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    This exactly Arthur! We are both in our 50s and pretty peaceful folks.. For myself, I will always refuse to be cowed into shivering in fear behind my curtains by a psycho bully. Others however might prefer to totally avoid, and that also is a perfectly acceptable response. My reason for "naming and shaming" is to give folks the heads-up on this nutter, forewarned is forearmed and all that.. If it were a case of "this bad thing happened and I THINK it MAY have been this boater", then I also would disagree with naming them - but it wasn't. This guy is a scary nutter.
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    I couldn't work out which one was Naughty Cal.
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    The Crick Marina ducks are staging a last stand to keep a patch of ice-free water just outside the cabin doors. Cheers, MP.
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    Tis true Dr Bob. I didn't believe it either, but i googled it, so must be true. "What kind of bees produce milk"..................................... "Boobees"
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    Horace informed us that... Mr OSS responded thusly... However, even if they’re not talking rubbish the figure offered by Robbo is correct when he stated... Let’s put that into perspective. A 4800Ah battery bank (absolute minimum for this demand) would cost around £3600 and would comprise 40 off 120Ah Batteries. That’s not considering the cost of cables and busbars of course. A 100A charger would cost around £1100. An EU30i genny to power the above charger would cost around £2500 So far we’re well above £8000 for batteries etc The time to recharge the 4800Ah bank from 50% SoC would be between 36 and 48 hours. So you’d only be able to actually use the heating every third day. Other than that it’s a great idea.
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    I can reply. I have nothing to add but I can reply. Me thinks this is an anti royal thread. I'm not convinced the royal family can be accused of free loading. After all they do work to earn their keep.
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    A little taste of winter boating: In other news, the Tring summit was well watered, and after a bit of filling had plenty of water down the flight. Even had plenty of water through Berko for a change.
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    Royal Family : Income for the Country vs Costs to the Country Nett economic benefit to the Country £36.6 Billion (Source: Business Insider UK)
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    Correct, he was. My claim to fame is I stood on his foot when I was going in to an Aswat and he was coming out , knocked him flying.
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    I have just sent a small donation. I wish it could be more or regular. I would also like to thank all the team at Canal World a big "thank you" for their work, support and money in keeping this forum going. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. James
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    This type of person is not welcome on the Canals nor in society in general. Police should not ignore this incident. I think you'll be okay tomorrow. Once the drink or the other 'd' wear off. Wot a plonker.
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    Have always thought of this Forum as a very useful source of Information and Humour,The Internet does seem to allow Impoliteness to flourish.Thankfully this Forum Seems to have Members that can enjoy it and contribute much Boaty Knowledge ,and the ability to not take themselves too seriously.
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    Ignore them and don't worry about it they are bored and sat on a mooring with naff else better to do, you will find the rest of us out here frankly dont give a shit if you dont move if you are unable to and neither does CRT so long as you move when you can, just speak to the local enforcement officer on the phone or simply sit tight, you are under no obligation to turn around and go in a completely different direction as that would not be your intended 'bonfide' continued journey. Seriously guys some of you need to get a life!
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    We stopped doing gifts for each other years ago, about 2004 I reckon. We have no surviving parents and no kids. My brother had 3 girls and they stopped getting presents at age 18, long long time ago now. We have however splashed out this year. A new Christmas tree for bay window £2.00, new string of LED lights £2.50, one card for aged auntie £1.50,plus an alcohol free christmas pudding (we hate booze in pud and chocolates) £3.00. So there we are Christmas for under £10.00. (You have to buy food anyway so cannot count it) Please all have a super Christmas and enjoy it in the way that suits you best.
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    No, but what they will need is fully charging as soon as possible after discharge. The last few percentage but MIGHT be a trickle charge over night but that all depends upon how quickly you can charge them during the day. ANY battery will gradually destroy itself as it works, the trick is to choose a type that suits your use and recharge ASAP. The battery might be starter, leisure, semi-traction or traction. The longer you leave any of then even partially discharged the more capacity you will lose to sulphation. Be aware that a very popular semi-traction battery makes seems to require regular equalising at 15 volts or so. If you can not do this then maybe traction or semi-traction are not for you. For any battery the lighter the discharge, the shorter the time before recharging and the more fully you can recharge the longer its life will be. For any given load you will destroy an expensive battery about as fast as a cheap one if you do not or can not follow those basic requirements. Personally I gave up long ago trying to extend battery life by use of expensive batteries. I am happy with good quality leisure ones, keeping them, fully charged with discharges to no more than 50% and changing them as and when required.
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    Great question. I can see exactly where this thread is heading now!!
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    It is a fact that 75% of Land Rovers made are still on the road, the other 25% made it to where they were going.
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    Because hes an employee of The Chesterfield canal society with a job of running auction bids up
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    Frankly I disagree, when you are actively canvassing for financial contributions.
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    Surely your Bro in law just needs to find an internet dentist?. I suppose that wouldn't work as well though because it would be hard to speak on the phone with yer mouth wide open ................Dave
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    Hopefully the water point was frozen when he got there.
