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    As predicted, today was a stunning day! I woke up early basically because I was being kicked out of bed! If there is one downside about being on board a narrowboat it's the size of the bed! Maybe we should both go on a diet before we go on our next adventure. So, let us recap! We started off leaving the Wey Navigation at Weybridge and made our way to Teddington to catch the tide. After travelling through the tidal Thames we met up with the Grand Union Canal at Brentford. From there we travelled through some of the nicest and not so nice places along the canal. Eventually, we hung a left onto the South Oxford Canal. This is very much a rural canal. Set in amazing countryside with open fields and hills, this is a very pretty canal however, when it's blowing a gale and the rain is pissisting down, it can be a little bit bleak. From the South Oxford Canal we turned right onto the Thames where we spent the night at Farmoor moorings. We then went back onto the Canal and travelled through Jericho as we'd never done it before. We then spent the rest of the journey on the Thames. During our journey, we had about three days of sunshine. I have lost a considerable amount of money at cards. I broke my foot (or come very close to it if not. It's still very painful!). I've been very wet and very cold. We even put the fire on a couple of times! But above all, I have met some really lovely people, had belly laughs every day and drank copious amounts of alcohol. And, I didn't end up in the water! Result! I also cannot believe that I actually got a suntan on the last day! This morning we left our moorings outside the Swan hotel in Stains and made our way on a very empty river towards Shepperton. We arrived at The Thames Court pub at midday, which was handy as there were moorings outside and empty tables in the garden. Half an hour later, there was neither. We had ourselves a wonderful roast dinner then sat on the director chairs next to the boat and lapped up the rays. If the truth be known, we were just putting off the inevitable. Eventually, we made our way through Shepperton lock and turned right onto the Wey Navigation. I am now sitting at home listening to the washing machine moaning about the amount of washing there is. Tomorrow, I will probably be moaning about the amount of ironing there is to do! It has been a great holiday but, as usual, it always seems too short. Tuesday I will be back at work and by Wednesday it will seem like a distant memory. I hope I haven't bored you all too much?! If you have enjoyed reading my adventures, please would you just take 5 minutes to read the link about a very special little boy. His name is Nicholas Stewart and he's my grandson. On Saturday, he will be flying out to Boston to have tests for life saving treatment. I would be really grateful if you could share the link on your social media sites. Thank you all for your time. 'Till the next time, TaDa! Xx https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgogetfunding.com%2Fflighting-for-the-future&h=ATPPd71TvqxFWcB6_CE796rPM_LOljrrNFj5msctJk3CAMLY7vBB_7VA7KZ_5Ytfn-9XObzR0mm1GPR14RIIxNgXg_QsWK5RMR2kHFtVrjgu0s2JGc6-KF45Wg&s=1&enc=AZOF61c17E-AcLS8RG2xQ-Oi_tYjkwDA4GSKRcjK403pnrKMH_OnLrLlMu0t_wawonOw2ysCB40kOtOp5Dhkp-cnwu0U19OHavnp7w7iS3PZRQ
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    Unless I have missed something, your batteries are always working, charging or running fridges etc. Therefore they will never be at 100% SOC. However, looking at those readings, there is nothing wrong with them either. Best reading was .... .gave up and went to pub.
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    Trust the evil liveaboards to resort to camouflage
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    I am not handing anything over they haven't had for much of my life! They have also as far as I am concerned done a decent job over those 40 years I can't think of anything the EU has done which has had a detrimental effect on me and my family. They have certainly done more for working conditions H & S the environment etc than any UK government has shown signs of doing. I am happy with what we had and would certainly not change it for some old fashioned parochial idea of "sovereignty".
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    It doesn't really matter what you can or cannot 'see', It is Cal and Paola's dream, if they want to overcome their own difficulties who are you to tell them not to try ?
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    LOL "Back to square one" take a deep breath and start all over again. You might as well start a new thread with all your questions on Narrowboats. So funny.
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    If you do decide to go for the Kennet, I would just ask you to wait until Mr Norman has completed his "Progress" on the K&A. He has already expressed some dissatisfaction with the amount of "slum boats" there, and whilst yours would not justify such a description, I seem to recall it did have a lot of plants and stuff on the roof.
