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    Having cut my teeth on grp cruisers i have repaired several sonic and enfield outdrives over the years had one do exactly the same and that turned out to be a sheared gear selector shaft ... i made a replacement at a mates engineering shop ... the only other thing i can think it could be is a siezed dog clutch ... the shaft doesnt necessarily have to come out the water as they can be "wound up" ... the last one i repaired was on a nauticus 27 and i did that in the water at sawley just pulled it backwards up their slipway and paddled! I am just down the road at Willington and more than happy to give you an hour or two to take a look if you wish ... i also have a car with a towbar and can think of one or two people to call for a trailer should it be required. Rick
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    I do hope that this was reported to the police. There seems to be an ever-growing number of people who not only think it is not a problem if their dogs are out of control, but that there are no consequences for their actions. Such people should not be permitted to keep dogs. If these things go unreported, the problem will only get worse.
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    .....but next time, will it be a child (or even an adult) who gets attacked. There is no defence for allowing 3 large dogs free to attack wildlife - unless it is on your own property. On other peoples property, wildlife can become very tame. Shame on that boater! What breed of dogs were they?
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    Last time we stopped in Burton it was horrid. Cruising gently on a hot day towards Shobnall Fields, we were rudely yelled at , "MAATTTTYYYYYY" and forced to pull over and moor by a group of itinerant boaters. We said we could only stop for two hours and walked to the local Lidl for provisions. The nasty bunch of boaters then refused to let us leave, forced a BBQ on us and wouldn't even let us go to bed before nightfall, strumming awful versions of smoke on the water and Paranoid until the early hours. Added.a day to the Leicester ring and they wouldn't even give us paracetamol next morning. Cheers.
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    Black berries are out early this year. Yesterday I made blackberry and banana crush for afters.
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    Speaking strictly for myself and my 70', deep drafted boat - when I was "new to the canals" I would have got annoyed and wondered afterwards if I should have done something else. Now, 40+ years later I just take the rough with the smooth and let the shortsighted, the unthinking and the idiots get on with it. Either tie up until they have gone or, better, use the various "obstructions" to practice your boat handling skills. In any case, chill, the canals can be the last refuge of the calm and collected - on your boat (and mine) if not on all of them. It's starting to get nasty out there but we don't have to join in! Frank.
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    I am at a loss to understand why every arrest made by the Police is a mistake, the poor person who has been arrested is always described by the family as being a lovely boy/girl, who is loved by everybody, has never been in trouble, looks after all the neighbourhood old folks, is kind to puppies and kittens and was going to become a member of the Salvation Army next week. Obviously the kilo of hard drugs and the 18 inch machete were planted by the Police, the CCTV footage of the mindless violence is a Hollywood creation and the previous convictions are a fiction. Whatever happened to the attitude of criminals back in the day of Dixon of Dock Green - "It's a fair cop Guv, I'll come quietly", they even used to wear striped jumpers a flat cap and an eye mask so the Police didn't arrest the poor innocents who get rounded up these days for nothing at all "No, it's not my car, I just liked the look of it and wanted to see how fast it would go.....", "I didn't hit him, he head butted my iron bar...." Rant over!
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    Nope. Couldn't care less about whether someone else has a license or not, or how long they stay in one place, or what their boat looks like. I file these thoughts under 'None of my business' and get on with my life.
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    I don't very often read this forum anymore, partly as so busy and partly because I find some people's attitudes to others dire. I can't face reading all of the horrible things some of you are saying so sorry if repeating what others have said. We love Burton on trent. It's a very handy mooring for the nearby lidl and the railway station. It just isn't a destination for restaurants or even meals in pubs. It's a fair walk into town but if you take the trouble you'll be rewarded by simply amazing victorian buildings. The brewery owners had some fine houses right in the town centre. If you venture a bit further you'll reach the trent. It just isn't a tourist destination or a twee village like Alrewas. It's just a town where people live and work and we love it.
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    Drop the sudo-legal language and remove the chip from your shoulder. If the rental part of the marina is leased by Marine Services, Chirk, as you state above, then they and only they are responsible for the condition of the pontoons. The other 2 "parties" are immaterial. If you are that concerned then get on to the local H & S Inspectorate and get them to deal with it.
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    I'm a bit perturbed by the lack of respect for this persons privacy, given that they are not actually doing anything wrong. We have pictures of their boat posted, the location specified and speculation about their mental health etc. I would be pretty annoyed it this was my boat and I found that my circumstances being discussed on this forum.
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    It's been there 3 years. The lady owner has MH issues, so perhaps the forum could take that into account before becoming judge, jury and executioner.
