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    My understanding, even back when I bought the boat thirty years ago (with a home mooring), was that you couldn't stay in one spot for more than 14 days and that seemed to be generally accepted, possibly because we didn't have the internet to blather about on. If you didn't have a home mooring, whenever that came in, it was because you were a continuous cruiser and therefore would be on a cruise rather than sat under a tree for ever, because those were the people the term was brought in for. The difference appeared to be the assumption that if you were on a cruise, you were going somewhere so wouldn't hang about the same area, while if you had a home mooring you would, but not in the same spot for more than a fortnight (apart from your mooring, obviously). Of course, back then there were a lot fewer boats (or so it seemed, anyway) and so nobody, including BW, cared much. As you got more boats zooming about, it got a bit more fraught at the best moorings and the powers that be decided something had to be done about it and we all got a bit more regulated. As we now have the joy of the internet, we now have the ability to argue amongst ourselves about what the legal words meant n years ago, although the courts don't actually care and nor do CRT, and, in fact, nor do I very much, as long as most of us pay some attention to the others out and about and behave with a certain amount of responsibility. Which most of us do, and you can generally ignore the others by untying your boat and buggering off somewhere quieter. You can say, of course, why should you have to? But that's life, some people are just a pain in the arse and as you have an engine, be grateful that you have the ability to avoid them which you don't with your neighbours ashore. What's actually laid down by law and what isn't is what makes lawyers rich and everybody else fed up to the back teeth with the endless meaningless discussions. Generally, what gets you hassled is inconsiderate behaviour, whether it's legal or not, and quite right too. CRT seem quite amenable to being put right when, for example, they issue overstaying notices when they shouldn't, and unless you want constant supervision it's bound to happen so isn't worth worrying about. Most of us have never had any trouble.
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    Is it such an inconvenience though? Anybody who moors on a lock landing has volunteered their boat as a temporary pontoon as far as I'm concerned.
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    I don't know for sure, but to me it looks like 52% voted for a unicorn. Then the government agreed that a unicorn hunt was to be arranged, and May leapt at the chance to lead it, even though she herself did not believe in unicorns. She brought in the top unicorn hunters in the land, men and women who had often seen unicorns, or wizards who knew where they could be found. The views of those who said that unicorns were not real were dismissed because the people had said they wanted a unicorn. Now mid hunt, the unicorn is proving very elusive. A donkey has been found, and maybe with a horn and some glue... But the better thing, the high integrity thing, would surely be to tell the people the truth about unicorns.
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    It's a forum, it is for the expression of views, I'm expressing mine; you don't have to like them, read them or respond to them. You asked a mildly boat related question but phrased in a way which led me to wonder what would crawl out from under the rock if it was lifted. Some of us then gave it a kick to see what emerged - what we have seen isn't particularly edifying IMHO. Excuse me now, I've got to work on my petty insecure innuendoes, particularly on the spelling!
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    This exactly Arthur! We are both in our 50s and pretty peaceful folks.. For myself, I will always refuse to be cowed into shivering in fear behind my curtains by a psycho bully. Others however might prefer to totally avoid, and that also is a perfectly acceptable response. My reason for "naming and shaming" is to give folks the heads-up on this nutter, forewarned is forearmed and all that.. If it were a case of "this bad thing happened and I THINK it MAY have been this boater", then I also would disagree with naming them - but it wasn't. This guy is a scary nutter.
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    Well, I'll try to take the question seriously. For the last seven or eight years we have spent upwards of three months each year floating around France, Belgium and Holland, the boat is there permanently. We have had one stone throwing incident, one angler chucking 'boilies' (carp bait) at the boat, the dog thought they were special treats. One satellite dish disappeared (that could well have blown off) and last summer the boat next to us had a bike nicked. Apart from that we have found the people we met to be thoroughly charming, totally helpful, and we have never felt worried. I have left the car all over the place for weeks on end and nothing has ever been touched. The boat was in Valenciennes for 3 years which is a bit 'rough' where the marina is with lots of homeless in that part of town, never touched. We try to be reasonably careful of course but I did forget to lock the car once and 3 weeks later it was untouched, I feel safer in France than in the UK.