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    The way I see it, is when somebody younger than me hops the twig it just shows how a statistical distribution works. Some people go, some stay - so far I'm still here and have every intention of being an outlier value.
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    Also available is the "Adult" version....(thanks to Cheshire Rose)
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    This to me is very much the nub of the problem. Whilst it is merely an anecdote, I was in conversation with my barber the other day, she is from Poland and whilst she is not sure where she will go following Brexit, possibly Germany or Denmark (she's not keen to stay here since we are making it abundantly clear that we don't want immigrants) but the one place she isn't going to go is back to Poland. The reason for this is because, in her words, "....they are a bunch of idiots....". Her annoyance is because the Polish economy is starting to improve quite significantly so they have elected the said 'bunch of idiots' (the misnamed 'Law and Order' party) who think that this nothing to do with being in the EU and are convinced that, now that the economy is doing better, they would thrive on their own. The parallel to this is in the UK some of our few thriving industries (aircraft building, car making,) are successful precisely because we are in the EU. The interest of Airbus in the UK will dramatically fall following Brexit as will the interest of the likes of Nissan and Honda if they end out having to pay any tariffs. Like the Poles, we have convinced ourselves that the economy is doing well (or was) because we are so brilliant and had nothing to do with EU membership. Before the usual suspects pick up on it, I did say the economy was doing well, individuals less so partly due to UK Government policy of this 'liberation' of the labour market (basically encouraging the worst pay for the least favourable working conditions).
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    Perhaps its a DuckBilledPlastiCrapuss
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    It can't be an African Eleduck as its ears are way too small, so it must be an Indian Duckephant, a Bombay perhaps?
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    Having read and been inspired by a number of posts here (has anyone really read them all?) I've just added a second ecofan in my boat. The first one is on the stove as normal, the second on the worktop in the galley. The stream of hot air from No1 hits No2 warming up its heat sink and causing it to spin. This in turn propels the hot air stream from No1 fan further down the boat to keep the bedroom warm. To be fair, the second airstream it isn't as hot or as powerful as it once was, probably because of the energy extracted to drive the fan, but it's enough. Alignment, of course, is critical and non-believers, who don't have faith and therefore the required dedication, won't put sufficient effort in to get similarly spectacular results. I did try a third fan just inside my back doors to keep my pirate flag fluttering nicely, but I scrapped the idea after it blew my Captain's hat off.
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    I admire you for your thoughts Mac of cygnet who voted remain did it for all the best reasons and I also admire his thoughts on the situation. My problem is and always have been that the powers that be within the club pretend to be all nice and lovey dovey but their principal aim is to become yet another EMPIRE and make us all clones in whatever image they want it to be and I want non of it.
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    I've been up & down the Severn many times & with the Met Office saying minus 12 in Wales & parts of the midlands tonight & Monday night there's no way I would be so stupid as to go out of Gloucester lock at the moment. When this snow starts melting & reaches the Severn in a few days, I certainly wouldn't want to be on the river. As a complete novice, Angelique has heeded the right advice & made the right decision. Leave it at that.
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    Another thread where a new poster is completely destroyed, doubt he will bother again and who can blame him. Give yourselves a pat on the back guys, you done yourself proud this time.
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    So tell me then, this 'Sovereignty' that we handed to Brussels, what part did Brussels play in our declaration of war on Iraq? our invasion of of Afghanistan? and a variety of other follies that the UK Government has chosen to participate in. If, as you claim, Brussels had this 'sovereignty' over us none of these things would have happened, would they? As I have repeatedly said I cannot think of a single thing that the EU has done that has even marginally inconvenienced me. What you seem to be saying is that you want Parliament to have this Sovereignty provided they never use it against something that you believe in, under those circumstances this 'sovereignty' needs to be taken away from them and handed to the party of Government, the first steps on the road to dictatorship.
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    He wouldn't like this one. When I'm finished with it, it will work fine again. And from what I read that would be a great disappointment for him. Ho Ho merry Christmas
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    As you all know, I am a secret mod here. And I've set the 'freeloaders' thread so freeloaders cannot reply to it, but proper boaters can. Hope that helps.
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    I only need 2 more greenies and then I too will be able to reply to this post...
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    Not for me thanks, I've just had my lunch.
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    Yeah, you might be right - I feel a bit inadequate. Dr Bob got through with fewer too, so that really rubs it in!
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    Didn't get long enough to type yesterday, so just acknowledging the comments... @nicknorman Thanks for the warning on the Shroppie. There was some chance of me going that way to get to my mum's, but not now. And sobering on the falling in, though I don't feel it's been close yet (touch wood). @wandering snail That would be ideal! Shame it's not the route I'll be on. Would definitely make the accommodation decisions easier / cheaper. @thebfg I salute you on your hammock set up - looks very professional! I'm still at the bivvy grade. One day I will level up! I did consider getting a tarp, but ruled it out for weight (he says, as he types on his laptop). @Peter X I walked until 1am last night, and it was surprisingly ok. I had a dog attack though, so am a bit put off being out at such an hour now. I'm holding the return portion of a train ticket just in case @Dave_P Thank you sir! @Barbara Maxwell Sorry, I only worship the Invisible Pink Unicorn now, blessed be Her Holy Hooves.
