stir up trouble. Other members also didn't see any joke in that post about obstructing navigation.
  15. Insulating my doors

    If this carries on any further you two will need to get a room!