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    The rot set in when we suddenly started with a crazy ambition to send far more people than need a university education there to study for pointless degrees. As soon as you start that game, money becomes inevitable
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    The whole idea of who uses the system more is a bit daft. We all use it as much as we want to, or can. There's no point in feeling envious of those who potter round it more - it's the boat owner's choice what they do with their time. I go boating a few weeks in Spring and Autumn and a longer time in summer, but the thing's there whenever i want to go and sit in the peace and quiet and watch other people's boats go by. What we need is the system in working order whenever we want to use it, and that means all the time for all of us, liveaboards or leisure boaters.
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    There was a time when I couldn't afford a boat or a mooring to keep it on; there was a time when I had children in school and a job which meant I couldn't have 'bona fide' continuously cruised. Instead of 'living the dream' and 'freeing my spirit', I lived near where I worked and where my children went to school. When I had to move for my job, we either all moved or I had to commute. My canal 'fix' was a week's holiday when the financially difficult early times eased and time and cash allowed. Only once I didn't have such obligations and was in a better financial position could I finally indulge myself by having a boat, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to achieve this. There's always an element of luck I guess, but mostly it was through hard work and sacrifice. This was once quite normal and I suppose I'll never really understand why some folk now expect it to be any different. I hasten to add that I don't think the waterways should be the playground of the rich, or I wouldn't be here, and I'm pleased that there are relatively cheap ways to either enjoy boats or to own one. However, personal circumstances can't simply be ignored and rules bent to suit.
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    I couldn't work out which one was Naughty Cal.
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    About thirty years ago I met a family who were pioneers in this subject of self driving boats. I was walking along the towpath somewhere South of Knowle towards Hatton, when I heard a boat coming up behind me. The engine was set at a fair chatter and it soon caught up with me. I turned to see it was a hire boat from Birmingham, it was bowling along quite merrily, especially considering there was nobody at the back minding the waving about stick. I remember regretting that mobile phones with cameras hadn't been invented yet, surely there was a subject flailing around in the water somewhere, where could he be? I soon saw him, he wasn't drowning, he wasn't even wet. I could see him through the window as he slid past me sideways at over 4 mph happily munching his lunch. He certainly appeared to have mastered his knife and fork even if he needed more tuition in the bleedin' obvious when it came to navigation. Let's be clear though, no way was he endangering his life, he also had his wife and three young children sitting around him at the table. There were two generations here bound for the Pearly Gates. They hadn't gone far past me when fate stepped aboard and deposited the next lesson in canal boat management. "Unattended Boats Become Bored and Will Go Berry Picking". Almost on cue "Brummagem Ballistic" gently kissed the off side, and then brutally tried to climb a tree. Contra to this the back end displayed a fondness for the lumpy stone coping and demonstrating Tony Blair's First Law of Activity "If you're decided on action make sure it's spectacular in its effect on everybody". The back end jumped out of the water as the propeller's ears chewed on lumps of mineral towpath side. A loud bang from the under the water thrashing bit was followed by a deafening silence from t'engine. However an equally impressive display of female expression emanated from the cabin. It sounded as if Maria Callas herself had just deposited a saucepan of boiling gravy over her lap. By the time I caught up with them the Mister had surfaced from below and quite understandably wore an expression of total puzzlement as he slid down the thirty degree angled deck. Seeing me he shrugged his shoulders and asked me if I saw that? I held my hands out palm up, shrugged my shoulders and tutted. I commented that maybe his arms were too short for steering while eating his lunch inside. He thought about it, but defended his decision with "It was for only 5 minutes while I ate lunch, after all where could it go?" "Up a tree?" I observed. While food stained and crying children were being hauled onto the towpath by their Mother who was sporting a very fashionable ensemble of jumper, jeans, spaghetti and orange juice, it became obvious she had no desire to acknowledge me or even less the persistent whining of her husband. He was begging everyone in earshot to agree with him that the last few minutes were anything other than unexplainable. I continued my walk, and about half an hour later when I returned, they were no longer diagonally across the cut, the freshly scrubbed kiddies were hanging up to dry, she was ferociously reading a book and he was staring down at the running engine that was producing plenty of graunching from its drive train and oodles of nothing from under the counter. I whistled jauntily as I didn't stop.
