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On 16/10/2016 at 13:12, Bromleyxphil said:

Hi Folks,


My name is Phil and I'm a retired teacher who has just managed to persuade his wife that we should have a narrowboat.


I'm in the very early stages of planning buy and then to fit out a 57 foot sailaway. I have always been a builder and frustrated engineer and having built houses, extensions, Motorhomes "this is the latest one"the project itself doesn't frighten me. I am about to embark on the research and intend getting onto as many boats and talking to as many boaters as possible.


I'm hoping to be able to pick some of your brains but my biggest fear at the moment is trawling my wife around boatyards and putting her off with boats she doesn't like and folk who don't enthuse. Where are the best places/shows to go to, and who are the best people to talk to.


Cards on the table we have been on a hire boat in the past and we both loved the experience but the wife hated the boat, in her words "a dump" in other words "a hire boat". I know we love the mobile life and I know I can build a boat to the standard she would want. I just need to get there!



Hi guys, sorry to quote myself but it's just to let you know where I am up to.  I have been away in China so not much has changed since my last posts.  I have however booked the campsite and the tickets and am on my way "wife as well" to Crick next weekend. I was wondering if you folk with more experience of this event had any advice of how to get the most out of the show.




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