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    As predicted, today was a stunning day! I woke up early basically because I was being kicked out of bed! If there is one downside about being on board a narrowboat it's the size of the bed! Maybe we should both go on a diet before we go on our next adventure. So, let us recap! We started off leaving the Wey Navigation at Weybridge and made our way to Teddington to catch the tide. After travelling through the tidal Thames we met up with the Grand Union Canal at Brentford. From there we travelled through some of the nicest and not so nice places along the canal. Eventually, we hung a left onto the South Oxford Canal. This is very much a rural canal. Set in amazing countryside with open fields and hills, this is a very pretty canal however, when it's blowing a gale and the rain is pissisting down, it can be a little bit bleak. From the South Oxford Canal we turned right onto the Thames where we spent the night at Farmoor moorings. We then went back onto the Canal and travelled through Jericho as we'd never done it before. We then spent the rest of the journey on the Thames. During our journey, we had about three days of sunshine. I have lost a considerable amount of money at cards. I broke my foot (or come very close to it if not. It's still very painful!). I've been very wet and very cold. We even put the fire on a couple of times! But above all, I have met some really lovely people, had belly laughs every day and drank copious amounts of alcohol. And, I didn't end up in the water! Result! I also cannot believe that I actually got a suntan on the last day! This morning we left our moorings outside the Swan hotel in Stains and made our way on a very empty river towards Shepperton. We arrived at The Thames Court pub at midday, which was handy as there were moorings outside and empty tables in the garden. Half an hour later, there was neither. We had ourselves a wonderful roast dinner then sat on the director chairs next to the boat and lapped up the rays. If the truth be known, we were just putting off the inevitable. Eventually, we made our way through Shepperton lock and turned right onto the Wey Navigation. I am now sitting at home listening to the washing machine moaning about the amount of washing there is. Tomorrow, I will probably be moaning about the amount of ironing there is to do! It has been a great holiday but, as usual, it always seems too short. Tuesday I will be back at work and by Wednesday it will seem like a distant memory. I hope I haven't bored you all too much?! If you have enjoyed reading my adventures, please would you just take 5 minutes to read the link about a very special little boy. His name is Nicholas Stewart and he's my grandson. On Saturday, he will be flying out to Boston to have tests for life saving treatment. I would be really grateful if you could share the link on your social media sites. Thank you all for your time. 'Till the next time, TaDa! Xx https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgogetfunding.com%2Fflighting-for-the-future&h=ATPPd71TvqxFWcB6_CE796rPM_LOljrrNFj5msctJk3CAMLY7vBB_7VA7KZ_5Ytfn-9XObzR0mm1GPR14RIIxNgXg_QsWK5RMR2kHFtVrjgu0s2JGc6-KF45Wg&s=1&enc=AZOF61c17E-AcLS8RG2xQ-Oi_tYjkwDA4GSKRcjK403pnrKMH_OnLrLlMu0t_wawonOw2ysCB40kOtOp5Dhkp-cnwu0U19OHavnp7w7iS3PZRQ
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    Unless I have missed something, your batteries are always working, charging or running fridges etc. Therefore they will never be at 100% SOC. However, looking at those readings, there is nothing wrong with them either. Best reading was .... .gave up and went to pub.
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    If I had a Crufts winning super pooch I valued with £ signs rather than love as a family pet, I would keep him on a lead anywhere I believed he might be at risk. He'd only be at risk from swans if he was near their young or nest and they felt the need to defend it. If I had a pooch I valued as a family pet and whose financial value was irrelevant, I would still keep him on a lead anywhere he might be at risk. If you can think far enough a head to take a gun, you can think far enough ahead to take a ruddy dog lead.
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    There are seagoing coasters op there. The Trent is great but it does wrankle with me when peeps discount the use of a cheap bit of kit such as a VHF radio. The times I tried to hail narrowboats on the non tidal bit downstream of Nottingham on blind bends etc and no response was just stupidity. A basic course and a hundred quid radio is all it takes. Even if you are too daft to take the course at least buy a radio and listen in and if the crap hits the fan use it in an emergency and no one is going to take you to prison.
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    Don't get me started on those bloody human beings. Always killing something, or each other,or fighting each other, or destroying something or other. Terrible species.
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    It would also be interesting to see if the will of the MAJORITY of voters remains unchanged. I find it interesting that Brexiters resist any idea of a further poll/referendum, and regard the will of the majority as having been established for all time. If that were the case, we might as well do away with general elections as well, as the will of the majority of voters was established last time around!
