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Leo No2

A Tale of Two Canals?

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Earlier this week I noticed an article on Narrowboatworld about the Basingstoke Canal - I am always interested in anything to do with the Basingstoke having lived beside it for 30 years, been on their 'Board of Directors' for more years than I care to remember and lead a group of 23 boats up Deepcut during the bitterly cold Easter of 2013 which effectively resulted in the canal being reopened after a period of 5 or 6 years of inactivity, especially in Deepcut.

The Narrowboatworld article 'Woking wants CaRT to take over canal' is here.

I sent a link to colleagues still involved with the Basingstoke; they weren't impressed and directed me to an article on the GetSurrey website which, in my opinion, gives a much more positive and well rounded view of things - the article 'Woking canal-side area to be rejuvenated with 'suspension bridge' and boat basin' is here.

I just wonder why Narrowboatworld finds it necessary to always (well nearly always I think) take a glass half empty view rather than a glass (at least) half full view. I have noticed that approach before but never so obviously in a case I knew just a little about.

NBW could be talking about a different canal.

The good news is that the Basingstoke Canal Society is doing all it can to safeguard the future of the Basingstoke in a time when County Council monies are in short supply and well done to Fiona Shipp and her team for doing such sterling work to keep the canal open - it's well worth a visit.

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One of their reporters has gone "floating" to another site but the editorial approach has hardly changed.


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Its always a race to the bottom from that site. I never think to visit it so depressing is its editorial slant.


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I think they are time served readers of the Daily Fail and carry over their journalistic mores to NBW. Perhaps?


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