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  1. Happy Birthday Keeping Up

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Allan -- from the moles xx
  2. NB 'Talpidae'

    Hi Ben!
  3. NB 'Talpidae'

    Thanks folks, it is a little stressful time and our thoughts at the moment are very much doom and gloom. We are hoping the fix is easy and relatively painless, but the worst scenario does not bear thinking about! Will keep you posted on events. Hopefully back on the water soon ( Please!!)
  4. NB 'Talpidae'

    ooh er missus!! Looking forward to my new drawers!
  5. Happy Birthday Mrs Mole

    Thank you x I am here most days but don't often log in. Had a good day thanks (day off from w*rk ). The Moles are all fine (boat sick though - lack of use! must rectify soon!)
  6. Appeal - Chesterfield Canal

    Yes it is true, a Mole posting, pick yourself up off the floor. No new brews going on, he still has enough to keep him going when the pounds have been shed though!
  7. Appeal - Chesterfield Canal

    And another brick purchased! The Moles are dieting, no beer!
  8. Calf Heath Banter Saturday 7th April 2012

    The Moles are just above Dimmingsdale Lock ( 3 above Bratch), dark when we moored!. 10.5 miles and 3 locks to go. We also stopping a Limekiln, so should be there early afternoon. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  9. gollygosh!

    Very Happy Birthday Jill and Bones, have a wonderful day, from all the moles xx
  10. Mrs Mole's

    Thank you all. It's a beautiful day. Bacon and egg sarni for breakfast. Thorntons chocs, decent bottle of gin (not for breakfast I must add) And no, he didn't forget - even bought a card - miracle! What more could a girl want! No cake yet, but there is time!
  11. BMC 1.5 glow plugs

    Thanks Alan, that link helps a lot. (now I know this next bit is not too technical - apologies in advance!) It looks like the 1.5 is the correct one as it appears to have a thinner end bit than the 1.8 plug - sorry. We are not desparate, Talpidae is not going anywhere for the next few days! And the ebay link - brilliant - thanks.
  12. BMC 1.5 glow plugs

    Thanks, will get searching on line. Our local chandlers is closed today otherwise would have gone over to them. May phone Calcutt if I draw a blank.
  13. Good morning people. Moley has set me a task today. to seek out some new glow plugs. Now easier said than done! (He's gone to work all stressed hoping they will let him have some time off to meet the surveyor.) I have a box from a spare we had but am having trouble finding ones the same. ( UGP23) You need to know too much information on line about your car model etc! Can you good people inform me of some various codes for the different manufacturers , or even links if you have them. Save me sitting here all morning, I can then do some ironing ........ but on second thoughts!! Thank you all in anticipation. xxx
  14. Talpidae: problems,

    Thank you xxx
  15. Talpidae: problems,

    Thank you Allan. We wait for survey and results, its obvious we have some major problems, we now need to know the extent of them. There were 4 anodes on boat at each corner - which do not really appear on Adrians pics. They were still not too bad and were going to be probably left on and the 4 new shiny ones we had already bought added also- obviously this was before the hull was pressure washed and revealed our problems! We are also attempting to get quotes for replating so we know where we are possibly aiming costs wise. Anyyone who has suggestions/recommendations on welders in our area ( Kidderminster) apprieciated. I really should not have changed my car yesterday, all very bad timing.