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    I'm a realist. Life is not about money. Anyway is it your money that he's spent on this boat? No. It's his, and he has a right to do what he wants with it - and what he does with it is absolutely none of your business.
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    Sorry if I touched a nerve, you assume a lot, you took my words out of context, I was saying if a £4000 loss or expense is too much then boating is not for you, where you see expensive I do not, let me put it into context, for the last 20 years I have watched both rich and poor people die in front of me cancer does not care how good a balance you have, who you know or where you live, doesn't matter your plans, I have seen so many amazing people, brave children and people who would have given up every penny they owned for one little piece of paper to say something different. Actually with all the Math it comes to more like £6000 including all the items but £2,000 worth of items will be reused, plus I took out the insurance monthly and CRT license 3 monthly. What did I get for my £4000 ? A confirmation that we love boating, seeing my wife get on a boat, going up the Trent and on to the canal, waking at 5am to see two hares playing on the footpath, met many amazing and interesting people, lost my fear of water, gained experience on what on that boat worked and what did not, experiences that will be put into practice, learnt that while we love the look of NB for us it will have to be a GRP cruiser, loving the size of the Trent and really looking forward to exploring rivers in the future. The instant my wife who doctors have told us time and time again has been on borrowed time for 18 years and the odds get worse every month got on that boat I could have happily burnt £4000 and not lost a wink of sleep. Now lets look at your other "fiasco" of an accusation "Mike the boilerman" here is what he said " Has your mechanic chap successfully tested the engine now then? If not I'd be wary of banking on your slow voyage starting on Wednesday. Just sayin', from personal experience of the way this sort of thing tends to pan out!" I let him know and others that yes our engineer had tested the engine, see the thing is the enfield outdrive was working fine in the marina and even fine a mile up the Trent, it even made it another two miles up the canal and then it failed, the engine was not the problem, the outdrive failed through use, how bad that fail is we do not know. Now one last thing, IF you had read the who thread you would know I even did the math of repairs vs just selling it off, but to be nice to you I will repeat it one more time. Current sale price of boat £2,500 - £650+vat brokers fee but lets round it to £750 that means "if" it sells at £2500 (unlikely) we get about £1750 (remember we have already wrote of the fulll 4,000) Now lets see how much we would get if the outdrive was fixed, well it was on the market for 3 months at £3600, reduced to £3,300 Now the cost of fixing the Enfield drive could be over £1000 depending on a lot of factors, time out of water, engineer call out, hiring a trailer, place to keep the boat, ordered parts needed, engineer call out to fit parts. At the end of that the maximum I can sell the boat for is £3,300 - £1000 costs of fixing it = £2300 - brokers fee £750 = total money I get back = £1,550 so ... ... ... i'll let that sink is but do not dare say I have not done the math, yes the boat will probably sell quicker but as I pointed out many posts ago which you supposedly read Time is also a factor and far more important to me and my family than a piddling little £4,000 I set aside three time slots of journey, three time lots of work on the boat, I did everything you can do as a new person, I checked oil, I did the filters, I got in an engineer, I took advice, some times it is just not meant to be. In no way does this stop our Boating adventure, if anything it has made us even more keen, you seem to focus the worst part as being money, ironically the worst and best part was being stranded at aston lock number 3 we met and saw some amazing people and spent 24 hours away from home on a BOAT!!! seeing 20-30 boats pass by with all the beauty and interesting things.
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    Come on guys, Calranthe has made his decision based on what he knows, wants to do. Lets just leave it at that and hope he gets a buyer and can move on.
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    there are 2 other factors that the powers-that-be seem to avoid all the time: 1. the human population is far too high to be sustainable whatever form of fuel we use. 2. our habits of travelling long distances and transporting goods from the other side of the world, or across our own country, need to change. ................. oh, and pray tell me how do we replace hundreds of thousands of jet planes? I predict that cheap air travel will be hounded out of existence by punitive taxes on the fuel they use.
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    Good grief! If a month's extra license fee is going to knock you back so far as to want to sell the boat I would suggest that you sell it now and pick a different hobby. You will find much bigger expenses than that as time progresses. He can't. And if he doesn't sell until 1st August then he can't get a refund for that month either.
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    You shouldn't think like that about people in a hurry. Some people, myself included, simply don't have the luxury of time to be able to spend weeks or months pottering around the system, due to other commitments. We still enjoy the canals nonetheless and want to see as much as we can in the little time we do have, so sometimes we have to get a move on. This is why it irritates me when leisurely private boaters frown upon hirers who are 'doing' the four counties ring in the week.