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    I don't very often read this forum anymore, partly as so busy and partly because I find some people's attitudes to others dire. I can't face reading all of the horrible things some of you are saying so sorry if repeating what others have said. We love Burton on trent. It's a very handy mooring for the nearby lidl and the railway station. It just isn't a destination for restaurants or even meals in pubs. It's a fair walk into town but if you take the trouble you'll be rewarded by simply amazing victorian buildings. The brewery owners had some fine houses right in the town centre. If you venture a bit further you'll reach the trent. It just isn't a tourist destination or a twee village like Alrewas. It's just a town where people live and work and we love it.
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    You sit on a bog, powered or otherwise or two or three days..... Methinks you need a doctor, not a paint shed
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    I have just finished a week of boating on the BCN with the CCT/BCNS owned ex-GU pair Atlas and Malus. The primary work of the boats these days is undertaking Duke of Edinburgh Award Gold Award residential courses. Thankfully for me this qualifies as valid voluntary work for me to be able to take leave to skipper one of the boats for a week each year. The trips require the crews of up to 10 young people to camp in the hold and make the best of the provisions they are given while learning to work as a team on helping to work the boats. They also spend a day helping out at the Black Country Living Museum. The itinerary involves starting at Hawne Basin on a Monday lunchtime and moving to the Black Country Museum where the boats are allowed to moor on the museum arm and be exhibits for 36 hours while the candidates do their work in the museum. On Wednesday lunchtime the boats are then moved to the Titford Pumphouse where the candidates spend the night. This involves working the pair up the Crow (Oldbury locks) which is challenging. Thursday is down the Crow and Smethwick locks to Birmingham for a visit to the Libarary and a look at the Staffordshire hoard followed by overnight at Icknield Port. On Friday it's back to base at Hawne and go home. The boat skippers don't get to stay aboard as the youth workers that run the courses have to do that. Overall it's great fun and introduces young folk to boating (and the delights of the BCN) while developing them as people. I am one of the least experienced crew on the boats and my co-skipper was also fairly inexperienced on the boats (even though he is a luminary in the BCNS). Hence it's also a learning experience for the skippers especially as I have spent much more time on the butty Malus than I have on Atlas in the past. Mistakes were made and no-one is under the pretense we are expert in the ways of moving working pairs. I did at least manage to turn the breasted pair at Old Turn junction yesterday and outside Hawne Basin this afternoon with an audience for both. Just for once the cock-ups were out of the gaze of the public.
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    OK folks let's chuck this in to the mix - Hubby and I live on the Kennet and Avon canal, cruising/continuously mooring from Devizes to Newbury, have done for the last 10 nearly 11 years. We both work, so need to stay in area but do not wish to have a permanent mooring. Our fat/widebeam boat was new when we moved on to it, still tidy and shiny and has items on the roof. How many of you have I lost so far? We do not bridge hop rarely use visitor moorings and move every 14 days unless something really chucks a spanner in the works, we are not atypical of most of the other boaters here on the K and A, there are just a few who really don't move. There are spots with plenty of boats moored, likewise plenty of open clear stretches. The are also hire boats, weekend dumpers, GRPS, marina boaters, canoeists and a great little steam boat who use the canal. We say hello to everybody, most respond, and the miserable ones who don't, well that's their problem not mine. There is a supportive and cohesive community of boaters here of all shades, willing to be friendly and helpful. If you take your time on the canal, there is superb scenery, wonderful market towns, historic monuments, great pubs and so on. My point? The Kennet and Avon canal boasts an ecletic mix of society and does not deserve the prejudiced view that has come about from the actions of a few. Nick, when you are passing say hello, maybe we can change your view just a little?
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    I don't think the people who restored the canals would ever think that someone would stick false rivets onto narrowboats at some time in the future either. Things move on, change, stop moaning and enjoy yourself.
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    Should you become Fed up with the "Scrap Engine",it could always be sold to Mike the Boilerman(he collects them)
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    Proper boats with brass portholes and nice big engines are just not that popular, though I personally find this very hard to comprehend. I did a little informal survey last week whilst cruising along a popular canal, and proper boats make up less than 1/2% of the boat population. The result is that proper boats can sometimes be a bargain, especially 70 footers. They can make excellent liveaboards. Its a little elderly so a good survey is vital. If your insurance company wants a survey every 5 years then thats no problem at all, it would be quite nice to keep an eye on the boats condition. You will be taking the boat out of the water at least once every five years anyway, so getting a basic hull only survey at the same time will not cost a fortune. You will be spending about £5000 per year on the boat (fixed costs plus maintenance) so the survey won't add that much. .............Dave
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    It makes an Ass out of u an me, and mtb with his two dodgy Smartgauges
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    You have much more faith in the UK government (of any colour) than I have if you think they will make things any better than the EU has.
