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Windlass advice

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I too think that they look like ordinary cast windlasses of little real value unlike the wrought iron ones which can fetch silly money.


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Sorry to be clear the two I posted images of I didnt mean to suggest they had been forged at all, they could very well be cast ones I presumed that they were from working days purely because my Grandad worked for Barlows on the Jam ole for a while and for BW on the cement run down south. The H Neal one is the only one I can tell is forged both others look cast to me with casting spurs having been ground off.


Sorry for the confusion it was entirely my fault. Here are some more pics of the cast ones and some of the Neal.















I remember this one hanging from a hook in my grandads shed and I thought it said T&S Elements now I dont know if I saw the H Neal and my mind extrapolated the T&S E at the time or whether it was double marked with Elements on the reverse, these days it is unclear if there was a mark there and its been polished out or maybe it was never there at all.


I dont know if anyone (especially Lawrence) knows if Neal made batches for local carriers at all?

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Are you absolutely convinced that what you have pictured are genuine forged windlasses.

If they are not genuine forged windlasses, would that make them forged forged windlasses?


I'll get my coat!


George ex nb Alton retired


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two down just the Neal one left, last chance saloon. Thinking of selling my Joseph Ash built can as well. 


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