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    We had a lovely cruise today towards the next chosen mooring spot, overcast but the sun was there somewhere, chugged along feeding the ducks and swans as we passed. A lovely crispy cob filled with bacon, mushrooms and eggs appeared magically from the galley as we cruised along. mmmm Came round the corner towards the water point and there was a bloody boater there filling up. Incensed. Anger, Rage. Complete tosser, I took his CRT number to report him and then decided to take direct action as I couldn't wait to fill the tank until March 16th when the boating season restarts. I steered directly at his boat, hitting him at 5 knots, must have snapped a couple of welds as his boat sunk to the bottom of the river within 2 minutes. Fantastic result as not only could I fill up. but his water hose was on the bank still running so I didn't even need to get mine out of the under deck storage compartment. That'll teach 'em.
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    So you feel that cold, tired and hungry vulnerable people are cause for concern for your own safety. I suggest before you even start your engine the first check on your navigation system should be your moral compass, it would appear to be faulty. Athy, once again I see you blindly allowing your own politics to cloud what should be a clear moderating decision. Given the highly likely chance of more deaths on the streets of Northern and central France this week because of cold weather I wonder if personal politics could be put aside to make way for some bloody humanity.
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    We go to France once sometimes twice a year and it's just awful. We have been held up many many times now and robbed on the Autoroute too many times to mention. Last time we came back with the caravan there was a whole family of Somali's that had taken up residence whilst we were waiting to catch the Eurotunnel train, they were nice enough but left the caravan in an awful state. My advice would be to keep away.
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    Indeed I have had as much say as the next person and I will continue having my say. I have yet to hear a single Brexiteer contradict my suggestion that, if they had lost the referendum, they would not still be engaging in active discussion on the subject. I expect their campaign to leave the EU would have continued unabated regardless of the result. I can, and will, live with the result but that won't stop me discussing the issue regardless of whether you think I should or not.
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    I would have thought you'd be quite the opposite. If you enjoy driving, you could send your driverless car off to somewhere nice towing your caravan and then you could drive yourself there to join it later unencumbered by towing the van. Mind you, imagine the irony of setting out to enjoy your drive.... only to find yourself stuck at the back of a queue behind your own caravan!
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    The Crick Marina ducks are staging a last stand to keep a patch of ice-free water just outside the cabin doors. Cheers, MP.
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    Tis true Dr Bob. I didn't believe it either, but i googled it, so must be true. "What kind of bees produce milk"..................................... "Boobees"
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    Horace informed us that... Mr OSS responded thusly... However, even if they’re not talking rubbish the figure offered by Robbo is correct when he stated... Let’s put that into perspective. A 4800Ah battery bank (absolute minimum for this demand) would cost around £3600 and would comprise 40 off 120Ah Batteries. That’s not considering the cost of cables and busbars of course. A 100A charger would cost around £1100. An EU30i genny to power the above charger would cost around £2500 So far we’re well above £8000 for batteries etc The time to recharge the 4800Ah bank from 50% SoC would be between 36 and 48 hours. So you’d only be able to actually use the heating every third day. Other than that it’s a great idea.
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    Indeed there are idiots on both sides. Ours are not in charge of the negotiations however. This, coming from the person who's mantra is "You lost, get over it! What else is there to discuss?" must surely be irony of the deepest order.
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    Take the Thermometer out of your Trousers, if it Broke it could spoil your Evening! and it won't fool anyone.
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    I guess the common ingredients in this blossoming issue are ....... 1 Some people can't/won't/don't have empathy or any concern regarding the inconveniences they may cause to others 2 Some buying or ordering Fat Boats aren't serious canal enthusiasts nor do they understand how this issue could be contentious to others. 3 Some of them only see locks and bridge 'oles as being their only obstruction to moving around. 4 Waterways (I don't care what name they go by currently) certainly don't want to get involved in any issues around this. Especially as they want to make money, perhaps by licencing boats by square footage. Having charged them accordingly they don't then want to face appeals for a reduction in licence fees from those who now have an officially restricted network. Currently an appeal from one for being stuck somewhere like the N Oxford would elicit a Waterways response like "You took a boat that size there? Why?" At the moment it's nothing more than a small group of people not being educated by anyone (Waterways/Brokerage/Builders/Marinas) about the potential tears and tantrums before bed time. There's no objective point of view to research only individuals' personal points of view. It'll get worse before Waterway's are forced to spend money on pointless consultations etc. which will only result in table thumping and individuals flouncing off the canals furious about the nanny state again.