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    Give it ten minutes, then you'll be in your sixties just like us lot! (Remember last month, when it was your thirtieth? )
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    I ask the person to move up, did it on the oxford a few weeks back, if there is nobody there and i need to moor i will move it. I do wonder if all these people that say dont touch my boat would have the same opinion if their boat had come untied, or should we just leave alone and bump past it. I have no problem with someone moving my boat as long as they tie it back up safely and do not put it in a place that could be seen as a hazard.
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    Trust the evil liveaboards to resort to camouflage
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    LOL "Back to square one" take a deep breath and start all over again. You might as well start a new thread with all your questions on Narrowboats. So funny.
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    If you do decide to go for the Kennet, I would just ask you to wait until Mr Norman has completed his "Progress" on the K&A. He has already expressed some dissatisfaction with the amount of "slum boats" there, and whilst yours would not justify such a description, I seem to recall it did have a lot of plants and stuff on the roof.
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    I have a few notes on Russell Newbery engines and I have 22E1517 as one of the last of 169 engines built under Vero Engineering, Southampton in 1991. It was supplied to Stoke on Trent Boatbuilders and fitted into their new build DENMARK edit = not bad - 10 minutes to get an answer in the middle of the night.
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    Hi, I'm the author of Open Canal Map - It was build using Canal and River Trust Open Data but now you can all add places to the map - see the link below to add a palce to the map. It's had a great response so far with over 4700 views and 57 user submitted places added to the map in just one week! Go to http://opencanalmap.uk/ - to view the map and add local information...
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    Yeah and for those who say VHF isn't needed cos I have a mobile phone well does the skipper of such vessels have your phone number in his saved contacts? for when he is trying to tell boaters to keep clear if he is coming sideways on after losing power? and yes it did happen to us in 2000.
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    I am not defending the dogs or their owner (see my edit) but having had to fight a swan off from attacking a small child, I don't think i am being that ridiculous.
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    As you are new to the subject, please take our advice on board. Generators are known repeat killers when they are not used in the ways that reduce the associated risks https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/stay-safe/generator-safety/
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    People with dogs should keep them undercontrol. Ditto their children.
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    Adjustable wench.
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    Hi, The main reason that I ....... and possibly many other browsers do not brows the site very often is because there are so many threads that go off topic ...... this hardly ever happens on other websites that I visit. Could there be a facility to highlight when a thread goes way off topic ? I'd be interested to see if other members agree. Thanks, Mark.
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    £4000 is not a lot of money in the 'real boating world'. Some years ago I purchased a boat, having had a survey and an "A1" report, it subsequently cost me £25,000 to get it 'usable' and following a legal challenge that failed due to 'the small print on the survey' I sold it 12 months later and lost another £45,000 (total cost / loss = £70,000) Out of the last 18 boats I have owned that is the only one I have lost money on - I have never had a survey since and would rather underwrite my own losses, than make some 'excuse for a surveyor' even more wealthy. Calranthe has determined what he is prepared to lose, he made an informed decision not to have a surveyor - you have no right to criticise his decision, you can suggest that in your 'long 8 years of experience' (try coming back when you can say you have 30+ years) you would have done it differently but his choices are down to him. The 'muddy ditch boating' is not an expensive way of getting afloat, even if you have to 'right-off' £4000
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    Your mother was a Hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
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    I do get it but not sure it is that relevant. Before, you gave people a greenie. Why? Presumably due to the post they made. Or did you give people greenies regardless of the content of their post? So not a cataclysmic change really! What I do like is that, same as on a certain other canal forum, you can see who awarded the merit points, where as before it was anonymous. And of course for a long time one could award oneself greenies. I see the identification of the people "commenting" on the post or person, to be a good thing.
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    They will need lolly sticks attached to the wheel arches adjusted to buzz on the wheel spokes as they go round to imitate engine noise, several lolly sticks to each wheel would sound like the twin V12 Bugatti Veiron thing. Like we did on our bicycles, one lolly stick clicking on the wheel spokes sounded like a Bond Mini car. Not only for audible warning of you approach but for nostalgic reasons too, ''the sound of your favourite long lost car engine'', a massive increase in the sales of lollypops for this reason, with hundreds of different lengths and thicknesses of sticks to imitate your favorite car engine noise.