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    There is a conflict of interest between people who want to cruise the canals, and people who want to live statically on them. Our trip on the KandA has really shone a spotlight on this, as for some reason the KandA seems to be a magnet for people who want to live on a boat but don't want to move it. The liveaboards blatently resent those who want to cruise (because they make their boats bob around a bit and means they need to tie them up properly if they don't want them to come adrift) and the people who want to use their boats for cruising resent the fact that they spend nearly an entire trip of several days at tickover due to the endless line of (often badly) moored boats. I don't see a way to resolve this conflict although of course I would say that the canals were put here, and in the case of the KandA restored, for the purposes of moving boats. Not for statically living on. We don't allow people to live in city parks or other leisure areas. Nor by the side of the road. I'm not quite sure why we allow the (a few) canals to become dysfunctional due to too many moored boats. I can sympathise with a view that the W&B would become clogged with moored boats, I think it is a certainty whilst the current regime persists.
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    So today day was supposed to be an early start from Gloucester and spend the day in Tewksbury....started off ok...pump out done...water topped up....then into Gloucester lock where a rather nice 1936 wooden motor boat joined us...we went out onto the partings..they said for me to go first...then going under the road bridges I heard some shouting...thought was kids on the bank so ignored it...then more shouting..looked back...motor boat at an amusing angle across the parting and lots of waving... As there's no chance of winding I stopped on the flow and the other boat limped closer. Turns out they had lost all steering due to pulley failure...so towed them to upper parting...spun both boats round then back into Gloucester Dock. I don't think the JP needs a decoke now! That isn't a light boat!! Was very glad of VHF so I could talk to the lockies to let them know what was happening as well as the large flybridge Sealine that was following us. Try doing all that on a mobile! Left them going over to Tommi Nielsen to see if they could help with a repair...we've now made Tewksbury and a beer may well be in order!! Beats sitting in an office any day of the week!! Let's hope the rest of the trip goes well for both of us!
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    Just another option to consider (add to the mix) It may get to the stage where Paola can no longer manage ANY boat, in which case you will need to 'get back into bricks & mortar' and may have difficulty selling a heavily adapted NB, unless you find someone with the same limitations as Paola. Why not : Look at a (up to)£40 narrowboat Have it adapted as necessary Rent out your house, as you have no mortgage it is all 'profit', and the income can be used to fund your boating life Your 'capital' (the house) should increase in value (or at worse stay the same) whilst your £140,000 NB would be worth (probably) less than £100,000 after a year or two.
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    Then we will have to disagree. I prefer to have a bun, of whatever size, that I have control of. George
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    Unfortunately I couldn't get a decent photo as it's behind glass and I couldn't control reflections. It was on 2 x A3? sheets, one over the other landscape, mounted on board
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    Where did I "moan" I was simply stating a fact millions of us already face higher prices due to brexit and the rest of you are starting to or will soon. However since you raise the subject of my feelings on the matter; Brexit was not caused by "world events out of our control" it was caused by the actions of peoplle like you who could not give a stuff about the effect on others.
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    Good news, I don't need to move after all. I got offered two different jobs today and took the best one which is field-based so there's no need to find a new mooring or get another crane out. I'll actually be able to work from the boat when I need to as well! Thanks for everyone's input anyway.
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    If you choose to live/cruise in Europe (as we did for 5 months per year) and then circumstances change (i.e. the exchange rate or world events) you can hardly moan that things aren't the same for you forever. You make the decisions that affect your life. You must take responsibility for the results of the choices that you make even though they are caused by outside events/changes. Do you expect everyone to compensate you for choices that you have made that don't remain the same forever? If I made a choice of monetary investments that didn't turn out too well because of world events would I expect sympathy from you if I moaned about it...........I think not! Roger
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    There is a water point on the SU about 300 hundred yards or so from the stop lock (just past the boatyard). Howard
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    Yep she looks a bit better now compared to when I got her.
