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  1. Floor and wall coverings

    Hospitex carpet on the floor , wood walls ...... no damp or problems with either , ventilation us the key. Bunny
  2. Cleaning Mooring Lines

    Dishwasher...... hadn't thought of that ... thanks , will give it a go after they have soaked . Bunny
  3. Cleaning Mooring Lines

    Napisan and washing liquid . Soak , rinse , clothes conditioner , once a year . Bunny .
  4. How Often Do People Fall In?

    Husband 2 and a half times in 13 yrs . Me almost twice . Bunny .
  5. Winter moorings question

    They used to be a reasonable way of mooring for the winter . We had one at Kintbury ( K and A ) for 5 winters. Handy car park , 2 mins boat to facilities. We lived aboard , so kept an eye open on the other boats . Marina now .
  6. How is the bowthruster's power reduced by the boats speed?

    Put a grill over the bow thruster tube to reduce the crud thats sucked in . Reduces the thruster very slightly but your blades last longer . Also have control buttons on the control (morse ) handle , no need to go inside then . Bunny
  7. On-line mooring consultation

    I can see the sense of keeping established on line moorings after a marina has opened . But creating what would be a linear park of houseboat may create more problems . Who would live there ? would it be right to other crt moorers in the area to charge a reduced rent ? .I can't see many 'bridge hoppers ' taking up a mooring , when they are quite happy 'hopping' . CC wont need one , as we are always moving. Residential land based families may be willing to take one up , but only if there is water and electricity at each boat , properly maintained towpaths , landing stages , lighting ( health and safety) car parking . Whilst as ' boaters ' we generally accept lack of facilities, rough towpaths ect as part of life , land based families would not, as they would be living on a boat through necessity, not perhaps choice. Whilst writing this my mind is drawn to the moorings on the Oxford canal . The rubbish on the towpath , the general air of decay of boats , mile after mile . Is that what we are we are talking about . No I dont know the answer , but maybe have a consultation with marinas to see if they are willing to have 10% of their berths given over to livaboards, with councils approval. Housing benefit can then be applied for to assist with mooring fees .
  8. We've had a couple of water leaks over the years . On one occasion it was right at the back of the toilet where the water inlet pipe goes in , the rubber had perished. Took ages to find .
  9. Yes we are on google earth ... twice . Kintbury winter moorings and going down the locks towards Brentford . Also our roof garden was in the gardening section of one of the magazines.... I recognised the plants . Bunny .
  10. Tesco's Reading

    Wonder when they were moved on ?. There was an assortment of craft there that looked 'well settled' , when we came through at the end of October . Bunny .
  11. Post / Royal Mail on a Canal Boat

    Yes we also had a christmas card, 2005, delivered by a very bemused postie , addressed n.b Greyfisher above the lock , on the winter moorings on the Kennet and Avon at Kintbury. Apart from that we use my mothers address .Bunny .
  12. Is longer better or worse?

    When we had our boat built , we discussed length with the fitter/builder 57ft go anywhere or 62ft almost any where. Their reasoning was ..... 62ft inc dinette/ spare bed ... 57ft i inc nothern waterways........ dinette used every day ... spare bed for family or friends ..... if we really wanted to explore the Northern waterways we could always hire ...... 13yrs later , still happy with 62ft .... and cruised extensively...... Ribble twice. Manchester ship canal 3 times. Crossed the Mersey .Fens twice. Tidal Trent ,Thames, Severn . Sharpness to Bristl. Black Sluice. So theres plenty out there to get your teeth into with a 62footer.
  13. Broken pump out, whats normal and what isn't?

    Funnily enough our wash hand basin used to smell . We took the waste pipe apart fairly regularly, 2 or 3 months , and cleaned them with a bottle brush and miltons . Then I changed my toothpaste from Colgate to Corsadol and no more smell , that was 6 years ago . Still no more smell
  14. Caldon canal

    Lovely canal .
  15. How much gas do you use?

    About the same ... 5 to 6 weeks. Bunny