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    Full time liveaboard NB Largo.
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    Sailing my sailing cruiser around the south coast and France!, Fishing, Walking the shores. Now an owner of the 70ft narrow boat "NB Largo"

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    Retired and continuously cruising!
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    Sailing- Black Strider. Inland-NB Largo
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    Cowes and now a Constant Cruiser

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  1. Maffi

    I understand Mr Maffy is lurking on the Big River, somwhere around Shepperton, I beleave. I did try look for him whilst I was comming off the River Wey the other week, but having found a mooring on a bank Holiday Sunday evening below the lock, I was rather reluctant to let it go and do a search for him! The phone signal around that area is not the best either! Nipper
  2. Swans attack

    Feed the troll to the swans! Simple!
  3. Or, moor up at Hawksbury Junction and stroll to the stadium, 20 minutes to get your blood circulating for the start of the match! There is always a mooring space it Hawksbury you just have to look! If going into the Coventry basin, keep your revs down and that will stop rubbish flying into your prop! And yes, the Stadium Station has trains running through it now, Nuneaton to Coventry!
  4. Sutton stop at a stop!!

    Sutton Stop!
  5. windows and heat

    Looks like a Channel Glaze window from what i see!
  6. Rugby mooings

    Just to answer a few question that have cropped up in this thread. I came up through Rugby today and the moorings south of bridge 58 are indeed having and have had rings concreted to place, also the overgrown towpath all the way down to bridge 59, where the flats are close to the canal, has been cut back and all the grass has been mown. It would suggest to me that rings are indeed being installed down that area, but mooring along there would cause a hazard, as the offside trees and shrubs come well out into the centre of the cut there! Nipper
  7. Rugby mooings

    I'm sitting here waiting for the BSS Examination man to arrive to inspect Largo's bits. While I have been waiting, I've been thinking about these mooring rings! I don't know why they were put there in the first place, perhaps some edumicated soul cold tell me, but, presume they were for workboats unloading or loading whatever goods were made and providing raw materials for such goods that Rugby produced or wanted! Now this, I would think would come under Rugby's Local history. Is it in C.A.R.T.'s remit to take away such history from towns such as Rugby and not say a word about it? Maybe Rugby towns historians are not aware of having some of the towns history taken away by C.A.R.T. who, after all said and done is a charity, much like, i presume the Historians of Rugby are. Sorry, I promise I will try to get a life, honest! Nipper
  8. Rugby mooings

    It looked the same as it has always done , the last bit of moorings, south of the bridge and on the starboard side, are on the bend where the soft ground is! Don't ask me how i know, although it was years ago! Nipper
  9. Rugby mooings

    Those wonderful people at C.A.R.T. have spent a lot of money lately improving the towpath along the Rugby 14 day moorings area, It's all nice and tidy and could really provide the full team of bike racers hours of enjoyment speeding along it! Unfortunately, absolutely nothing has been done about improving the available depth of water along that area and boats still have to moor some way off the bank. And just to add to the interest, C,A,R,T. have taken away all the old rings that have been in place for years, so boats wanting to moor have new soft earth to put a pin or two in to hold them! As if taking out the best moorings and putting a water point in there place wasn't enough, now this! Does anyone at C.A.R.T. know anything about boating at all? Rant over! Nipper
  10. Mmm! That will make the narrows even more of a challenge won't it! Nipper
  11. Anyone have a smart phone? A reminder!

    Mine was a waterproof experia z1, but being waterproof really don't help, if you cant find out where it landed. Being able to see is totally impossible in a well stirred up canal! Must go! I have ten minutes to catch the local bus! Nipper
  12. Hi all! Just a reminder to those of us that have smart phones and keep all their phone numbers, email addresses, photo's and a hundred and one bits of other stuff that gets collected on one over time! BACK IT UP Mine did a backwards somersault with pike into the canal at Ellesmere on Saturday, dispite searching with a net in about 2ft of water I couldn't find it and then a boat or two went by and all hope was lost! Had I backed it up? well, I was going too, but at the end of the day, I didn't so all my contacts have gone,all my pics have gone! Now I have to get a bus to Nantwich to get a new sim for this old Motorola defy that I found in a drawer in the boat!, Happy Days! Nipper
  13. Replacement cassette toilet options

    When Largo's pump out tank failed and had to be taken out, I was faced with the task of fitting a new tank, or indeed, having one made, or purchasing a cassette loo. But, as with everything, taking ones time in making a decision is paramount. So we bought a Potapotty from the chandler and off we went cruising and decision making. We both felt the Portapotty was good at its job and become accosted to emptying it whenever we filled Largo's water tank. But, we decided that as good s the Portapotty was we needed something more permanent. The choice is quite limited and one had to choose between the Thetford or the Dometic. As I remember, both could be use flush water from the units own tank, or from the boat water supply. The Dometic is slightly smaller than the Thetford. In making the decision, I can still hear a voice of mrsmelly of this parish, Hi Tim, stating that the Dometics are work of the devil and should never ever have been made. With this in mind and with whatever we choose be poking out furtherinto the shower room than the old pump out Mercator loo,. and the fact it would be walked around it every time we went by, The decision was a Dometic with the access in the back and connected up to the boats water supply. It has been installed now for nearly two years and apart from the slider jamming now and again when removing the cassette. no problems and it looks as good as a cassette bog will ever look! We have a most expensive spare cassette hidden away unused, because we thought we would have trouble emptying, and would need it, but soon became clear that we normally pass a service point every other day, because we cruise every day and at a push we can make one last a week! Would I fit another one? Yes i would. i do think the Thetford is the better loo, but then if fitted, we would be hitting our knees on it every time we went past it! But, what I would do next time, is to get one with the integral water tank, it has to be quieter than starting up the boats water pumps every time you wanted to flush, especially at night, and it would be filled at the same time as you put in the blu or green, whatever you use. We still have the Portapotty stored on the boat, just in case! Hope this helps Nipper
  14. Life ring - location/mounting

    It would be interesting to find out if those who have the throw line have actually used it and practised with it! For what its worth, I have used one on a boat handling coarse I got involved with, many years ago, on the bumpy water! It came as a total surprise to me, that unless you could place that float very near the casualty, and I mean, so close that all they have to do is to grab it, then the float is a total waste of time! The theory is that you can tow it behind the boat, go in a circle and tow it to the casualty. But, that float that is being towed by the boat, only follows the boat and does nothing else. I found that to get the casualty to reach the float, you had to almost run him down in order for the float to get close to him! You can go around in circles but that float will never get to the casualty! There is no substitute for an Automatic Life Jacket Nipper
  15. Right turn Clyde.

    Thats probably due to the propwalk! Most boats propellors turn clockwise when looking from the stern. Without getting into technical stuff, the propellor has a tendancy to walk the stern around to the starboard going forward and to port going astern, hence my post " a touch of astern will help the bow go around towards the bridge in question! Nipper