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  1. Water in interior bilge

    Having recently bought a boat from Whilton, I think your understanding is slightly incorrect. We were told that any safety issues that would cause a BSS fail would be fixed at the cost of the seller - there were two for our boat and they were fixed effectively by a drop in the price to reflect that work. I think you need to check what exactly would result in a price reduction for work identified that needs doing.
  2. CRT Changes To Executive Team

    All the final salary pensions are at risk of not paying out - they have to do something to keep them viable otherwise many thousands will suffer. Not what you want to hear I know but the pension administrators would be failing in their duties if they did not attempt to fix the issue.
  3. Toilets

    Claymills is also an interesting poo pumping station >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claymills_Pumping_Station
  4. RCD

    Quite scary - i have seen mention before but found this useful >> https://www.webmd.boots.com/a-to-z-guides/drowning
  5. C&RT spends less on mainteance

    I experienced the disapproval of having an opinion with this guy too on the Facebook boating group page ! It was his post regarding 'school children cruising pattens' proposal by CRT. He was not nice at all, I ended up hiding his posts.
  6. I've Just Winterised the Boat

    i am intrigued why you do the above, would you not want some air circulation ? Asking as I have to consider the winter preparation soon (did a coolant part change / anti freeze top up today).
  7. You come onto a forum asking for advice, it's given warning of the challenges of being a live aboard. Your response is to be shitty and rude .... what do you expect ? Do us a favour and stay on the dry luv !
  8. Hit and run

    If the guy has no insurance then the boat should be impounded by the police - surely it's criminal damage ? Or is it different on the cut.
  9. Going through tunnels

    I suspect you will end up damaging your boat and / or the actual structure of the tunnels. The tunnel walls are all uneven and have suspect brick work in places, this surely will catch or break off if in contact with these wheels.
  10. Thermal break double glazing

    We have a Kabola HR300 and initial impressions are good (We have owned the boat 3 months). Ours has a timer and standard room thermostat (something many of the others are not recommended to have), along with individual thermostats on the radiators. Warm up is very fast (first radiator gets warm after a couple of minutes). Our previous boat had a Webasto and it used to suffer from the cycling that others report - often leading to running issues over time.
  11. aldi inspection camera

    Very similar for a gastroscopy, positives are its the nicer end and no air injected before the procedure
  12. Bought a new boat!

    looks lovely - wishing you many happy years cruising !
  13. Sign writing/Vinyls ?

    We used the graphics boat for our first boat vinyls - very good quality. https://www.thegraphicsboat.co.uk
  14. It appears its possible to import from may differing applications / file formats - may be helpful >> http://www.emclient.com/blog/transfer-all-data-from-your-current-email-client-to-em-client-easily-85
  15. Still looking!

    We had a 44 foot East West boat for five years - it was well put together and we had no issues during our ownership. We did not suffer any of the bamboo warping that some have reported - indeed the interior was very hard wearing and looked new when we sold the boat. Having looked at the pics it seems that most of the cupboard doors have been replaced from the original bamboo. Worth a look i would think - as Athy has mentioned just check the engine/gearbox situation in relation to replacement and the hours reported for them.