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    Why are some people directing their comments at what C&RT can, or cannot, do on this thread? As has alreday been pointed out the mooring notices have nothing to do with C&ART. The navigation is managed and controlled by the Environment Agency and the land belongs to Reading Counci, if people want to fire bullets it is towards those organizations that they should be directed. Edited to add:- As neither the OP or anyone else has offered to identify the perecise location of the sign, I have checked the Grid References, and they do relate to the moorings immediately adjacent to Tesco's and not further upstream as the title on the sign suggests.
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    ...and the term "artistic" very loosely employed,
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    Laurence Hogg has often commented on the Walsall Canal and the extension canal to Birchills, yet despite this view boaters still want to use this canal and it is important to encourage them, especially as the Bradley Canal moves closer to being a reality. Attached is an image (from the 1970's of a young Michael Oxley, taking his new boat up the locks to Birchills (RCHS Michael Oxley Print Collection)
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    For what its worth you are doing absolutely right. My old Dad did only about four jobs in his life and I have done loads of different things all totally different many with differing courses I have needed by law to take. Being in the one job for my 46 working years would have driven me barmy ( oh hang on a minute ) I have lived and worked in many countries early on and all over England in the past several years and its been fab. Never moved for the money just lifes experience.
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    I liked the twin seat arrangement, very friendly
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    "Above 12 volts" isn't good enough and 12.3 volts is only about 50% charged. Starter battery should read 12.6v at least.
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    Are your jump leads of good quality? more often than not cheap ones usually with ally cables are useless. Connect The black- cable to neg- on battery, the other end of it to starter body or engine mass close to the starter. On the starter solenoid there should be two large terminal nuts, one of which has the red pos+ cable attached to it, the other one connects to the starters motor. First connect your Pos red jump cable from the battery to this lower terminal nut, the one which serves the starters motor. The starter motor should spin up briskly without engaging with the engines ring gear. Now put the red jump lead onto the other pos+ terminal nut, the one with the red cable on it. Along side these large terminal nuts will be a small terminal nut or spade terminal with a thin wire on it which comes from the starter key or button. Get a short bit of wire and fix it to this small terminal and then touch the large terminal nut with the red+ cable on it with the other end of it. Everything should be by-passed and the starter should work and whip the engine round. But I expect you've already done this. If so, re check all your cable connections. And mind not to touch the engine mass or starter body with the pos+ jump lead clamp, or you'll get a firework display.
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    You have the housing market mentality - it's ingrained in our culture and it's difficult to avoid thinking in that way. Try to forget about how much your boat is worth and just enjoy it. If you continue to think of your boat as a monetary asset then I'm afraid you will ultimately be disappointed. Unless it's a historic boat or unique in some other way then most boats are just depreciating assets.
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    The previous owner was grossly underestimating the almost administrative impossibility it is to sell a boat you live on, and at the same time buy another to move onto. Not only do you have to find a buyer for your old boat, but you need to find another boat that fits your needs with a seller willing to wait until you find that buyer. AND organise the money changing hands in a timely manner that suits all parties involved. It's hard enough finding the right boat, let alone the right boat at the right price and it having to be available at precisely the same time as you sell the previous boat. Complicated as it is, I think stretching their existing boat is the easiest option for the OP. Very helpful and informative post. Greenied.
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    In 2000 the 1986 Bullfinch was stretched from 45 feet to 57. The extra 12 feet gave a generous bedroom and an enlarged engine room. This allowed the 10hp Sabb to be replaced by a 22hp Sabb. The Colecraft shell was lengthened and engine fitted by Mike Sivewright to a very professional standard. The existing cherry planking by Ron Beauchamp at Colecraft was copied into the new bedroom walls with the rest of the woodwork done to follow the existing scheme. Other work was done. A full repaint, inverter and some 240 sockets, a new front stove, a new Alde boiler and other minor works. Now, back in 1986 the original boat cost towards £17000 and this new work cost back then a further £20000. On the face of it considering the boats value in 2017 then it seems worth it. We love the boat as it is but we've only owned it for 11 of those 31 years. For the previous owner, in hindsight, he didn't think that the stretching was right for him. It wasn't the same boat in his eyes and he has told us he thought it would have been better to sell and buy another 57 foot boat.