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    Makes a change from it all being the result of our EU membership!
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    I can reply. I have nothing to add but I can reply. Me thinks this is an anti royal thread. I'm not convinced the royal family can be accused of free loading. After all they do work to earn their keep.
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    Royal Family : Income for the Country vs Costs to the Country Nett economic benefit to the Country £36.6 Billion (Source: Business Insider UK)
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    Correct, he was. My claim to fame is I stood on his foot when I was going in to an Aswat and he was coming out , knocked him flying.
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    I have just sent a small donation. I wish it could be more or regular. I would also like to thank all the team at Canal World a big "thank you" for their work, support and money in keeping this forum going. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. James
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    This type of person is not welcome on the Canals nor in society in general. Police should not ignore this incident. I think you'll be okay tomorrow. Once the drink or the other 'd' wear off. Wot a plonker.
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    Have always thought of this Forum as a very useful source of Information and Humour,The Internet does seem to allow Impoliteness to flourish.Thankfully this Forum Seems to have Members that can enjoy it and contribute much Boaty Knowledge ,and the ability to not take themselves too seriously.
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    OMG i hate computers, just spent an hour trying to download pictures. Think my laptop is overloaded with pics so i had to delete a few hundred.So here goes for the update, again not much but still bits done.I started to make the new cabin step, not sure if i mentioned that before, it is being made from the left over Iroko off cuts of the old school work top i got for the galley worktop. It is not yet done but as soon a si have done this i will be doing a bit more.I have had the Propex HS2000 heater going for the last few weekends to see how it coped with the cold temps. All i can say is that even with no hatch and the cabin door not sealed and lots of drafts it is great. Today the temps got down to -2degC and the heater was set half way and it held the temp at 17degC with ease. So i am happy there. Little job was to fit the finger door pulls i made a week or so ago, no big job but done atleast.Clamped inplace while the glue is setting image: https://s5.postimg.org/o4vw9xe9j/tn_20171202_101618_011.jpg About a year ago John ( jfm ) sent me some goodies and these are what was in the box. These courtesy lights give a nice cosy feel now. I wired them to a switch on the radio box. image: https://s5.postimg.org/wady8acuv/tn_20171210_161857.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/duthas3uf/tn_20171210_161809.jpg Most of this weekend i have been onto the Heads, i decided to use the bathroom PVC wall cladding but not the trim as the cost is way over priced IMO. The cladding cost £42 for four packs which has done all the Heads and more to do the cupboard when i do the frame work. The trim would of been at least £80. With that i have decided as said to use silicone so the joints are very close together so i can get a good bead down the joints. At the minute the panels are stapled in place.Again as before to get the quickest and best profile i used the canvas. Well worth the £10 it cost for 8m of the stuff, it was a off cut/roll end from an awning manufacturers. Just pushed in place and stapled before running a pencil into the corner. The staples easy pull out when you need to remove it. image: https://s5.postimg.org/rbqftk6fb/tn_20171210_105535.jpg A few more measurements and then mark out. image: https://s5.postimg.org/h1o0ucj4n/tn_20171210_111356.jpg And fit image: https://s5.postimg.org/hr6t6ntxz/tn_20171210_112533.jpg All done but for the door and rear lower panel as this will be removable incase access is needed to the water tank pipes. image: https://s5.postimg.org/yeyb9aegn/tn_20171210_145646.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/nfd3xqlhj/tn_20171210_145632.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/5nww5re6v/tn_20171210_145556.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/b0qbxdbyv/tn_20171210_151258.jpg Once i have siliconed the panels inplace i will be making a small cupboard along the port side, on narrow so as not to take up to much room. Running along that under the port hole will be a towel rail. Like i do i spent hours and hours choosing light for the heads and i have decided to go with these. Two will be fitted from the corner above the sink. image: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/6WkAAOSwyltZUfsH/s-l1600.jpg https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302363560...r=601199625846I am on the look out now for a SS or aluminium port hole liner to finish it off nice.I will be ordering the shower head next month from Germany, the one i posted to last update. Need a switch yet for the heads light also. Today the batteries ran to low to run the heater so i need a charger now, debating if to get a cheap one for now or a decent one for when the boat is done. And one or two of these. I would like one for each of the two batteries.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VAC1100A-...53.m1438.l2649Things to buy, it never ends.....such fun i love it Righto i am off to rip some Iroko up :)
