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  1. Water pump

    The whole floor comes up section by section - starting at the rear steps - two small screw in hooks will lift the first section.
  2. Water pump

    We had an East West for five years and did not suffer this issue. We did however have to adjust the pressure on the accumulator a few times over the period of time. All the fittings on the East West were sourced from the UK/Ireland so they are all standard things you would see on any narrow boat. I think our pumps were Jabsco - the water pump was on a pre installed back board along with the accumulator. They do have calorifiers - ours was under the bed.
  3. Sorry I meant the external front doors. Mine did have what looked like bamboo internal doors but they always fitted reasonably with no adverse winter issues.
  4. Not so sure on that Matty - I had an East West for five years. Mine (and the others i used to see) had i believe Oak (or similar) doors. The bamboo was on the inside - split and flattened and put on backing.
  5. An interesting day in Gloucester!

    My first car was a Mini 850 with drums .... interesting but it did teach me an awful lot before I earnt enough to buy faster more advanced cars !
  6. The East West Marine / Whilton Marine boats were produced in China and shipped over - most sold by Whilton. They were 39/44/57 foot.
  7. Art Deco on the Canal

    I stand corrected ! I still think it's better than total demolition and cardboard cutout houses Of course in this day and age we all need to consider energy efficiency and having lived in a converted victorian villa in Leamington Spa i can tell you it looked nice but was draughty due to the local preservation officer insisting on the original windows being preserved and not double glazed
  8. Data RAM prices since 1957

    In 1983 i went to college and part of my course was to program in Cobol - my first compile blew the NCR mainframes memory of 16MB oh those were the days
  9. Art Deco on the Canal

    It was not demolished - it was converted into flats >> https://goo.gl/images/ordncu The Egg farm that used to produce the eggs for the factory now exists as the head office of a renewable energy company >> http://www.beaufortcourt.com/about-us/history
  10. Buckby Flight - Bottom Lock (Lock 13)

    It was still broken and taped up on Saturday 29th ....
  11. Walsall lock flight

    All we need now are the scrotes to be tied to the previous beams they destroyed and then slipped into the water .... what drives this mindless vandalism ?
  12. Repair advice

    Looks like the remains of an acoustic cover - the white pipe at the back going vertically looks like the vent / intake for the fan that may have existed.
  13. lost a cat?

  14. Canalside Property

    Prime site for a 'Grand designs' style new property - upside down glass and steel extravaganza
  15. Suspicious Boat activity

    I hadn't realised there were that many Bit like a few years ago when friends parents had a cruiser on the Ouse and there were a few 'llamedos' floating about