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    CRT cannot win. They are constantly criticised for lack of essential maintenance.
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    If, as I hope, we do leave then all of a sudden, for the likes of me, - nothing will happen
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    As an occasional visitor to the Thames I don't want to turn up at a potential mooring site to find it blocked by empty boats moored for a week. The whole point of the EA rules on the Thames is to keep boats moving and ensure that the limited space remains available. I would be so bold to say that the £100 per day charge is not about making money; rather it's about moving people on. Moorings on the Thames are limited because most of the bank is controlled by the respective riparian owners. I'm not sure that there are sufficient EA sites to accommodate caretakers and moorings. In effect much of what you propose is already happening on private land, with businesses like SRB moorings (between Henley and Cookham) collecting mooring fees and sometimes agreeing longer stays at a negotiated rate. Another point about the Thames is that levels and flows can change quickly and dramatically. An empty boat moored for a week could be at risk, and if it broke away it could cause significant damage to other boats and/or infrastructure.
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    Not to worry, Mrs May can have the privilege of doing same. Murdoch less than 50,000 employees last time I looked. I am happy to bet that we see more than 50,000 jobs go down the pan after brexit.
  41. 1 point
    There is always the option of not reading the thread if you feel it is wasting your time. Not everyone feels that way, fortunately haggis
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    Art is entirely subjective of course. I paint as a hobby and usually my paintings don't go public. Some of Jo's do and sell - we always feel she sells a feeling or an emotion not a painting. If it makes you feel something you like it is good. I was inspired by something I saw in the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, it was next to the £25000 litter bin I think. (yes there was one!) . The painting merged 3D and 2D forms. I can do that I thought. So here it is, a subject you all know well now and all have an opinion on. Stoke Bruerne. The painting is all inside the back of a box canvas so is about an inch deep - the challenge was to make a semi 2D background with a 3D lock in front and maintain the perspective. There are a few reflections in the way I'm afraid. I've also taken a movie of it to try and give you the idea. It is on you tube here. Cheers Graham
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    Do you need to comply with The Boat Safety Scheme? If you do the scheme guide is available on line https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/media/180428/bss guide 2005 complete web.pdf and will tell you about requirements for battery siting and securing. Alternatively find a friendly local examiner and pick his brain over a beer. If you pick one that will do your next BSS exam then he's not likely to fail it at the exam provided you follow his advice. If you don't have to comply with BSS then I would only be worried about the possibility of sparks igniting the petrol vapour from the tanks but provided all the lids are on and the petrol tank vent is away from the battery box vent you should be OK. In an ideal world you would only lift the battery box lid with the tanks on the bank! N
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    They'd be a bit too big but these are just as good....
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    The main problem I found when I did it is mooring securely. Pins are no good when leaving the boat for a fortnight, and most moorings with rings are short term VMs so that leaves Armco, which limits you to where Armco is available (and not already occupied). I was using public transport, which had additional complications. And your boat security measures need to be thorough & strong. Also, don't keep anything seriously valuable like a generator on board. Its hard work.
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    Mr Norman was grumbling, rightly, IMHO, about the number of badly moored boats slowing progress and the unfriendly treatment doled out to Bargees who travel, nationally, be they owners or hirers, by the static dwellers.
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    But you do live in one of the two most notorious communication black spots on the canal system so what do you expect . It could be worse, you could live at Consall Forge. ..............Dave
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    Cracking accompaniment to the long trawl between Cosgrove and Stoke Bruerne. Thanks. Here's one from me.
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    Vactan is made by Performance Chemicals: http://performance-chemicals.net/vactan/ Yes, yes, and yes. Although it is in itself a primer so only requires an undercoat and topcoat. In my (and many others) opinion, yes absolutely. I found it on eBay on my first Google: http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/VACTAN-RUST-CONVERTER-AND-PRIMER-250ml-RUST-TREATMENT-/110979877654 Absolutely. Prep the surface as you would for any rust converter, slap it on, wait for it to dry, overpaint.
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    @Froggy, I took my life in my hands, donned life support systems and went into "the pit of doom" (otherwise known as the garage) and found this. I rarely throw anything away in case it may come in use! Looking at the picture of your header tank I think the pipe to the left of the central one may be a non standard addition. As before it is yours for P & P, it is of little use to me. PM me to sort out finer details.
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