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    'EU desperately needs alignment' - as in 'Fog in channel, continent cut off'. In other words the EU is not likely, nor considering allowing the UK to prey on their members' markets and economies from a less regulated, reduced corporation tax, low welfare system. Why would they do that? This being of course is exactly what Davis and the Tory Brexiteers (aka pirates) who backed the campaign mean by 'competitive/flexible'. Likewise the idea that underpins 'bespoke deal'. It is unfortunate for a huge swathe of Brexit voters that they had something completely different in mind - if the government survives, Tory Brexit is what will be served up, without consultation. Suck it up, and get to like the taste. Not only is the EU not going to entertain the Tory 'pirate' Brexit, all the other countries that have trade agreements with the EU are not going to permit the UK to tilt the playing field in its favour to their disadvantage. The USA for instance will certainly not permit the UK to take business in the EU it sees as its own right. It just isn't going to happen - and a rude awakening on the UK's actual position in the global market is already being given. When we get to negotiate with the USA we will learn exactly what a special relationship feels like. Suck it up and get to like the taste. As noted above, the idea that this is a negotiation of equals is simply not true - it is an idea borne of that uniquely British sense of exceptionalism and jingoism. It is an attitude that is widespread though, and has been taken onboard as part of the 'national island story' that a lot of people think is what they are part of, the entitlement to which they are due by virtue of just being 'British'.
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    There isn't a difference! A Charitable Trust is simply one way in which a Charity can be organised. The problem here is that too many people can't see past "Charity" as "An organisation that provides relief to people/animals", and they tie themselves in linguistic knots to say that CRT isn't a Charity, but it is something else that is vaguely Charitable. All the tripe about "there are many definitions of charity, and most of them say...." means NOTHING. There is only one definition that counts here, and that is the definition in The Charities Act 2011. No matter how many dictionary definitions of Charity the hard of thinking wheel out, often to point out that CRT behaves in an "uncharitable" way, the simple fact is that it meets the definitions in the Act, and it is a Charity. Charities have an absolute duty to use their funds for THEIR charitable purposes, as opposed to generally being nice to all comers. It might fit some people's definition of Charity if the RSPCA fundraising shop emptied their till and bought bacon sandwiches for the homeless, but that is NOT their charitable purpose, so they don't (indeed must not) do that. In the same way, CRTs charitable purpose is maintaining the waterways, not providing free boat licences and free moorings to the poor.
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    That was obviously before the emergency safety recall, a bad batch of overly dangerous high power ecofans got passed final testing
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    Bit concerned and confused about the duck, as I originally donated it and now you are claiming your true love gave it to you. Is there something I need to know?
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    Thanks to Tim @mrsmelly for the link:
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    I am afraid that I can’t say too much at the moment but I can put your minds at rest. Talks have taken place, Belmont will not be scrapped and will probably have left Snibston by Christmas. Steve
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    The point is that the Brexiteers can be just as blase about robots replacing human surgeons (and I guess all the other non UK NHS employees) as they can casually say that farmers can invest millions that they haven't got in automation rather than give folk (of whatever nationality) jobs just as they lose their EU subsidies. It is so easy to say "Yeah Yeah...don't worry if we will lose this that and the other...we can always replace it with better..." yet so much harder to implement it. Much more honest (and realistic) is the nationalistic flag waving Brextremist who declares "I don't care if the country is ruined...as long as it is ours again."