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    That is just not good enough! As public servants they should be required to tweet the first thing that comes into their heads every 30 minutes, day and night.
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    Mike Askin is getting married?????
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    The other side of that coin is that if Dan wants to maximise the incoming funds, he should publish accounts from time to time. Yes there is always the possibility that they could be fraudulent (though I can see no likelihood of that happening) but it is all about respect. It is not very respectful to just say “just give me the money, you are unworthy of being told whether I actually need it or not”!
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    Which, unless independently audited could, in reality, be meaningless. Not saying that it is the case here, but, it is so easy to list outgoings as “X”, and income as “X-1”, justifying a call for further contributions. There is no easy answer and I am sure that the contributors do not want a list published of “who and amount” listed. It is a matter of trust, and if ‘you’ feel that Daniel and the team cannot be trusted, maybe ‘you’ should not make contributions, or, look elsewhere for your amusement. (“you” as in any one – not aimed at anyone in particular).
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    Newmar Chargers are/were Sold as "Marine" which means there is a serious Mark up on the Price and IIRC the outer Casing is Stainless Steel ,Which means the Charger will still look OK when Salt air has Rotted all the Internals away!
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    Nothing good ever came out of an inter-dimensional portal. Trust me on this. I know. I read a lot of sci-fi.
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    If you are at all savvy, then separates are better. My brother's Mastervolt combi failed and he could not get power to the 240 sockets when he was on shore power - infuriating. He had to run an extension lead in from the shore terminal, just to power his phone and laptop. These combis are very clever, but if you know your boat's electrical system reasonably well, you don't need all the clever features. If the shore power goes off, I don't want a 'bumpless' transfer to 'inverter mode' as the batteries will discharge and I will not realise until they are heavily discharged. Victron and Mastervolt are competing for the yachty market. Sterling are in the 'KISS' market.
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    *blush* cheers Jen.. One more freeeeeky thing Jon found when he went out to work this morning was quite a few fag butts outside the boat. Nobody here smokes, and they would suggest to me that he hung around outside for quite a while before banging on the roof and offering violence.. seriously creepy.. I'd like to thank all the folks here for all the support and kind words. It's only our 2nd winter as liveaboards, and while 95% of the time I really love it, just now and again one can feel a little vulnerable. Whether that's because I'm scared rigid of falling into wintery waters in the ice or because of the occasional mad bloke - it's nice to have somewhere to ask silly questions and get advice! I agree also that whiskey should NEVER be adulterated - except by more whiskey...
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    You may believe it to be cobblers - but the reason I (and possibly millions of others) voted for exit was nothing to do with the UKIP posturing (they were/are 3rd rate politicians attaching themselves to a party with a single aim and no great plans once that aim was met), it was simply because I do not and never have wanted to be part of a super-state. While it was purely a trade organisation, removing trade barriers, setting common standards etc. I was ambivalent about it (even if it was massively inefficient) but it should never have got involved in things like setting legislation about state intervention in industries, member states' internal policies regarding the rights of other members' citizens, distributing funds to vanity projects, imposing a single currency (badly), funding regions from contributions from richer regions, I could go on but it's all been gone over ad nauseam and we clearly see things from a different perspective. In my eyes, I am right and you are wrong; in your eyes, you are right and I am wrong - aint' nothing going to change that - but let's see what the EU is like in 10 to 15 years time and see if you would still want to be a part of it.
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    The solution is quite simply that we remain in the Customs union and single market, it is those who have created the problem by insisting that we must leave who have the responsibility to find some alternative solution, not those of us who have no wish to leave it. At the moment they have signally failed to do so and are trying to blame everyone else for their failure.
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    Yeabut ,the Thrust created by the Freco Fan could alter the Boat's Water line,Check your Weed Hatch is secure before taking the Safety Chocks out of the Fan!
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    I just don't see that though. All EU countries are just as concerned about retaining their cultural identity and sovereignty as we are (some far more so) and I have never encountered anyone who wishes to impose theirs on us. Far more threatening to our and everybody else's identity is the Americanisation steam roller that tramples everything in its path. I've yet to hear my 11 year old utter a French expletive but if he shouts "Goddam it" one more time I will be reconsidering my views on corporal punishment.
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    I think I need to send you to the norty step! Would you ask a baker what oven they use? An artist what paintbrushes they use?A carpenter what saw they use? Yes having the right kit does help but there is a lot of effort and reseach goes into being at the right place at the right time to capture a photo of particular bird, especially the ones that you are unlikely to see in your back garden and as I have already mentioned the light in the UK is very often very poor to get good photos (too many leaves on the trees in summer and not enough good light in winter) I think credit must go to Dr Bob for getting his backside out early in the day and trudge all his equipment across country to the places where the birds can be found. Well done that man!