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  1. Wiring a Relay - Help Please

    OMG you guys are super quick I'm sure with a look-see tomorrow I can work that out now. thanks thanks thanks Jules
  2. Wiring a Relay - Help Please

    I have read on here that its a good idea to wire a relay to the domestic water pump to stop the pump's own micro switch from wearing out. So I have now got a standard 30amp automotive relay with the terminal numbers-: 30 - 85 - 86 - 87 Can anyone tell me which wires I connect to which terminal? I use a Par-Max 3 pump and have the necessary connectors but no idea how to wire it to which Thanks as always Jules
  3. Smartgauge " stuck "' at 76

    Hi I also have solar and get the 03 error code from my Smartgauge but only since the colder weather has arrived so I think what Phil has suggested maybe right. My batteries use temperature compensated charging also and I have been told that solar works better at colder temps so this I hope seems to fit with Chubby's error code too. Jules
  4. We're off to Belgium

    Have a safe trip over and I'm soooooooooo jealous Jules
  5. Gee, what a difficult day

    All my thoughts and feelings go out to you Alyson Jules
  6. Rod a mod....obviously a wise man there Jules
  7. My best handbag.......lippy........highest heels.......iPhone.....oh and hairdryer.....all essential to life !!!! Jules
  8. WB & France?

    Thanks to Chris and Martin for their info jules
  9. WB & France?

    Chris hi I will be spending many years cruising around as much of mainland europe as I can.I was just thinking that maybe there is a favoured place which is good for the crane-age and such and is also a 'user friendly' river or canal. thanks jules
  10. WB & France?

    I also intend to take my WB over to France this coming year and would like to thank contributors for their info. Many things I didn't know or even realise about the locks and such are now apparent .......so thank-you all. Can I ask one more question.....is there any favoured place in France on canal or river to drop back into the water ? thanks jules
  11. Hello and help please

    http://www.aasolar.co.nz/PowerMaster.html Sorry about the previous link it doesnt seem to work .......try this instead. jules
  12. Hello and help please

    http://www.aasolar.co.nz/PowerMaster Hi...I have a PowerMaster inverter also (but a larger SL3000)I downloaded instructions from the internet also so maybe this will help you. jules
  13. engine bay fire extinguisher

    Thanks for that link Richard Jules
  14. engine bay fire extinguisher

    Thanks to you both lain_S and Bob18.....I understand your answers perfectly and will look into the possible relocation of the battery Isolation switches and fuel shut-off. Thanks to EVERYONE for taking the time to answer Jules
  15. engine bay fire extinguisher

    Thanks for your replies....I like the sound of the auto trigger system and halon substitute that richardhula advised, as to say I would be in panic if a fire started is no-where near the real event !!! Ian_S mentioned that the engine started itself so how could I stop it if the cut-off switch is in the engine bay? Could I have another fitted inside the living area perhaps? What is the difference between CO2 and the halon substitute as it would be nice to have a good engine after the event if possible. Thanks again Jules