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    When I went to Uni (early '70s) about 2% of the population had higher degrees. Mine was in geology and a degree was more or less essential to go into that field. Alongside the unis, the polytechnics did HNC/HNDs which were more or less equivalent to a degree or could be converted with an additional year of part time study. Most of the HND/HNCs were done through day release and supported by the employer. Also there were innumerable apprentices and other training schemes, including up to Chartered Accountant etc status. These were nearly all done through the support of the employers. Then of course there was the Open University, also allowing people to get a degree part time on their own accord. Just about all these qualifications were relevant to the career choice of the individual. Now we have a situation where you have to get a degree before you can get a job, or you want to get a degree because it looks like good fun for three years, regardless of whether the degree will be of any good to you. Meanwhile you have accrued debts of maybe £50-60,000. I think the figure is now approaching 50% of school leavers are expected to go to "university" and do a degree course. For most of those, the degree will be of little use beyond ticking a box and creating huge debt.
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    If farmers pay enough to local people to harvest them - British produce becomes a luxury item. Not going to happen. Instead farmers will either invest in automated robots as used in American chemical/intensive feedlot ranching - clearing obstructions like hedges etc that have been a pain in the arse for them, in the deregulated future. (That's productivity for you). Those that can't afford - a few will go upmarket, but most will be bought out by their neighbours who will in turn sell out to Chinese/Indian/USA agribusiness and development combines, once the UK is open for business. For a lot of farmers this is going to be big final payout. The culmination of what began with enclosures. The same awaits our healthcare system - it is going to be open for business. What open for business means is not cutting pioneering deals to sell British expertise and products/services, creating jobs and wealth in depressed regions - it means selling controlled assets/markets to global investors in a deregulated low tax economy so a few can get seriously rich. That is of course what the tory party was invented to do so this should come as no surprise. All of this is being done without the involvement of parliament or the people - Brexit is a Trojan horse for the heist of the century - and it is being cheered on and pulled into the town by the very people who are going to be robbed.
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    Xactly. A degree has been hopelessly debased. I know several teachers with degrees who are lovely people but frankly, pretty thick. Degrees seem to be demanded for all manner of jobs that just don't need a degree in the old fashioned sense. Nurses, primary skool teachers, lawyers....
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    Nah, this one gets hot too, thats why he's brown :
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    Isn't it nice you can see more birds now the leaves have gone! Here's one of a Wren taken while we were out between Braunston and Napton.
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    I think the problem here is that the OP is not managing the thread properly. I'm relatively new to the forum but you have to learn the ebb and flow. After asking a fairly obvious question which I think the OP answered by post 5, he then disappeared for a few hours which was a bad mistake. Do not post then go AWOL. This lot will have turned lead into gold by the time you get back. If you do go AWOL, then when you get back, keep repeating the question. This lot are like goldfish with an attention span of the last 15 posts at most. The main problem though is no seems to care about London!
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    And then pack as many wide beams into the marina as is physically possible!
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    Not my work but it nails the arguments at the moment.
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    Saying "How far are you supposed to go" sort of instantly implies that you have no intention of actually continuously cruising, because if you you were, you wouldn't need an answer. What you actually mean is, "How can i avoid having a residential mooring by bending the rules and still avoid any hassle", and the real answer is you probably can, but you might not be able to, and no-one knows and no-one's going to tell you, because CRT are the only people who could and it isn't in their interest to do so, even if they legally could, which they can't because it isn't really defined. The only way you'll find out is if CRT refuse you a licence and then take you to court to take your boat off you because you haven't got one. If you can live with the possibility, fair enough. If you can't, the probable best bet if you need relatively cheap accommodation is a caravan site or, of course, a residential mooring (or a mooring where residence is allowed, which is not always the same thing).
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    Just because a low powered fan can move SOME air does not prove that it has any useful effect on the grand scale. The difference between technologists and lay people is that we require evidence, and not anecdote. I have a Stirling Vulcan and assert that it is useless for spreading heat around the boat. Actually, a proper mains-powered fan was not able to spread more heat than the convection from the unassisted stove. To the layman, it is 'obvious' that the ecofan must work because it moves 'some' air and therefore it 'must' be beneficial. But, as a rational engineer, I demand empirical, unbiased evidence and there is none. I have no doubt that the ecofan has some effect, but so does the beat of a butterfly's wings two-thousand miles away - you can't prove it doesn't!
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    Just been driving along a motorway close to one of those places where they have big propellors in the fields, and one of them had a door in the base open, and I swear I could see a Morso in the bottom of it (a black one).
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    I work with wood and often have wind, does that make me an instrument?