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    I don't know you so wouldn't presume to judge your attitudes on any matter. However communication in writing is notoriously liable to misinterpretation, I think your phrase about the lack of English speakers was, at best, a clumsy one, as is "our ethnic friends" in post 87 above. In passing I would add that I have moored in Reading (nothing happened) and in Windsor (my lines weren't cut). Frank
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    Now that's a shame. I concur with MtB. FWIW, I've had a go at putting my own thoughts in order on the general topic of assessing risky moorings and offer them here: Nowhere is completely safe, of course, odd things have happened in even the most secluded spots, but there are undoubtedly safer and less safe places to tie up. In addition, a place that is ok for a quick shopping stop may not be good for leaving your precious craft unattended for a week. It’s important not to get hung up on these issues or boating will cease to be a pleasure – in addition, attitudes to risk vary from person to person and those who are of a robust mentality should not decry those of us of a more nervous disposition, nor should we who show wise caution in our choices of overnight mooring deride those for whom being untied is all part of the challenge of boating. Even in the riskiest locations, chances are that a night can be spent unmolested – there’s probably never more than a 5% chance of trouble in any but the dodgiest spots. In addition, these things go in bursts and the dangers of a location change from year to year, partly with shifting fashions amongst the local youth and partly as a result of campaigns to improve safety such as Canal Watch or just extra police or navigation authority attention. Danger signs to watch for are (in no particular order) Graffiti No other boats moored nearby Moored boats but with protective covers over the windows Litter, especially drinks cans or syringes Local knowledge that the location is on a walking route to and from the town centre or local pubs and clubs Large housing estates alongside the water or close by Finally, perception is everything. A bad experience in a spot may be enough to persuade you to avoid it in future. There is nothing worse than fretfully lying in bed in the small hours listening for suspicious sounds outside. (Ducks behind parapet)
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    Surely the real problem is that transport is too cheap, resulting in people travelling long distances every day to and from work, and businesses moving goods long distances from one centre to another before it reaches its final destination. Hospitals are centralised, creating more travelling for patients, and thus creating more pollution which we know results in some people having poorer health. Those running things seem incapable of looking at things from first principles, and are merely interested in short-tern financial benefit, usually to themselves or their 'friends'.
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    The art of slipping a casual racist dog whistle into things is to drop it in as an aside to the main topic, in such a way as to tip a nod to others of the same views, while retaining the ability to backtrack or reinterpret later. Particularly one hopes that a challenge can be repositioned as bullying of one's innocent remarks, as those who understood the original message rush to one's noble defence with outrage. The successful dog-whistler can move on having confirmed their position as victim. Reminds me a bit of Nigel Farage's train journey - he uses the technique a lot.
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    To add to the evidence I know three people from Burton. They are called Adrian, Alan and Mark. A couple of them are even integrated in to society enough to have partners. Although one of them is Irish so is a foreigner. I also have a friend Ian lives nearby. He can't speak a word of his native tongue. He's Welsh. I wouldn't let him leave the country until he learns. I dunno what the world is coming to. JP
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    Speaking as one who has made hundreds of arrests I think that you might be slightly overstating your case. I can't think of many arrests I've made over the years that were ever a 'mistake', if I have the appropriate suspicion and the relevant power to arrest, how is doing so going to be a mistake? Invariably the arrested person came out with the line, "You wait until my solicitor gets hold of this" or similar such nonsense, as though I had some phobia about solicitors (actually I preferred it when the arrested person was represented by a solicitor since we could usually get down to sensible discussion in the interview) but even if the detained person wasn't charged or was acquitted by a court, it didn't make any of my arrests a 'mistake'. It is far easier to remember the occasions when I should have arrested someone and, for some reason, didn't, that tends to keep you awake at night more than arresting someone who is later acquitted. A notable example of that I can recall (but was not directly involved in) was a colleague who was called to an elderly residential care home because one of the residents had assaulted another one. The offender clearly had some mental health issues but after discussing the matter with the management of the home it was decided that the care home could deal with the matter internally. The call from the home the following day reported that that the person who had initially been assaulted by the offender had now been beaten to death (with a Roberts radio!) by him overnight. The colleague for ever after regretted not having arrested him on the first occasion. I think that the only real difference these days is that those who, in the past, would whinge that we'd got the wrong person, now have Twatter and Faceache to air their grievances on so get more widely reported. Nothing much else has changed.
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    SWMBO's first job featured a guy called Richard Dyer. He had a bit of an estuary accent and would answer his phone "Dick Dyer 'ere."
  50. 3 points
    I better apologise in advance. If i want to moor my 70ft boat up after a 12hrs day boating and the only place is a stretch of moorings where everybody has left a 'privacy gap', then I'll be knocking on the boat and politely asking people to close up the gaps. If you're not on the boat I'll move it myself, carefully.
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